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Step Into Your Full Potential As a Community Leader, And Ignite A Transformation In the Lives Of The People You Care About Most
We Want You Training With Us This Fall– An 8-Week Adventure, For Men And Women, Equipping You With The Skills And Tools To Deepen Your Relationships For The Rest Of Your Life

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn In The Program…

How to blow someone’s world open at a birthday gathering — this tradition in our circle of friends is derived from a Native American ceremony that will create a forever-cherished experience for the birthday person. (One of Decker’s favorites) How to inspire others with your passion, so that they’re moved and excited to support you in co-creating something… (this is HUGE if you’re looking to “make your contribution” to the world, and you need some help) A simple “group game” you can play in any social gathering to instantly make the conversation more REAL and ENGAGING.

3 of our favorite Authentic Relating Tools you can use to deepen connection in any social circle, whether it’s your first time there or you’ve known them for years. When you learn these, you can build community ANYWHERE, FAST – Bryan used them to create a men’s circle while traveling through Thailand…

How to inspire people into your vision – You’ll learn tools to have people really “Get” the vision you have for the world,respect your ideas, and organize a community inspired to support these initiatives, whether it’s throwing a wild party or evolving consciousness on the planet…maybe both!

How to have deeper connection with those who challenge you most…even your PARENTS! – Even those relationships in your life that seem most stuck in old grooves can be awakened and enriched with new depth, and more realness. We’ll support you in doing this artfully and ecologically (translation: without screwing up your life!!)

20 community-building “Intentional Gathering” ideas we’ve cooked up, from “mild” to “spicy” to “way too intense even for OUR social circles”. This will spark ideas for you to foster community in your OWN circle of friends, at the level of depth and intimacy you’re most inspired by.

Discover where your own personal strengths lie…as well as your blind spots. One of the most powerful aspects of Authentic Community is receiving feedback and reflection from others about how you occur. You WILL get this in the program.

How to deliver raw or edgy feedback to others in a way that has them fully receive it and be grateful for your reflection.

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