1001 Ways to Be Romantic by Gregory J. P. Godek

1001 Ways to Be Romantic by  Gregory J. P. Godek Epub Download | Gregory J. P. Godek1001 Ways to Be Romantic Download

Gregory J. P. Godek - 1001 Ways to Be Romantic Download
Gregory J. P. Godek – 1001 Ways to Be Romantic Download
From the Publisher about 1001 Ways to Be Romantic EPUB Download

“1001 Ways to be Romantic is full of the most creative ideas for adding romance to your life. From the easy and inexpensive to the wild and extravagant, anyone will be able to find lots of suggestions in this easy to read book.” – marriedromance.com

“Not all of us can claim to be romantic, but most of enjoy romance. For those who could use a creative boost, we recommend 1001 Ways To Be Romantic. This book is literally filled with over 1000 suggestions for being more romantic and the suggestions are broken down into about 100 categories to make selection easier. Sample topics include Chocolates, Valentine’s Day, Erotica, Family Stuff, Do’s and Don’ts, For Men (Women) Only, Togetherness, Off The Wall, No Cost Gestures, Great Escapes, and Romance Coupons. How many of you could be this creative?

Gregory J. P. Godek – 1001 Ways to Be Romantic  Table of Contents

Once Upon a Time
They Lived Happily Ever After
Little Things Mean a Lot
Bigger Is Better
Creative Gifts
Creative Gestures
Romance on a Budget
Spare No Expense
The Most Important Things I’ve Learned in Twenty Years of Teaching Romance
The Ten Commandments for Loving Couples
Romance for Dummies
Romance for Smarties
What’s Your Romantic “Style”? (Men)
What’s Your Romantic “Style”? (Women)
It’s Not What You Do-
-But How You Do It
To Do
I Do
Do’s & Don’ts
Don’ts & Do’s
You Must Remember This
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
A Sigh Is Just a Sigh
The Fundamental Things Apply
As Time Goes By
(Play It Again, Sam)
Love Notes (I)
Love Notes (II)
Freshman Lessons
Sophomore Lessons
Junior Lessons
Senior Lessons
Le Boudoir
La Cuisine
Love Notes (III)
Love Notes (IV)
“I Love You”
“Ai Shite Imasu”
Be Creative
Be Prepared
Always, Always, Always
Never, Never, Never
Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
Sex, Sex, Sex
Love Notes (V)
Love Notes (VI)
Prescriptions for Love
Help for the Hopeless
Hope for the Helpless
Travel Tips
A Suitcase Full of Romance
Fun & Games
Weird & Wacky
Cats & Dogs
Satin & Lace
Strategies & Examples
Bed & Breakfasts
Gifts & Presents
Presents & Gifts
Daily & Weekly
Monthly & Yearly
Yin & Yang
Yang & Yin
Lame Excuses (#’s 1-4)
Lame Excuses (#’s 5-8)
Lame Excuses (#’s 9-12)
Lame Excuses (#’s 13-14)
For Men Only
For Women Only
For Singles Only
For Marrieds Only
A Month of Romance: Week 1
A Month of Romance: Week 2
A Month of Romance: Week 3
A Month of Romance: Week 4
The Golden Rules of Romance
Rules Were Made to Be Broken
Be My Valentine!
Kiss Me, You Fool!
The Mathematics of Romance
The Calculus of Love
Creating an A+ Relationship
The Relationship Report Card
Common Sense
Uncommon Sense
It’s the Thought That Counts
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Can’t Buy Me Love
I Want to Hold Your Hand
All You Need Is Love
At Home
At Work
Sweet Stuff
Kid Stuff
Funny Stuff
Cool Stuff
Dirty Stuff
Games People Play
Games Lovers Play
Off the Wall
On the Wall
The Myths of Romance (I)
The Myths of Romance (II)
Men Are from Mars
Women Are from Venus
Men Are (Not) from Mars*
Women Are (Not) from Venus*
Tuning In
Fine Tuning
I’m in the Mood for Love
I’m in the Mood for Chocolate
The Gospel According to Godek
The Gospel According to Godek (Revisited)
Getting Down To Business
Funny Business
Resources (I)
Resources (II)
Resources (III)
Resources (IV)
Slightly Outrageous
Quite Outrageous
Slightly Naughty
Quite Naughty
Shopping for Dummies
Advanced Shopping Strategies
Words of Love/Shakespeare’s
Words of Love/Poetic
Words of Love/Your Words
Words of Love/the Ancients
Memorize This List
Memorize This List, Too
Two (II)
Gift Ideas (I)
Gift Ideas (II)
Gift Giving for Dummies
Gift Wrapping for Dummies
Concepts (I)
Concepts (II)
Erotica (I)
Erotica (II)
Happy Birthday! (I)
Happy Birthday! (II)
Money Makes the World Go ‘Round
Love Makes the World Go ‘Round
Do It Outside
Do It in Public
Just Do It!
Just a Little Bit Naughty
The Gift of Time
Time for Love
For Singles Only (I)
For Singles Only (II)
For Marrieds Only (I)
For Marrieds Only (II)
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday
Creativity Exercises
Exercising Your Creativity
Go Away!
Bon Voyage!
Dining In
Dining Out
By the Number
By the Book
Engaging Ideas
Will You Marry Me?
Marriage Matters
Monogamy-Not Monotony
(More) Kid Stuff
(More) Funny Stuff
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 1-25)
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 26-50)
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Century (#’s 51-75)
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Century (#’s 76-99)
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Best Love Song Duets
Best Broadway Love Songs
Best Romantic Movies & Best Romantic Movie Couples
Best Romantic Comedies
Great Date Movies
(More) Great Date Movies


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