Ann Onymous – Get Girls on Facebook

Ann Onymous – Get Girls on Facebook Download

Get Girls on Facebook Download
Ann Onymous – Get Girls on Facebook PDF Download

Well… what would YOU call it?

Imagine 480 hot girls.

In the same place.

At the same time.

What does that sound like to you?

A deliciously good time I bet.

Imagine all 480 are sitting in their skirts, in uncomfortable fold-out chairs, in a hotel conference room waiting for YOU to speak on stage.

And the topic you’ll be talking to them about is … YOU.

They are here to hear YOU pitch yourself.

… Who you are. What you like. The type of girl you want. What your goals are.

480 girls: Long legged, tight bodied girls listening to everything to do with YOU.


Problem #1: Your Confidence Is Lacking.You Have Boyish Posture.

Do you have the confidence to be on that stage though? Are you comfortable being in front of hot-girls? Or do you shy away from girl interactions?

Here’s a test:

… When you see a gorgeous girl in the grocery store, at a coffee shop, walking her dog, at school… let alone at the club, do you approach her and talk to her? Or do you just WISH you could?

What about online? When you see the hot-friends some of your friends have? Do you just creep their profile photos, daydream for a minute and go back to what you were doing without approaching her?

What if I can help you with that? The approach, the opening, the confidence. The posture.

Did you know CONFIDENCE to us girls is like a nice rack to a guy?What happens when you see girls with “girls” like these…


Take that “I want” feeling and realize the truth: girls love a hard-body just like you like us dolled up. But to us women, confidence on a guy is like the wonderful world of breasts is to you.

Get it?

And just like a BOOB-job can make the unpopular girl immediately popular … a CONFIDENCE-job for you means a guaranteed increase in the number of other ___ -jobs you’ll be enjoying.

(See what I did there? A bit of play on words.Read the rest of this letter… the fun hasn’t even started yet).

Confidence is NOT a must.Afterall, even NO-BOOBS flat-chested girls land guys too.Your NO-CONFIDENCE can still land you girls…

But ask any girl if they’d rather be the center of attention and the one who gets free drinks at bars, easier job offers and basicaly male-attention everywhere with a proud set of breasts or whether they’d prefer to have a boyish-flat-chest?

We know the POWER OF CLEAVAGE for getting your male attention.It’s about time you learn the POWER OF CONFIDENCE for getting our easy attention.

And you can LEARN IT (I can teach it)…Or you can FAKE IT (I can teach that too).

What!?! You can *FAKE* confidence? Yup, of course you can… just like we can fake having boobs.

Oh and trust me… we know all the clever ways to “fake” cleavage.As my favorite web girl Jenna Marbles calls it… we’ve got “T*tty Tricks”.

Titty Tricks

Problem #2: Paper Bag Packaging

… How exciting is a brown paper bag for packaging an important gift?

It’s not.

It’s lame.

It’s lazy.

Most of you guys are using Paper-Bag tactics for how you “package” yourself.

Think about this…

Do you think any of us girls just wake up already looking dolled up?

You know full well we don’t…

We put on high heels to arch our backs and look taller.

We do our Cleavage Tricks I just mentioned.

We wear shirts that are either tight or low cut to further make sure you notice what we’re rocking.

We put on expensive make-up to cover up pores, sores, bruises, acne and whatever else.

It’s usually HOURS of getting done up to look the way you like to see us.HOURS!

And yes, I’m that type of girly-girl too.

I like looking my best.

Because I understand that paper-bag packaging is useless for getting attention.

Do YOU know how to package yourself?

Online or offline… sit tight and I’ll teach you how to eliminate this paper-bag nonsense most of you guys are doing.

Too many of you assume, it doesn’t matter how you dress in person or how you present yourself online.

You’re way off base kid! … Try what I teach for a couple of weeks and see how much quicker women pay attention and respond to you when you approach them online.

Again, I’ll teach all this to you… for now, let’s keep going.

Problem #3: Only 480.

Remember the 480 girls in a room?

If you have a room of 480 mixed girls. Different styles, types, interests…

And I get you on stage AFTER I teach you confidence and AFTER I teach you how to package-yourself well, then the chances of getting 50 or 100+ of those girls interested in at least meeting you is very high.

But, that’s only 50 girls, 100 girls or maybe all 480 girls if you’re a super-star.

That’s such a low number…

How about instead: 480,000,000 girls to “present” yourself to, hmmmm??

That’s where Facebook comes in!


Facebook these days is like an invasion of WOMEN.There are at least 480,000,000 girls on Facebook RIGHT NOW.You could be Super-Penis-Man … and that’s still way too many women for you to handle.

And all of them can be reached while sitting in front of the same screen you’re reading this from right now.

Problem is … you don’t know how to do it RIGHT.

They didn’t teach you in school.

Your dad didn’t teach you (and you wouldn’t want him to).

You and your buddies don’t talk about this.

You’re too busy cracking jokes about the girls you want to bang instead of talking of the strategies of how to do it.

Or if you hang out in those “pick-up” communities… it’s just as ridiculous.

I’ve logged many hours under an alias in all the major ones and a couple of the private ones that the “seduction gurus” put out. It’s like a bunch of boys trading baseball cards. But instead of talking about baseball player stats, they’re throwing around words like PUA, AMOG, AFC, DTF, HB and other nonsense that never gets them any in-field ball-time.

Hang out with those guys and keep talking the talk or sit down and I’m-a-teach-you somethings and let you walk the walk instead. .

So who is this Ann Onymous girl? (Hey that’s me!)

First… did I get your attention with that girls dancing video at the top? Pretty HOT.

I’m not immune to that either. Penis or no penis, that stuff’s hot.

Okay, let’s talk about this name of mine.

As a former coach for a pick-up, relationships, seduction company I used fake identities anytime I was online.

You know: real-sounding but made up names.

Well that’s pretty lame.

I’m tired of that.

Instead of pretending to be some Fake Name … You can call me Ann Onymous.

(And for those 3 or 4 of you who got hit in the head by your big brothers too much and didn’t figure it out yet: Ann Onymous is Annonymous.)

Clever. I am.

Trust me, my experience matters more than my name.

I’ve personally taught this stuff to over 400 guys for 3 and a half years working as a dating coach. Including in live workshops. Out of the 3 partners that launched and built that now well established dating company, I was the only female coach… I was the only wing-girl.

And I still have some private clients.

I’m a bit of a people lover though. I studied psychology and my not-so-girly geek out isn’t on topics like shoes or reality shows… it’s social dynamics.

I freaking LOVE this stuff!

And as I mentioned, I’ve bought the courses these boy-gurus put out.

And been in their communities. I wanted to see what is being taught in the market.

I even went “global” and attended trainings in Europe, South Africa and across North America.

Some of it’s good…

…Much of it just *sounds* good and sells books or courses for the guru but I guarantee you THEY themselves are NOT out there using those “tricks”.


I have an advantage they don’t…

I’m a card-carrying member of the sexy-tribe… I’m a girl.

I get hit on, a lot. Online and offline.

So I see everything you guys are doing wrong. (In fact, I’ll have a series of “Girl On Girl” talks coming out that I’ll send my subscribers and customers to talk more about this).

Because… who in their right mind doesn’t want to hear how to pick-up girls, from a GIRL?

And that’s why we’re all gathered here today…

Because I want to teach you how to use the interwebs, and most specifically FACEBOOK to land the type of women you’d normally hide and cower away from “offline”.

First you need to understand your prey.

I’ll give you that.

I’ll teach you about a “hot girl” beyond what your HORNY sex-sighted vision sees.

Then you need to get battle ready.

This comes down to “packaging” yourself.

Then it’s the tactics of how to talk to them… along with examples and a lot more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a girlfriend and a relationship … Or you just want to f*ck like a billionaire bachelor hosting a FRIDAY NIGHT SEX-A-THON.

I lay it all out for you… right … here…

Get Girls on Facebook


Get Girls on Facebook The Manual
Get Girls on Facebook The Manual PDF Download

The Manual

This is it. THE MANUAL.

71 lovely digital-PDF pages.

I’ve already had requests for physical copies, if you’d be more interested in a printed copy… register to my private list of fun and you’ll have my personal email… then just write back and let me know.

For now, I’m keeping this as instant delivery. It helps me keep the costs down for you this way too.

If you’re new to Facebook or new to girl getting, this is an essential guide from front-to-back.

On the other hand, if you’re already well-established and setup on Facebook and you’ve been studying us women for a while, then the first few pages will be “review” but you’ll soon see that this book is about as welcomed as me handing you a threesome for your birthday. 🙂

You’ll love it.

Here are *some* of what I cover in the 71-page manual.

  • Why Facebook? Why not “how to pick up chicks in bars” or “how to use dating sites”? And why you should dance around in a circle and chant Mark Zuckerberg’s name as a thank you to him. (page 5)
  • Why girls ENJOY and find it a turn-on when you compliment and flirt with them “out of the blue” (as long as you’re doing it right). (page 6)
  • I’m not here to be your mother but I had to include a couple of paragraphs on how to use everything I teach for good NOT evil and with RESPECT. (Trust me, you can still get a lot of sex in your life or a quality relationship without bullshit gimmicks and without being a low-life). (page 7)
  • The female species and our “insecurity” radar. (page 9)
  • You’re (probably) doing it ALL wrong. My run-down of what you should NEVER again do when trying to get a girl. (page 12)
  • 4 fundamental personality traits of any girl. Know your “prey”. Learn this! (page 14)
  • Girls are the gate-keepers of sexuality, but you guys are the gate-keepers of _______. And that’s where YOU have the power that we don’t. (page 14)
  • How to use Facebook to capture a girl’s mind so you can generate this _______ specific emotion in her. (page 19)
  • Do women actually love a “chase” more then men? (page 22)
  • THE biggest immediate turn-off for women. Don’t ever, ever, ever do this. (page 24)
  • ________ men are irresistible men. Always. (page 25)
  • Facebook basic elements and profile prep. Let’s start looking at how you “package” yourself. (page 27)
  • The best kind of photos to post up and keep in your albums. TIP: Fake it for now if you have to but get _____ photos live. TIP #2: ALL guys can do this, regardless of age or body-build. (page 28)
  • Detailed Dos and Don’ts of your photo albums. This is serious stuff. The most viral part of Facebook are images. We love to share photos… also love to CREEP photos. It’s a girl’s #1 research tool. I have at least 6 pages with insights about your pictures and photos albums. Pay attention to this page though… (page 31)
  • A quick 3-line “script” to open dialogue with any hot-friend of a friend. (page 34)
  • What are you posting as statuses, when are you posting them and what are you posting as comments to what a hot girl wrote? It all matters. Follow my instructions to make sure you’re doing it right. (page 36)
  • Advanced commenting tricks. Yes, we all love tricks. Do this and be different than 99 out of 100 other guys. (page 37)
  • Finding the hot girls … my best tactics. You’ll have to read the manual to learn what I teach my clients. The fun starts on … (page 40)
  • Examples of how I (yes I do this too) or my clients have opened dialogue with Katie the model, Kristine the sportscaster, and Meri another model/promo girl. (page 48)
  • The best way to approach the whole dating thing. How to ask a girl out. Including a sample dialogue. (page 50)
  • What to do if a girl doesn’t respond. (page 54)
  • Your greatest weapon of seduction and charm and in holding a girl’s interest is in your ability __________. (page 57)
  • How to work through and understand a girl’s “testing” mechanisms when meeting and flirting on Facebook. (page 60)
  • Some life-saving (well, not really) info on “the friends zone”. If you play your cards “wrong”, you either get weeded out and blocked … OR … you end up in the friends zone. Here’s what you need to know. (page 65)
  • And oh so much more…
The Get Girls Quick Setup Checklist
The Get Girls Quick Setup Checklist PDF Download

The Get Girls Quick Setup Checklist

After you read the manual, visit this checklist and work through it. There are 15+ items here that I pulled from the main course as “action steps”. Sooner you get these done, sooner you can focus on flirting and fooling around with the ladies.

Conversations and Scripts Get Girls on Facebook
Get Girls on Facebook – Conversations and Scripts PDF Download

Conversations and Scripts (and more coming)

I’m starting you off with a few demo examples of conversations from past clients. I’ll be sending you even more (you’re welcome!) … because once you know the “theory” the only other thing you can learn more are more and more and more and more from, are examples.

Get Girls on Facebook Audios
Raw Girl Talk Mp3 Download

Raw Girl Talk

A 16min 45sec audio of two of my girlfriends on online flirting, online dating and guys on Facebook.

I recorded this, not in some hidden mic way, they knew we were recording and what we were talking about … I asked them to just let loose with some of the discussion points I gave them.

One of my ladies is a vodka girl. I don’t mean she drinks a lot of vodka (though, that’s sort of true)… I mean if you’ve seen the ads for a certain brand of Vodka, especially in North America, then you’ve probably seen her.

She’s opinionated. And awesome!

I love her.

The other friend in this audio is a little quirk-ball and will help you buy a new Lexus if you’d like. Okay she’s not in car sales, she’s at the front desk of a dealership. Cute yoga-loving, and often cheesy-joke telling blonde.

So what did these two girls, let’s call them Vodka and Lexus end up talking about?

Oh I don’t know… things like:

  • How to not be a creepy guy on Facebook!
  • If a girl doesn’t message you back (right away), do you do this _____?
  • How to get a girl to want to meet up for a drink.
  • How to balance messaging more than one girl of the same mutual friends who may also be friends.
  • Make a girl feel special when you do this _______.
  • How long you should wait before you ask for a number for a girl you just met on Facebook.
  • What a girl looks for and notices when she checks out your profile for the first time. Are you are making a good first impression? Or are you brown paper bagging yourself on Facebook?
  • What kind of photos to have and NOT to have on your FB account … including what a girl thinks of the shirtless photos.
  • What your Likes say about you. HINT: If the 14-year-old thug-chain wearing self of you still thinks it’s funny to Like pages such as “Bang em and ditch em”, get very used to masturbating or picking up needy drunk chicks.
  • How to approach online so a girl lets her guard down and is way more into talking to you.
  • How to use mutual friendships to your advantage to quickly get Friend Adds and meet a lot of girls.
  • How a girl can tell if you only want to hook up with her.
  • Why a girl *prefers* online messaging (and text messaging) instead of the bar crowd or “offline” for the initial “getting to know you” conversations.
  • Girls Facebook search and Google you either way… you need to learn this _______ regardless of where you meet her.
  • Social proof (showing you know girls) is good… but showing you with all girls making you look like a child/boy or a player isn’t good.
  • What a girl thinks about you Poking her.
  • An appropriate amount of time and messages to warm up a girl to have her open up before asking for a number.
  • What a best first meeting / first date is.
  • Why Facebook is a BLESSING to girls for dating. They love it. They WANT to meet you on Facebook. Will you step up and approach her the RIGHT way?
     Fast Action Bonuses:

For the next 250 of my Get Girls On Facebook programs sold, all buyers receive 2 x girl getting “done for you” scenario analyses with me. Personally.

You’ll get two coupons where you can send in the details of who you want to approach, and I’ll give you the exact tools to get in their head and make them want you, step by step.

OR if you’re already in talks … give me the specific details of what was said in the conversation … and I will email back exactly what to you should say.

That way all you’re doing is copying and pasting. It doesn’t get any easier…

It’s like having Hitch, behind the door coaching you…Except I’m not Will Smith.And I’m not hiding behind your door.

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