Badboy Infield Videos (In-field approaches)

Badboy Infield Videos (In-field approaches)

Badboy Infield Videos Download

In-field approaches
Badboy School is the best e-learning platform to get you good with girls. Learn how to meet new girls or seduce ones you already know. Choose classes you want to attend: Conversational Skills, Night Club or Day Game Mastery, Dates and Relationship, 3somes and much more.
Watch Badboy In action. Never released In-field footage from streets, malls, clubs, bars. Watch and Learn from The Best.

Specs for this PUA e-learning single module:
Watch 3 hours of Best In-Field Approaches by Badboy.
Learn by Watching master in Action
Inside you will see

Hidden camera NightClub & Bar approaches
7min Badboy’s Instafuck Approach
Picking up girls on Dancefloor
Seducing Girls in front of Clubs
Seducing Milf’s infront of family members
3min Kiss closes
Never seen Street Approches by Badboy
Picking up girls in Malls
Full Instadates footage
Beach Approaches
Park Approaches
Bench Approaches
Additional Day Game InfieldAudio’s from 1×1 coachings with Badboy

Access to Exclusive Facebook community, where you can ask questions, stay in touch with Instructors, Badboy and other players.

1 year of Live Monthly Webinars, where badboy analyzes your game, and keeps track of your progress.

You will see Direct Game Pickup’s work in any possible situation


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