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Beauty, power, and wealth – how do you acquire these things? The woman of your dreams – how do you make her addicted to you? How do you master relationships? Gain unbreakable confidence and learn what it takes to have an absolute focused state of mind. Wield powerful influence over others and command them at your will. Learn and master the skills of captivating communication. Learn from the best. Arash Dibazar was recently voted #1 Coach of the Year and considered by many other elite pickup artists to be the best in the world.

Every Sunday at 6:00 PM PST, Arash reveals his techniques, inner game, knowledge, and real life personal experiences in attracting and keeping beautiful women. The Round Table gives you access to everything Seductive Instinct offers. This includes all workshops, lectures, and special seminars. Lectures are streamed online for our worldwide audience. Each lecture is unique and followed by a Q&A session. If attending one of our events in person is not possible, this is the best solution to getting good with women in the fastest time possible. 

Arash Dibazar – The Forbidden Gate

Arash Dibazar – The Truth Shall Set You Free Free Lecture

Arash Dibazar – Become More Than Just An Average Guy

Arash Dibazar – Diamond Mind The Language Of The Gods

Arash Dibazar – How To Know People’s Fantasies!

Arash Dibazar – Invisible Love Free Lecture Arash Dibazar – Become More Than Just An Average Guy.mp4 Arash Dibazar – Diamond Mind The Language Of The Gods.mp4 Arash Dibazar – How To Know People’s Fantasies!.mp4
April 27, 2014 Round Table Lecture – If you don’t know what is real life Alpha and how to portray it, you are being directed by media and girls for what fake Alpha is in disguise.mp3
august 10, 2014 roundtable lecture – You have to be entertaining, otherwise she gets bored and looks for something with more entertaining value than you.mp3
august 30, 2015 roundtable lecture – Bring in her the character You want to be with – the fun, sexy and cool one, not the boring, reserved and fake one.mp3
july 13, 2014 round table lecture – If you are providing the girl with value, you have to ask yourself is she giving back value to you and if not what are you doing.mp3
july 27, 2014 roundtable lecture – Don’t try to handle girl or buyer’s objection, go for the win, lead them to where you want it, not where they want it.mp3
June 1, 2014 Round Table Lecture – I AM what is important, not she, not he, not the parents, not whoever, ME is what should be considered most important every time.mp3
March 15, 2015 roundtable – lecture – Find the truth for yourself, don’t blindly accept what others told you, even if they are way higher than you. Check for yourself.mp3
March 23, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Bring up your seduction level on the main things a woman spots on you and the main things she feels from you.mp3 April 10, 2016 Roundtable Lecture – Be Alpha Dominant with Women.mp3 april 12, 2015 roundtable lecture – Female Vs Male Contract, Loyalty Vs Resources Contract.mp3 April 13, 2014 Round Table Lecture.mp3 April 14th, 2013 Round Table Lecture – Connection to Nature.mp3 april 19, 2015 roundtable lecture – Arash describing his hard-core relationships with women and where they stand.mp3 April 20, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Work on your man strengths which are intelligence, power, communication, etc.mp3 April 21st, 2013 Round Table Lecture – Don’t be bothered by other people’s bad behaviour, it’s their problem, don’t make it yours.mp3 April 28th, 2013 Round Table Lecture – Create your own Matrix, live in it and truly do not give a fuck about others.mp3 April 3, 2016 Rountable Lecture – Dominance is one of the Keys.mp3 April 5, 2015 roundtable lecture – I don’t need your validation.mp3 April 6, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Play The Game and Make The Right Moves, Don’t Get Caught Up In the Bullshit.mp3 April 7th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture – How long are you going to continue to disrespect yourself.mp3 August 11th, 2013 – Coven Lecture (1) – Arash talking about man to woman relationship and frame.mp3 August 11th, 2013 – Coven Lecture (2) – Get a new, more real look on women. They are not godesses.mp3 august 16, 2015 roundtable lecture – You create what you want and that is it.mp3 august 17, 2014 roundtable lecture – Get your ethics and politics (towards yourself and others) in order and live a truthful life.mp3 august 2, 2015 roundtable lecture – Women Are Destructive.mp3 august 23, 2015 roundtable lecture – Tension is a Major Enemy, eliminate tension everywhere.mp3 august 24, 2014 roundtable lecture – What is in it for me.mp3 august 3, 2014 roundtable lecture – Being committed doesnt’t mean do it here and there, it means going all the way in.mp3 august 31, 2014 roundtable lecture – How to be and what is a Badboy.mp3 August 4th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture – Great lecture on human-animal behaviour and seduction.mp3 august 9, 2015 roundtable lecture – You have to create fun for her in order for her to really like being around you.mp3 december 14, 2014 roundtable lecture – Sacred Syntex.mp3 december 21, 2014 roundtable lecture.mp3 December 22nd, 2013 – Coven Lecture – It’s all in a state of mind, awesome lecture.mp3 december 28, 2014 roundtable lecture – First part of the lecture is unique.mp3 December 29, 2013 Round Table Lecture – Man’s greatest weapon is his mind.mp3 december 7, 2014 roundtable lecture – Negativity and Negative People – I don’t want them.mp3 December 8th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Very honest lecture of Arash explaining things about life.mp3 February 1, 2015 roundtable lecture – Real Meaning Of Romance and how to be Romantic with a Girl.mp3 February 16, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Create a social circle of you and three other guys plus 10 girls instead of chasing 1 girl.mp3 February 2, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Who are you if there were no limits and you can be absolutely anyone and anything.mp3 february 21, 2016 roundtable lecture – Be the man who is a Dangerous Man, but not to her.mp3 February 22, 2015 roundtable lecture – Respect, honesty and trust should be a foundation of you.mp3 February 23, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Cool Lecture.mp3 february 28, 2016 roundtable lecture – Fuck with their minds, use the methods they use on you.mp3 February 8, 2015 Roundtable lecture – Everyday in everything there’s an opportunity to practice and grow.mp3 january 10, 2016 roundtable lecture – No name, ok lecture.mp3 january 11, 2014 roundtable lecture – Are you a spectator or a participent.mp3 January 12, 2014 Round Table Lecture – You have to be more SENSEtive to the world and people around you.mp3 january 17, 2016 roundtable lecture – Always look sharp.mp3 january 18, 2014 roundtable lecture – Admiration is key to people’s hearts.mp3 January 19, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Fight Evil people by giving them the frame of Evil and your frame is the one of Good.mp3 January 25, 2015 roundtable lecture – Focus on your power, not your weakness, haters will try to get your focus on your weakness.mp3 january 31, 2016 roundtable lecture – The guys that get women .. are Social guys.mp3 january 4, 2014 roundtable lecture – What is your self image.mp3 January 5, 2014 Round Table Lecture – What is this (question mark).. creates intrigue and attraction for women.mp3 july 12, 2015 roundtable lecture – Arash talking about real game and his life and his game and his girls.mp3 July 14th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture – Be Certain in what you are doing.mp3 july 19, 2015 roundtable lecture – Women will drive you crazy with their stupid bullshit if you let it.mp3 july 20, 2014 roundtable lecture – Approach life thinking, not being emotional.mp3 july 26, 2015 roundtable lecture – Art Making Compliments and Showing True Care.mp3 July 28th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture – Be a challenge, don’t give yourself that easily to the girl.mp3 july 5, 2015 roundtable lecture – When somebody attacks you – flip their words against them, check their own owrds for truth.mp3 July 6, 2014 Round Table Lecture – It’s not that women are hard to get, the thing is do you have the skill or not.mp3 June 07, 2015 Roundtable Lecture – What’s 1. Your Mindset 2. Your Actions 3. Do you feel worthy.mp3 June 14, 2015 Roundtable Lecture – You should beware of women and their manipulations towards you. The hotter they are…mp3 June 15, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Conditional Vs Unconditional Love.mp3 june 21, 2015 roundtable lecture – Are you genuinely living, feeling, doing what you truly feel inside or what others set the bar…mp3 June 22, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Asking Why and How in order to find the Truth.mp3 june 28, 2015 roundtable lecture – Girls are manipulative and attention seeking all the fucking time.mp3 JUNE 29, 2014 Roundtable lecture – You need True Value and Having Game in order to Attract a Female.mp3 June 2nd, 2013 – Round Table Lecture – Creating Effects.mp3 June 8, 2014 Round Table Lecture.mp3 march 1, 2015 roundtable lecture – Observe, don’t try to change something you don’t like.mp3 March 13, 2016 Roundtable Lecture – Female And Male Energy, Get Strong.mp3 March 2, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – The formula is Give them something to think about.mp3 March 20, 2016 Roundtable Lecture – Your goal is to make her feel good, that’s what she craves.mp3 march 21, 2015 roundtable lecture – Find out what’s the feeling and then you will be able to recognize if you are doing it right.mp3 march 29, 2015 roundtable lecture – Women are crooked from littel kids, that’s why it’s hard to build quality relationship.mp3 March 30, 2014 Round Table Lecture – We have to start choosing our reactions and make them defaults. Not run on old defaults.mp3 March 8, 2015 roundtable lecture.mp3 March 9, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Good lecture.mp3 may 10, 2015 roundtable lecture – Observing women and their bullshit and how to deal with it.mp3 May 11, 2014 Round Table Lecture – How to treat girls, Mother’s day, politics, etc..mp3 may 17, 2015 roundtable lecture – Female Vs Male Energy the way it is and the way it should be.mp3 May 18th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture.mp3 May 24, 2015 Roundtable Lecture – Women are destructive for men species.mp3 May 25, 2014 Round Table Lecture – Good lecture on life.mp3 May 25th, 2013 – Round Table Lecture.mp3 May 3, 2015 roundtable lecture – Live your LIFE and do YOUR thing according to YOU, not so that you can get women by doing it.mp3 May 31, 2015 Roundtable Lecture – Women have really low value in real world. You should concentrate on your own creation…mp3 May 4, 2014 – Round Table Lecture – Girls attracted to Guys with Alpha Characteristics and the opposite.mp3 May 5th, 2013 Round Table Lecture – The energy you should have is – What I want I go for it and I might lose it, because I am…mp3 November 1, 2015 roundtable lecture – You have to Truly feel on the inside that you deserve success.mp3 November 16, 2014 roundtable lecture – Vere weak lecture.mp3 November 17th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Arash in state talking about life, very motivating lecture.mp3 november 2, 2014 roundtable lecture – The World Is Trying to Feminize You.mp3 november 23, 2014 roundtable lecture – We, ourselves, should decide our next emotions.mp3 November 24th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Normal Lecture.mp3 november 30, 2014 roundtable lecture – Law of Energy.mp3 November 3rd, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Normal Lecture.mp3 november 9, 2014 roundtable lecture – What Futures Are You Creating with The Girl.mp3 October 11, 2015 roundtable lecture – Hating women big time (again).mp3 october 12, 2014 roundtable lecture – How do you carry yourself and can you carry your big goals.mp3 October 13th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – You have to give your target what they need, feed their individual need for something.mp3 October 18, 2015 roundtable lecture – Extreme Confidence.mp3 october 19, 2014 roundtable lecture – Don’t let others (mainly parents) dictate every move you make, with money, with women, with life.mp3 October 25, 2015 roundtable lecture – The Pick Up Community.mp3 october 26, 2014 roundtable lecture – How are my words affecting her or them.. Sacred Word Pt. 2. First 10 min are KILLER.mp3 October 27th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Be your true self, put your true self out there and don’t Ever change that self for anyone.mp3 October 5, 2014 roundtable lecture – Loyalty.mp3 October 6th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – What Does It Mean To You.mp3 Phoenix Live Lecture – Seduction is Creating Fantasy and Escaping Reality.mp3 september 14, 2014 roundtable lecture – Normal Lecture.mp3 September 1st, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Be a Challenge.mp3 september 20, 2015 roundtable lecture – Keep yourself calm and smooth, even when the girl is making you feel out of control.mp3 september 21, 2014 roundtable lecture – Never Display DLV of yours, Always Subtly Communicate Your DHVs.mp3 September 22nd, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Great Lecture.mp3 september 27, 2015 roundtable lecture – Women fall in love with words.mp3 September 29th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Guys with the highest status is the guy that’s standing highest in a girl’s eyes.mp3 september 6, 2015 roundtable lecture – Normal Lecture, mainly Arash talking about his life level at the moment.mp3 september 7, 2014 roundtable lecture – Claim your chosen path in life, don’t betray it.mp3 September 8th, 2013 – Coven Lecture – Be willing to lose the girl, every girl, in order to create yourself as a man.mp3
september 13, 2015 roundtable lecture – You have to search for what the target really, really wants and not go in there thinking that you know already.mp3
september 28, 2014 roundtable lecture – To get only positive and inspiring emotions in your life – only focus and that and block anything opposite.mp3 7 Laws of Alchemy Workshop.mp3 Alchemy Workshop.mp3 Deep Comfort Seminar.mp3 Deep Inner Game Secrets Workshop.mp3 Fundamentals of Attraction Seminar.mp3 Lifestyle Mastery Workshop.mp3 Mastering Cold Reading Workshop.mp3 Mastering DHV Stories Seminar.mp3 Mastering Language Patterns Pt. 1.mp3 NLP & Language Patterns Seminar.mp3 Relationships Seminar.mp3 Secret Diaries Seminar.mp3 Seductive Body Language Seminar.mp3 Social Media Seminar.mp3 Style-Archetype Seminar.mp3 Text Game Seminar.mp3 Invisible Love, decoding the Male Female Dynamic – YouTube.MKV The forbidden gate, what they don’t want you to know.MP4 The Secret To Growth.MP4 The Truth Shall Set You Free.MP4 7 Laws of Alchemy Workshop.avi Alchemy Workshop.avi Deep Comfort Seminar.avi Deep Inner Game Secrets Workshop.avi Fundamentals of Attraction Seminar.avi Lifestyle Mastery Workshop.avi Mastering Cold Reading Workshop.avi Mastering DHV Stories Seminar.avi Mastering Language Patterns Pt. 1.avi NLP & Language Patterns Seminar.avi Relationships Seminar.avi Secret Diaries Seminar.avi Seductive Body Language Seminar.avi Social Media Seminar.avi Style-Archetype Seminar.avi Text Game Seminar.avi

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