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The Science Of Attraction

“The reality is something below our awareness when we’re engaging between each other, between men and women. Once this hit me, the puzzle fit together… It’s the genetic code, that we don’t notice. But it’s a reality, that’s existing, it’s a reality, that we’re communicating within, everytime we talk to each other. So when this hit me, all the teachings and all the principles started to fit together.”

Shane Smith
Cracking The Genetic Code
Many men are not aware of the monitoring system going on underneath. They live their life and have relationships, not realizing, that a woman’s attraction system is constantly deciding based on survival. That’s a known fact, but do you really understand how deep this goes…?
Most men hear statemants like that, but never really understand what this exactly means. They don’t understand, that every communication, that comes from them is a representation of the value they have and how it can serve her survival. They don’t realize they’re officially associating themselves in nature and their position in nature based on their behaviour and communication. She’s monitoring constantly whether you’re falling below that line or not. The more you become aware of how to display the value she desires, the more attractive you’ll become to her.As a man you’ll find yourself at some point at the end of your relationships or in the middle of everything breaking appart, not realizing what exactly went wrong. You did what society told you to do… But that was your mistake!

Ask yourself: Did you fall into the trap of labels like girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives? Did you follow the specific narrative, that takes place when you title your relationship?

I wonder if you know that a relationship based on this narrative cannot be successful. It’s impossible because of the communication that comes with it. A communication, that goes against the actual code and has repercussions following it…

If you want to seduce a woman, you have to trigger in her all the feelings, that nature has intended for her to feel when she meets her mate. When she feels that, nature then goes to action and makes it where she will do anything she can to be with you, regardless what you call her.
Join Arash Zepar Dibazar and Shane Smith, as the decode for you the Science of Attraction and give you an in-depth guide on how to create fulfilling relationships!

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