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word 4 word seduction

Natural-Born Womanizer Reveals His Word-For-Word Lines For Getting Girls!

Here Are The Exact Things To Say To Approach A Woman Without Rejection… Get Her Interested And HORNY For You… Then Get Her Phone Number, A Date… Or Even Get Her To Come Home With You Within Just MINUTES Of Meeting Her!

If You Can Memorize These Simple But Powerful Words Then You Can Have New Hot Girls In Your Bed… Night After Night!

Dear Friend,

You and I don’t know each other… but I can READ YOUR MIND… and I’m going to prove it to you…

Then, I’m going to make a prediction about your sex life that will come true within the next 30 days…

But before I do, I have to warn you

This prediction may SHOCK YOU… because I’m going to reveal something about you that even your best friends don’t know

Also – what we are going to discuss is about WOMEN and SEX… so if you’re not male and at least 18 years old, please click off this page now

Still with me?


Ok first, think of a number between 1 and 10…

But not just a random number. Make this number be the “rating” you would give the last woman you had sex with

Was she a chubby, buck-toothed 2? A stunning, exotic perfect 10? Or somewhere in between?

What number would you give her? Be honest

Got it?

Ok good. Now I want you to think of another number between 1 and 10…

… but this time I want it to be the rating that – if you had a choice – you would rate the NEXT girl you hook up with…

What would she have to be for you to make her your SERIOUS girlfriend… or even your wife?

A 7? An 8 or 9? Or a perfect 10?

Be honest!

Got it?

Ok… now you have 2 numbers.

I’m going to guess that the 2nd number you came up with is higher than the 1st…

I’m going to guess that you want the next girl you date to be HOTTER and have a better personality than the last girl you were with

Am I right?

I hope so! Because I am only writing this for guys who want to meet and date REALLY HOT GIRLS… so if that’s you, then pay close attention, because I’m about to show you how to do it.

One more question for you…

I want you to picture that 2nd woman in your mind right now…

Your ideal, dream girl, that you would make your girlfriend or wife

If you were to see this girl walking down the street tomorrow, would you know what to say to her to meet her, and start a conversation with her?

Or would you be unsure… and maybe not say anything? Maybe she would walk away and you’d never see her again?

Be honest. This used to happen to me a LOT.

So if you saw her tomorrow, would you know what to say?

Ok… what if things were a little easier…

Let’s say you ended up seated next to this girl on an airplane…

Wouldn’t THAT be awesome?

So if that happened, and you were seated next to your dream girl…

Would you know exactly what to say to her to get her interested in you and wanting to date you?

Or would she maybe just like you as a “friend”… or not at all?

Ok, so the reason I asked you these questions is to show you something…

I am to show you right now, the SINGLE REASON why you aren’t having good luck with women…

Are you listening? The reason is simple:

It’s Because You Don’t Know What To Say!

You KNOW… when you see a beautiful woman… that you should say SOMETHING…… but you aren’t exactly sure what.

How do I know? Because I used to have the same problem, for most of my life.

In fact, this is the reason why…Most Men FAIL With Women!

Here’s the deal – if you don’t know exactly what to say to a girl when you first meet her, she is going to reject you.

And if you don’t know exactly what to say to her on the phone or by text, you are NOT gonna get a date.

And if you don’t know what to say to her on the date to get her to see you as a “catch”… then get her HORNY and wanting to fuck… you’re NOT going to fuck her.

It’s that simple.

Remember earlier when I said I was going to make a prediction about you?

Well here it is:

I predict that unless you learn what to say to women you want, you ARE NOT going to get your dream girl.

You’ll have to settle for a girl that’s not as hot or as cool as you would like… or worse… you’ll end up alone.

I’m not saying this to be harsh, but because I want to be real with you.

We all wish that one day we’re going to meet our dream girl and we’re gonna fall madly in love…

But this isn’t the movies. This is REAL LIFE.

Your dream girl is NOT going to approach you. You’re NOT going to bump into her at the grocery store and immediately fall in love…

And even if you do get really lucky and end up sitting next to her on an airplane…

You are NOT going to get her, unless you know what to say

On the other hand… this prediction works BOTH WAYS…

I can also predict that if you DO learn the things to say to girls that make them want you… you will get your dream girl… and any other girl you want!

And guess what? It’s much easier to LEARN than you probably think.

Let me explain…

So I don’t know about you… but up until a few years ago… I was absolutely TERRIBLE with women…

I can remember when I would be out and I’d see a girl I thought was hot… just the THOUGHT of approaching her would fill me with FEAR…

I had no idea how to starts conversations with women… I figured if I approached a girl she’d probably just LAUGH at me.

I hadn’t been with very many women and I’d never really had a girlfriend, so my confidence wasn’t very high

But that all changed when I met Blake Stevens.

Blake was a friend of a friend who was a NATURAL with women

I’d never seen anything like this guy. We’d go out to a party and he’d whisper 2 words in a girl’s ear and the next thing I knew they would be making out!

His favorite trick was to steal a girl who was ALREADY out with a guy! He’d go up and start talking to both of them and unless they were in a serious relationship, usually after just a few minutes the girl would be leaving with him!

I’m telling you, it was INSANE

One night after a few too many drinks I finally got the courage to ask Blake what his secret was…

“I don’t know… I just know how to talk to girls”

“Well what do you say?!?”

“I just tell them what they want to hear”

“Well what the hell is that??”

He wasn’t making any sense.

“I tell you what”, Blake said. “The next hot girl we see you come with me when I go talk to her, and you can listen in.”

ALRIGHT! Now I was excited. I was going to get to hear the master in action!

That night I followed Blake around as he met – and kissed – 6 or 7 different girls!

I couldn’t hear everything he was saying, as we were in a loud club… but I frantically typed the bits and pieces I could hear into my phone

And that’s when I noticed something that was REALLY crazy…

He was saying pretty much the EXACT SAME THING to each girl!

And he made it look so easy

I don’t know if it was because I kept buying him beers, or because he felt sorry for me… but he told me I was welcome to go out with him and watch him in action any time

Little did I know that moment would forever change my life.

Over the next few weeks, Blake took me under his wing, giving me his tricks to approaching girls in all different types of situations without rejection

He taught me what to say to keep the conversations going and get them EXCITED… then how to get them TURNED ON and make a move…

The best part was Blake had a “line” for each of the common situations a guy runs into with women… so I just had to memorize the lines and use them at the right time.

It took a little practice, but soon I was meeting girls left and right.

I actually had to start an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the girls so I wouldn’t forget to call them!

Then finally, using what Blake taught me, I met a really special girl, and decided to make her my girlfriend.

I love her very much, but I know if we were to break up tomorrow, I could get another hot girl the same day.

All because Blake showed me what to say to women.

Oh – I almost forgot – and this is IMPORTANT…

Blake also taught me what NOT to say to a girl you want to meet.

One of the first things he explained to me is how most guys say the same 3 things to a woman… and even though they THINK they are the right things to say… it actually RUINS their chances with her!

So before I share with you what TO say to a girl…

Here Are The 3 Things You
Probably Say To Women That Are Totally
SCREW UP Your Chances With Her!


If you ask any WOMAN what to say to another woman, they usually say, “give her a compliment”.

Maybe you heard that instead of complimenting her looks, you should compliment her shoes, or something unique.

Well guess what?



Well, women DO want compliments… but…


If you’re not already sleeping with her, complimenting her just makes you look like an ASS KISSER.

She’ll put you in “the Friend Zone” before you even know it.

Why don’t compliments work?

Well mainly because…

Every Guy She Meets Does The Same Thing!

There are far, far more powerful things to say to her. Things that get her thinking about you SEXUALLY… make her see you as the type of guy she dreams about… and get her so turned on she wants to fuck you right then and there!

I’ll tell you what those things are in a minute. But they are NOT compliments!

The next mistake guys always make when talking to women is…

“Listing Similarities Or Agreeing With Her”

We’ve all done this. She tells you she likes pizza… you say, “oh, I love pizza!”

She tells you how important her family is. You say, “Family first! That’s my motto!”

She tells you she likes to curling. You say, “curling is my favorite sport!”

No No NO NO!

Every guy does this, and trust me – it will get you NOWHERE. This is real life, not Women don’t care what your similarities are.

Fortunately, it’s just as easy to mention in your conversation with her things she DOES care about in a guy she wants to date.

All women are looking for pretty much the same 3 things, and I can tell you what they are and how to say THOSE things to a woman.

That’s the way to get her horny on the spot!

Trying To Impress Her

The next thing all guys do with women that is totally WORTHLESS is trying to impress them.

Guys will tell a girl about their cool stuff or places they’ve been, or try to show off how smart they are, or how much they know about business.

Other guys try to impress by talking about how they love animals, can cook, how awesome their family is, or how much charity or environmental work they do.

Basically, all the things they THINK women care about.

If you’re doing this now with the women you go out with, I’ve got news for you:

Sure, women SAY they want a guy who is into all of this stuff…


Take a look at the ex-boyfriends of any really hot girl you know.

They probably weren’t saving the whales and taking long walks on the beach. They probably weren’t even very smart.

What do those guys know that you don’t? The guys that actually FUCK hot girls on a regular basis?

They Know What TO Say To A Woman!

They know the things she REALLY wants to hear. The things that make her curious. Excited. Horny.

Once you know that stuff, it’s EASY!

The best part is all you need to do is MEMORIZE them and say them to the women that you meet!

Blake calls his system for getting women, “Word-For-Word Seduction.”

For the last couple of years, Blake has been quietly teaching it to a small group of men. He’s never advertised it – his clients have only come via word-of-mouth referrals – happily paying thousands of dollars to get his secrets.

What Is Word-For-Word Seduction,
And Why Is It So Powerful?

The reason Word-For-Word Seduction works so well is because it triggers SEXUAL AROUSAL in the 3 “critical times” with a woman.

These times are:

1. First Meeting

2. Getting The Date

3. Early Conversations

These are only 3 times when you use Word-For-Word Word Seduction.

The rest of the time with a girl, you can do what your momma told ya, and “be yourself”.

But if you use Word-For-Word Seduction in these 3 critical times with a girl, she won’t be able to help but to want you.

On the other hand… if you DON’T use it in these 3 situations, she will only want you as a friend.

The reason it’s so powerful is because these are types of things guys who are naturally good with women happen to say on their own.

So really, every guy who is great with women uses Word-For-Word Seduction in one way or another… without even knowing it!


word 4 word seduction
The Word-For-Word Seduction
Advanced Video Training Course

Now, for the first time, Blake is revealing his system in a video training program that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

In it, you’ll get Blake’s exact lines and techniques to…

  • Approach a girl and start a conversation without rejection
  • Get her interested… and even HORNY for you… within just minutes of meeting her
  • Get her number, get a date with her, and get her into bed

… and that’s just the start.

  • 3 “works every time” lines to approach a woman without rejection in any situation!
  • How to go from conversation to DATE right there on the spot! (Use this trick to get her to drop whatever she’s doing and come with YOU!)
  • A way to let her know you are a STUD in the bedroom without actually saying it
  • The best way to meet a woman at a grocery store!
  • The 5-Minute Makeout – A trick to use with women in a bar or club that gets you KISSING THEM within just 5 minutes of meeting!
  • The text message that gets her to agree to a date – every time
  • A line to approach a woman in a group that gets her friends to HELP YOU seduce her!
  • How to meet a girl in yoga or workout class without looking like a douche!
  • The 7 things all “naturals” do with women that guys who get put in the “friend zone” TOTALLY MISS
  • How to get a woman ADDICTED to you within minutes of meeting her. Use these simple lines to create massive curiosity about yourself so she is asking YOU questions and making moves on YOU!
  • 2 ways to initiate physical contact with a  woman that fly “under the radar” and get her wanting you to touch her MORE
  • The exact distance you should stand from a woman when you first approach (it’s NOT what you think… and changing just this ONE THING *doubles* the positive responses you get from women)
  • How to kiss a woman in a way that makes her HORNY for you
  • How to dress like PRO on any budget (wear these 3 things women LOVE and you don’t have to worry about anything else!)
  • How to meet a girl you see in a waiting room without it being awkward
  • A way to get a woman’s phone number in the first 5 minutes of conversation that works every time… and EVEN BETTER with those super hot girls who get on a lot!
  • How to use humor to look like a STUD and not a CLOWN (if you’re getting “friend-zone’d” a lot it’s probably because you’re using humor WRONG!)
  • The best way to approach a woman at a party without getting denied
  • The 2 things you must do to let a woman know you are IN HER LEAGUE (if you want to date hotter women than you do now you MUST do these 2 things to let her know YOU are as big of a catch as she is!)
  • The “Best Ever” line – A line to use anywhere they sell food or drinks that gets a smile and INSTANT CONVERSATION every time!
  • How to control the interaction with “magic questions” that get her talking her way into your bed!
  • A simple 2-inch shift in body language that subtly shows a woman you’re the ALPHA MALE of your group (do this and her instincts force her to want YOU over every other guy in the room!)
  • The 5 body language cues that tell you a girl WANTS YOU!
  • How to create an INTENSE CONNECTION with a woman in the first few minutes of conversation… so SHE doesn’t want to stop talking to you!
  • How to tell compelling stories that get her EXCITED about being with her and brag to her friends about what an awesome guy you are
  • A body language mistake 90% of guys who DON’T get laid make that shows WEAKNESS to woman! (If you’ve ever been rejected by a woman for being “too nice” it’s probably because you did THIS to make her mistake your kindness for weakness!)
  • A smooth way to meet a woman who is sitting down at a coffee shop
  • A special eye contact trick used by famous Hollywood actors to make women SWOON (works EVEN BETTER in real life then on the screen and ANY guy can use it!)
  • What to do when you meet a woman you are SERIOUS ABOUT – here’s how to let her know you are the ONE… and give her that “soulmate” feeling she’s been waiting her whole life to find!
  • What to say to easily meet a woman on the subway
  • How to program yourself with a sense of ROCK-SOLID CONFIDENCE women can *feel* when they meet you! (Do this simple 1-minute exercise daily and feel like a NEW MAN in a just a couple of weeks)
  • The “busy bartender” – How to meet a girl at a bar and get her playing a game with you that forces her to KISS YOU!
  • And much, much more!

You’ll Also Get…

seduction situations
The Word-For-Word
Seduction “Situations” Videos

In this section of the program we’ve divided up ALL of Blake’s lines for the different situations you’ll run into with women. Want to know exactly what to say to get a girl’s attention at a bar? How about at the grocery store? Or what about when you want to approach a woman in a group? It’s all here and one click away.

Best of all, you’ll get to see Blake DELIVER the lines to real women! So you don’t just get the words, but the exact ways to deliver them for maximum effectiveness. After going through this section JUST ONCE you’ll always know exactly what to say when you see a girl you want to meet.

And that’s not all. To make sure you see results with the program QUICKLY… Blake is also including these exciting bonus videos!

stone cold confidence
Stone Cold Confidence

In this section Blake shows you how to develop a MAGNETIC confidence and charm that women find irresistible. Watch it before a big date to kill the “butterflies” or daily to get yourself off to a great start! You’ll feel yourself getting more confident each time you go through it! With confidence AND the right words to say you become unstoppable

zero failure method
Zero Failure Method

In this special video, Blake shows you the secrets to NEVER being rejected! Here’s how to use any negative response from a woman to actually make her want you MORE (this is a HUGE part of passing a woman’s tests… and something you MUST KNOW if you want to date really hot women... so listen up!)

10 million dollar man
The 10 Million Dollar Man

In this video Blake shows you how to give yourself a POWER MAKE-OVER. You can’t get a hot woman if you don’t look like a bad ass yourself and Blake is gonna show you how to find a style that works for you that women LOVE


You Also Get…

The Word-For-Word Seduction eBook

Your “cheat sheet” featuring Blake’s best lines and techniques. Print it out or download it to your iphone to bring the Word-For-Word Seduction lines with you for easy reference wherever you go!


Plus When You Act Now, Get The Special Bonus Program…

“Inside The Mind Of A Model!”

In this special bonus program, you’ll see Blake interview some of the hottest girls in the WORLD… top models who have appeared in Maxim magazine, FHM and on TV. One of them is even the star of a soon-to-be-released feature film!


You’ll discover what turns them on in a guy… and what kinds of things guys have
done to score with them in the past. Their exact turn-ons and turn-offs. the
best dates they’ve ever been on (so you can copy them), the lines guys have used on them that actually worked… and what the guys who actually became their boyfriends did DIFFERENTLY than the dozens of other guys trying to hit on them!

These are no “regular” interviews – Blake holds nothing back and asks the questions most guys are afraid to. Once you know how a model thinks you’ll know how to get her into bed and that’s what this program is all about!



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