Mehow – 10 Second Sexual Attraction Infield Exposed

Mehow – 10 Second Sexual Attraction Infield Exposed Download

Dear friend,

If you’re ready to discover a systematic, yet “natural” looking, way to blow far beyond all existing attraction models – and ACTUALLY start scoring with women each and every night of the week… then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read!

Here’s Why

As you know, I’m Mehow – one of the most sought after “seduction” coaches in the world.

Just about two years ago today, I released the infamous Get The Girl! manual, and then quickly followed up that manual with my powerful “Infield Exposed” set. This revolutionary training tool astonished the entire seduction community… by going beyond “book theory”, going into the field, and revealing how to actually use my methods in REAL world venues and with REAL women – and get REAL results!

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what guys are saying about Infield Exposed behind my back:

Great product, Candid, and Informative – with no fluff!

“Mehow is the FIRST with the f*ucking guts to show himself in-field. All the others just go bla bla bla. I got more than I bargained for with this product. He shows how he does it, he dissects the interactions with great detail, he’s candid, honest, and looks you in the eye without appearing ‘guruish’ and patronizing. He also gets results. Many sets hook and he also pulled all the way. This product helped me a lot both by giving me methods and demonstrations and also by making me trust the material and the person that teaches it because he’s showing himself in full in the videos. In action, not on the stage lecturing like most other PUA’s. I wish I would get as much results as he did in these videos, and I’m working on myself so to get there. Good luck to all!”

– Mike, USA

Infield Exposed rocks!

“Mehow rocks! Finally someone is showing you how it is done, for real, then only then talks about it. I benefited from this more than any other. I recommend it!”

-Henson, Norway

It Just “Clicks” in Your Head!

“I finished watching it yesterday and didn’t’ have a chance to field test it, but i loved it anyway. The great thing about this product is, that it can replace a life workshop. You finally see everything in action and it just “clicks” in your head. Usually when you just read/hear something you know intellectually what you are supposed to do, but just cant imagine doing it all at once. With this infield footage you can finally get some life action to backup all the talk and put it into your brain once and for all. The material isn’t as advanced as some other stuff out there, but the good thing about is, that you can apply all of it, no matter how far along you are.

-LDome, Germany

Infield Demonstrations with Feedback – Just Made It Sink In!

The theories finally make sense when you see them in the field. One of my biggest problems with PUA material is that I read and read, but once I get in the field it all gets mixed up in my head and I end up just freezing out, or approaching and not implementing anything I read. These field demonstrations with the feedback later just made it click for me. It’s like all the material I learned up until now sunk into the right corner in my head. Finally, I can use it better for real.

-Nightride, Detroit

He Knows Game VERY, Very Well.

“I bought this and just finished watching it all. There are a lot of hidden camera in-field videos and then Mehow reviews them with his DVD player, pauses and explains what’s going on. Mehow is cool in the field. He’s very vibrant and playful. He knows game VERY very well. But he doesn’t appear so mechanical and cold and weird like Mystery. In the explanations section where he explains the in-field videos he shows some good analysis of the details of the interaction. He knows the stages of the game, how to handle each stage, and so on. He addresses his good and bad sets and the same night pull set! Overall I liked it!


You see, up until now, my “Infield Exposed” training set stood alone as the premier training tool to quickly and effortlessly master the art of attraction and seduction.

Today It ALL Changes

Today, I am raising the benchmark… and once again combined the power of the real, uncensored, unscripted, infield video with my new, smooth as silk, extremely powerful “10 Second Attraction” tactics!

That’s right, I’m combining state of the art video technology… AND my latest breakthrough attraction system – and delivering to you a simple, yet powerful, A to Z blueprint – to get the most extreme massive results in the field.

Introducing…”Infield Exposed – 10SSA”

Never Before, In The History Of Seduction Has It Been THIS Simple, Or THIS Easy… To Same Night Pull On Any Night Of The Week Of Your Choice… Without Stacks, Routines, Or Acting Like A “Pick-Up Robot!”

Here’s the story:

After releasing my “10 Second Attraction” system, I decided it was time to take my “ninja-like” camera crew, and capture these new techniques in real-world settings.

Once again the rules were simple…No Scripts, No Models, No Second Chances – and No Excuses.Oh, and I gave myself just 3 nights, to capture as much footage as possible.

Meaning, this isn’t a “highlight reel” comprised of the best sets over the course of weeks, or months. On the contrary, I wanted to deliver this to you as raw as possible. I wanted to demonstrate everything I have learned… and condense it into one simple, easy to follow system – that would allow any guy, at any age or skill level, to achieve the most life altering results. Results that go beyond just scoring the women of your dreams, but results that trickle throughout your entire life.

During this 3-nights of filming, we captured 2 Full DVDs worth of footage – hardcore footage that shocked even me… and will literally blow your mind.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover

  • All The “10SSA” Methods Revealed On Video!
  • Solo Sarging – The Way To Dominate Any Set Without A Wing!
  • High-Octane, Value Velocity Tactics You Can Add To ANY Gaming Style!
  • How To Body Language To Create High-Impact Sexual Tension!
  • The Easy Way To Get A Hottie In Your Lap In Seconds!
  • Techniques That Will Force Women To Think About You… And Even Crave You – In A Deep Sexual Way!
  • How To Escalate To A Physical Level, And Pull Women Within Just Moments Of Meeting!
  • Tight Mid-Game Tactics That Will Elevate Your Game Overnight!
  • Sexual Game Techniques That Will Deliver Results – On The Same Night!
  • How To Flawlessly Use Social Proof!
  • Plus, Much More!

Including…A Sneaky, Little “Concept” – That Practically Forces You To Get Laid… Tonight!

Inside this downloadable training set, you’ll discover DJ Fuji’s breakthrough “Conversion Threshold” – breakdowns the attraction and seduction process – and explains what it takes to cross the point of no return in the mind of a women… the point where your interaction transitions from innocent flirting – to a guaranteed pull.

In other words… once you fully understand the “Conversion Threshold”, you’ll be able to fearlessly approach any women… and quickly go from the guy she fully expects will blow it – to the guy she secrets hopes will take her home!

Once you master this simple principle…Women Will Literally Chase You Down – Begging For Sex! Just imagine… NEVER Going Home Without A Beautiful Woman In Your Arms… Ever!

Well, that’s just the beginning… READ ON!

After all, “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” is a lot more than just rock-solid pick-up captured on video, as I spend four DVDs explaining each and every detail of every set, and every interaction… blow by blow – so you’ll know EXACTLY what methods, tactics, or strategies I used, why I used it – and how you can too!

More importantly, you’ll see me tear apart my own game – treating myself like a “step-child” student… so you can learn from my mistakes – things most guys would never notice.

I bring your attention to every detail – good and bad – so you can learn from my strengths AND mistakes.

The result is Sizzling DOWNLOADs… where I practically give you the keys to the entire seduction kingdom.

Watch this footage once, and your game will improve – overnight.

Watch them repeatedly, and you’ll consistently wake up each morning with a gorgeous woman laying next to you – AND the confidence and ability to go out and attract the next one.

In fact, the only uncertainty in your life will be which woman you will choose next.

This Is Your Chance To Thrive As A Male

All of this and more can be yours… the girls of your dreams, the thrilling lifestyle, and the ability to turn up the heat in your love life – like turning on a light switch! I Cracked The Game – And Reveal All The Secrets!

All you have to do is get your hands on this material… and follow my step-by-step methods. I’ve made it so simple… a complete virgin could score within just hours of reviewing this material.

Best of all, I’ve removed all the limitation of the past, including stacks, lines, and routine – so there’s nothing to memorize.

You’ll have the ability to conquer any venue – like a true natural player, who has never heard “No” in his lifetime.

I have cracked open the game for you, revealing all the secrets – and delivering them to you on a silver plater.

With this information at your finger tips, you’ll effortless attract women, captivate them – and then watch as they wait, hoping, and praying you’ll make the next move.

Whether you get your number, pull them to the next venue – or take them straight home… that’s up to you, and the choice will be completely yours.This WILL Revolutionize Pick-Up Forever!

The only question is… will you join me in the revolution, and capture the life of your dreams?Look at it this way:

To get this level of information, and clarity… you would have to attend at least one of my FULL boot camps and FULL Infield weekend training… and be able to absorb everything I do and say like a sponge!

And, that’s not taking into consideration your traveling, lodging, and dining expenses.But relax, I’m not about to charge you anything close to that amount – far from it!

The “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” downloadable set also includes all of the narrative portions of this training system… so you can revisit this material in your car, on your Ipod, or anywhere you choose!

It contains the most systematic way to easily and “naturally” approach, attract, seduce… and even same night pull – the most alluring women.

It’s Like Magic!

Forget “book theory” non-sense, long-winded lines, and hard to remember stacks and routines.

This is the simple, yet powerful way to effortlessly generate genuine attraction and allowing you to effortlessly sweep women off their feet – and leave them begging for more.

The Choice Is Yours

And keep in mind, whether you choose to live your life as the lifelong player, or decide to simply hold out for that “perfect” woman – “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” will provide you with the tools, tricks, and tactics to score each step of the way… creating relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

And, for that reason alone… this information is worth any price. In fact, the tactics and techniques disclosed to you in this downloadable set are so powerful… you must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement swearing never to reveal my methods to anyone, under any circumstance.

That’s Just How Powerful This Training System Is!

With that said, allow me to say I want to help as many guys as I can – which is why I’m making this incredible system available for the low price of just $247 $197.

And, considering the information contained within this set, it is a bargain!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Right now, for a Limited Time you can get…

The Entire “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” Set Downloaded At A Special Introductory Price!


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Remember, This is the Fast Track to Success with Women that Allows your to:

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The Official, “10 Second Sexual Attraction” Companion Guide – FOR FREE!

Inside this guide you’ll get a complete “crash course” on my latest “10 Second Sexual Attraction” system – which will allow you to get the most out of your “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” experience.

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