Art of Charm Academy (24 Weeks Course)

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Finally! The Secret To Real Life Social Superpowers, Revealed.

3 Benefits of this life-changing social skills training system:

  • 1Rapidly increase your confidence with women.
  • 2Use advanced social skills to make more friends.
  • 3Overcome your biggest challenges with the help of a personal coach.

We’ve Spent Almost 10 Years Meticulously Testing Our Best Ideas For Meeting More High-Quality Women, Making Better Friends and Living An Incredible Life. Now We’ve Packaged All of Our Biggest Insights Into One Proven System.


The Art of Charm Academy

A Proven, Step-by-Step System for Attracting Incredible Women, Making Better Friends & Mastering Your Social Life

If you came here looking for a “magic button”… sorry, we’re all out. We don’t have the amazing “pick-up line” that will make the ladies swoon.

This is not about manipulation or “techniques to use on women” … we think the idea of putting on a mask and using weird routines to make girls like you is just sort of, well… bizarre.

In the Art of Charm Academy, you’ll learn how to bring out your own, authentic personality in a way that’s irresistible to women. (Even if you’re an engineer and THINK you lead the most unexciting lifestyle imaginable… we will show you how that can be the most attractive thing most women have ever experienced)


  • It’s a 24 module program
  • Each session is online, and includes comprehensive video and audio lessons based on over 8 years of research
  • Every week, you’ll receive personalized “missions” from your private coach to help stretch your comfort zone and get you meeting new people quickly
  • The program comes with a built-in, private social network of high-caliber men, going through the course with you — including an interactive forum
  • Hundreds of videos in our AoC “vault” that cover everything from the psychology of attraction to step-by-step action plans for setting up dates
  • You’ll get access to 1-on-1 help from the AoC team to help you with your biggest challenges


And they don’t go away once you’re sober. Permanent change.Now I have some good news and some bad news:

The bad news is that this will take time. Developing real-life social superpowers isn’t something you do overnight. It’s a process. A scientific process that’s been proven to work, but one that takes some time. There are no secrets or shortcuts. You have to really do it. And it will challenge your whole world and it might even be pretty difficult at times… but…

The good news is that it’s possible, and if you follow the process you’ll come out the other end a whole new you. I don’t want to sound cliché, but that’s really how it is.
You will have undertaken a journey most men are too scared out of their minds to ever do.

As a result your life will be a constant adventure. You’ll always be surrounded by the exact type of people you really appreciate having around. You’ll constantly meet new and exciting friends, girlfriends and lovers, and you’ll always know what to do to steer any interaction where you want it to go.

And you’ll never be lonely, unless you choose to be.

Once You Join The Academy, You’ll Get Instant Access To

  • New training videos each week… showing you everything from the “inner game” head tricks you need to know to overcome bad habits & and destructive beliefs… to the insider knowledge needed to carry out a full, adventurous lifestyle filled with amazing women, great friends and intense, off-the-hook experiences…
  • Your own personal coach, who will help you create a personalized plan for improvement, send you drills and exercises that correspond to each week’s lesson, and who will also be available for free phone or email coaching sessions any time you need to work past a sticking point or significant problem
  • Quizzes every week to test your knowledge, and make sure you’re hip to the latest… you’ll know instantly whether or not you’re ready to go out there and conquer the field using your new-found skillsets…
  • Almost 100 drills and exercises to keep your skills sharp (Listen: if you actually DO these exercises… we’ll guarantee you will rocket through your old patterns like greased lightning, and get real good, real fast…)
  • Exclusive access to a full social network including instant messaging (real-time chat), your own profile page, friends, points, achievements & more…
  • Priority Access to the Art of Charm coaches — Tell ‘em your questions, reports and stories and get real-time feedback so you can get past your sticking points at record speed…

My Personal Promise To You

30 Day 100%, No Questions Asked,Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re anything like the typical Art of Charm fan, I know that I can’t “sell” someone like you – you’ve got to prove for yourself that it’s worthwhile.

Order your instant access to the first month of The Art of Charm Academy, then spend the next 30 days learning and letting it work for you…

  • Ever get nervous at the thought of approaching a girl? In Week Two you’ll learn a simple psychological trick that will instantly relax you and help you “lighten the mood” in the tensest of social situations
  • What do girls mean when they say a guy is “creepy”? Check out Week One to learn exactly what a woman is thinking when she first meets you…and learn the six behaviors that will instantly make you a “positive blip” on her “sexual radar” (you’ve no doubt done all six of these things before… but do them together, and at the right time, and you’ll be irresistible)
  • Have you ever worried about what to say to a beautiful woman? In Week Three we’ll teach you the basics of flirting and conversation: how to display the adventurous, exciting, or even romantic side of yourself in a completely fun way that she’ll love. (You’ll be amazed how comfortable this makes her… and how easy it is to get a date after you do it.)
  • Ever encounter a girl that’s challenging or just plain mean? Well, in Week Three we’ll teach you the art of “verbal judo” – how to use her own words against her and turn even the biggest ice-princess into a docile kitten around you – and ONLY you.
  • Want to know how to create that feeling of “animal magnetism”? Check out Week 4 to learn the 3 subconscious “tricks” that are responsible for over 90% of attraction (and trust me, once you learn these deceptively simple moves, you’ll feel like you’ve seen the matrix…)
  • Ever wondered why women are attracted to the “bad boy”? Week 2 will show you how to seem dark and mysterious without being manipulative, creepy or fake and still drive her wild. (You’ll be the knight in shining armor who sweeps her off her feet… with swagger!)
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Month #1 : How to Create the Sparks of Attraction

Jump start the journey into your new lifestyle by learning how to make a great first impression, how to approach any woman without fear and how to flirt in a way that she’ll find irresistible. Highlights include:

The 6 Traits of the High Status Man. Once you internalize these you’ll be able to approach any woman with absolute confidence (no matter how bad you want her). Best part: once she sees how fearless you are, you’ll become even MORE intriguing to her.
Plus: What to do the instant you get nervous about approaching a girl. We’ll make approaching women FUN again, and better yet, easy.
EXACTLY what your first impression will tell her…and detailed video “breakdowns” of the perfect approach
And: Approach no-no’s… and video examples of bad approaches.
How to use body language to “break through her shell”. Did you know that body language is your most important tool to build attraction? We’ll show you 3 ways to use non-verbal cues to make her melt with desire…
The amazing power of 4th grade humor. Combine that with the dead simple pointer we’ll give you and you’ll be pulling her heart strings very soon.

Month #2 : How to Ignite Sexual Tension

Take hold of the tools that will allow you shape, grow and cultivate your social interactions. Learn how to become an expert ‘flirt’ that can easily get 5 to 10 phone numbers any time you go out. Highlights include:

A simple strategy designed to create massive “social proof” that most guys are too afraid to try. Too bad, because women LOVE when you do this.
A sneaky little way to make a woman start chasing YOU. It’s dead simple, honest, and TONS of fun.
The single easiest way to elicit a woman’s sexual fantasies… and then, how to make it even easier to resume those fantasies in the future.
Plus: How to create a sexual state in her… while also deepening your emotional bond.
And: A simple (and ethical) way to make a woman MUCH more comfortable with the idea of kissing, touching, and having hectic, sweaty, passionate sex with you.
About to ask for her number? WAIT — do THIS first. It almost triples your chances she says yes. See how and why it works in Module 6

Month #3 : How to Build Deep and Lasting Connections

Step into the driver’s seat and learn to take full control over your interactions with women. Learn how to rapidly form a deep connection with a woman and already have her thinking of you as a “Mr. Right” (or, if you choose, “Mr. Right Now”)

The 1 trait you should show a woman that gets her relaxed, comfortable… and associating you with a good time. This is especially important when you’ve just started to build the relationship and it makes her MUCH more likely to date you.
Five questions that you can ask a woman that will have her instantly opening up and revealing her deepest secrets…use these and you’ll have a “roadmap to her heart”
The four step process that will allow you to generate a deep and lasting connection with virtually any woman
Plus: How to use this process EVEN if a woman is completely closed off and uninterested
And: The number one mistake that most guys make when trying to connect with a woman. Do this and she’ll lose interest instantly.
The attitude that, when she senses it, will drive her wild with desire. (When you learn this, you’ll immediately see why 10% of the guys get 90% of the women—including 100% of the BEST women)

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Month #4 : How to Automate Your Dating Life

Begin sowing the seeds that will catapult your dating life to levels previously unimaginable. Learn how to get 3 or 4 dates per week with women that you would have previously thought to be “out of your league”. Highlights include:

A simple (but incredibly effective) way to use text messaging to get her imagining herself on a date with you.
Plus: The 3 essential ingredients of a perfect 1st text… along with specific GOOD examples you can use right now.
Then: 1st text no-no’s… and 6 examples of bad 1st texts. The sad truth is these are exactly what most guys say.
How to plan a first date that lets you build attraction, learn more about her, and escalate her comfort with some touching. You’ll learn what almost every other guy misses…
Plus: How to never run out of conversation topics on your first date and avoid that mind-numbing silence gap once and for all and keep her (and yourself!) entertained the entire night.
How to avoid “1st date awkwardness.” TONS of guys screw this up. Learn how to get it right from now on.
And: What to do during the first date to virtually guarantee you get a second one.

Month #5 : How to Become the Life of Any Party

Get to the exact place you’ve been dreaming of and live the “Entourage” lifestyle – a life surrounded by beautiful and interesting women (and not just in terms of dating). Highlights include:

How to get multiple women fighting for your attention … and the 3 simple steps you can use to convert your female friends into “friends with benefits” relationships
Plus: One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to juggle multiple relationships…get this wrong and you could lose everything
And: How to invite multiple girls out at the same time… get to know each one better… and then how to set up more intimate dates with the women you like the best. Perfect if you don’t have the time, energy, or money to go on a bunch of individual dates right now…
Yet another really casual and nonchalant way to add a massive load of “chemistry” to your relationship… helps her become more comfortable with the idea of becoming aroused… and includes an easy “out” you can use if she doesn’t dig it.
And: How to “set the stage” so she reveals her deepest secrets and most guarded sexual fantasies. Do this and you’ll be surprised at how intimate you can become…
How to set yourself apart as a world-class lover… even if you haven’t been with a woman before.

Month #6 : How to Shape Your Destiny

What does your ideal social life look like? If you could imagine any goal with women, what would it be? Whether you want to get that “perfect 10” dream girl, break out of the “friend zone”, win your ex-back, or simply attract multiple women into your life, this final month will give you the tools to handle any dating adventure that may come your way. Consider this month the essential finishing touch that will give you perfect control and freedom of choice over your dating life.