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All You Need to do is One Actionable Exercise
Developing One New Social Skill, Gradually Extending Your Comfort Zone…  And You Can Be Naked in Bed With the Woman You’ve Always Fantasize About…
In Less Than Six Months

Plus I’ll send you a new assignment every week for a full six months to help you step by step transform yourself into a man that attracts women like a magnet, has unstoppable self confidence, and the motivation to take your life to the next level….

Literally EVERYTHING YOU NEED Handed to You on a Silver Platter…

But a real package that has everything you need to gain killer confidence, meet and date more women, and overcome ever obstacle that has ever held you back from meeting the girl you’ve always fantasized about being with.

So why are we doing this?  Well, I know you might find this ridiculously hard to believe J… but I wasn’t always great with women.  In fact I was god awful.

I was the kind of guy who just sat in the corner and watched all of the other guy’s talking to women… and didn’t have the balls or skills to do anything about it.

But over the past five years… I’ve figured this out.  And I’ve gone on to do really well for myself with women… and socially too.

Yea, it turns out that that getting higher quality women (and by higher quality I mean hotter) It has actually given me the self confidence to do a lot of cool shit… like start TSB Magazine… travel the world… party at the Playboy Mansion… go out and game girls with some of the top pick up artist in the world… and basically rule my college campus.

Social Training Lab But here is the thing.

I didn’t get hear over night.  In fact… it was a long journey.  And a lot of time it sucked pretty badly.  There were a lot of nights where I’d go home after the bar… alone… sit at my computer staring at naked women- dreaming this chick (Beth) who didn’t want anything to do with me….

And I’d be too damn lonely and frustrated to even spank it…

And the worst part was… I had really nobody to turn to.  Most of my friends were either doing pretty well with women (and couldn’t relate to my problem)… or they were just as bad off as me… but they accepted their position… and basically given up.

I was not the kind of guy to give up…

And I take it that you’re not the kind of guy to give up either.

“The 3 Biggest Frustrations You’re Probably Facing….”

Now, I’ve privately mentored a group of about 40 guys for the past year- and the three biggest frustrations they seem to be having are:

1.  Taking what you learn about how to attract women and applying it to real live dating and pickup situations.

2.  Staying motivated to continually go out and talk to girls and be in the right state of mind (especially when you’re not seeing results and it’s the last thing you feel like doing)

3.  And getting hung up on specific “technical” problems of game…. Like how to escalate physically with a girl who is shy?  Or what kind of opener works best for meeting girls on campus… for me, my biggest struggle was always “how do I keep a conversation from stalling out and getting awkward.”

Now we wanted to create something that solves all of these problems- while working with you on an individual basis to tackle your specific needs…

Why A Mentor Always Dramatically Accelerates How Fast You Succeed in Mastering a New Skill…

A handful of reasons really:

·        A Clear direction and next action steps (it can get overwhelming but having someone lay out a clear plan of action for you helps you stay on track)

·        The principle of commitment and consistency.  (It’s clear that when we have someone who we’ve committed to make the effort to improve- we do everything in our power not to let them down.

·        Altitude (This means a mentor is seeing things from a higher perspective.  He can give an unbiased assessment of your current situation… often seeing things you’ve never noticed)

·        Knowledge (the fact is the internet is way too full of wannabees spouting out useless information… and if you spend all your time googling free information- you’re not going to be able to separate the good advice from the junk)

Just to give you a quick example, in my last group of students, there was a guy named Nick.

He was in his freshmen year of college… and was struggling to make friends; felt overshadowed by his roommates, had never even kissed a girl, and was pretty much disgusted with himself.

Luckily he was smart enough to ask A LOT of questions… and even smarter- actually take the advice and put it into use….   He also implemented each week’s lesson to a tee… Around the fifth month of the program I stopped getting emails from him… so I wrote him to find out what’s up:  This is the email her wrote back

Dude I can’t thank you enough.  I’m loving life right now.  Tons of friends.  And I      think I may have my first girlfriend (it’s going real good right now- but if I have any questions about her, I’ll email them over) – Nick

It’s actually pretty amazing to log into my inbox and see testimonial after testimonial with real success, guys actually doing it… So it’s pretty cool.

I just got this one today from Alex… after asking for some quick advice on several girls he’s currently juggling… he says

If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now:  I’m thankful for the experience I’ve had here with this little program, it’s encouraged me to see social circles and friend-building in a much more productive and positive light, and things keep going uphill!

I’m feeling good about where things are at.  I’m getting out and networking, and having a ton of fun while I’m at it. And I’ve never had so many dates in my life. – Alex

Alex writes me just about every other week… and I literally can’t even keep track of all the girls he’s fooling around with and wants advice on…

Now, look, there’s a reason you aren’t successful right now.

You Need a Road Map to Guide You From Point A to Point B

It’s simply because you’re doing what isn’t working and you haven’t applied a system that works.

You’ve probably purchased many different types of products. All these different types, e-books, and home study courses, teleseminars, workshops. There are a lot of different types of products out there. And they all probably had some great information, but together, they can just lead to confusion, and there are hundreds of paths that you can take.


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