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So my brother has this friend, Rocket.Rocket is a pickup artist. And a good one at that.I’ve seen him in action.Girls are usually into him, but lately,She’s been having some “issues.”
Especially with the girls he’s super attracted to.

He just can’t seem to figure it out.

For instance, it was Saturday night, and we were all partying pretty hard at Sharkeez in Newport Beach, (where I accidently discovered every girl wants to be on Real Housewives of Orange

After a day in the California sun, there were hot girls inside the bar and roaming outside on the long pier.

Imagine “Girls Gone Wild” sipping from ice cold beer bottles everywhere.

I looked over at Rocket and I could tell…

Game was strong in this one.

I was impressed.

Yet, while there were smiles everywhere and he looked like he was making inroads with a couple hot ones, I could tell… things weren’t everything they seemed. Especially as we got closer and closer to closing time.

It wasn’t hard to see… if he didn’t change things up quick, he was going home empty handed.

He was coming off supremely confident… always trying to dominate the girl’s attention and

So how did girls react?

Surprisingly, they couldn’t WAIT for him to leave. Then after he was gone, they’d just look at each other with ‘that look’ and breakout giggling like schoolgirls.

Has that ever happened to you?

Now the one girl *I* hooked up with? Her name was Lyssa… and she made a VERY revealing comment about Rocket.

Here’s what happened…

He walks up, puts his arm around Lyssa, whispers something in her ear and then just walks off, expecting to ignite a spark of attraction with in her.

Result? Not a chance.

Rather than being attracted, Lyssa was shocked. Frightened, actually.

She and her friends made a quick dash towards the bar.

It was a cringe-worthy moment to say the least.

So later on, I say to Lyssa “Hey, I hope my brother’s friend isn’t creeping you out!”

And Lyssa (who is an atomic blonde knockout) starts to unload…

Yeah, it’s hard to believe guys still think that kind of stuff still works. Guys can be so juvenile. So predictable.

But you? I don’t know what it is. I like you. You are fun, but you’re different…

(Hmmmm. Now… we’ll get to WHY she’s so into me in just a minute. Let’s just say I *know* the reason.)

But Rocket, my brother’s friend? “Juvenile?”

She may as well have said he was castrated!

See, Rocket had lost the game… even before he started. In a moment, you’ll understand why and what you can do about it. Before it happens to you again.

Here’s the thing:

As guys, we may think what Rocket did was bold. But to girls? It’s like a big yellow sign flashing…

Unlike the last 10 years or so, girls today are on guard against players, pick-up artists and anyone looking a little “too smooth.”

That’s what Lyssa as well as dozens of girls have told me straight up.

(And what’s crazy is it’s usually the little things that tip them off. Like, how groomed your beard
is. That stated, a stylish pair of shoes is still a must.)

Maybe you’ve spent months and even years learning pickup, mastering the art of game.

Like a magician, you know all the tricks that get women dripping wet. That get them horny as

That get them to come home with you for a night of uninhibited sex.

Not only that, you’ve worked
on yourself a lot…

At this point in your evolution as a man, while maybe you’re not an alpha yet, there’s no doubt you’re starting to ooze confidence, charm and charisma.

Not to mention all the money, time and work you’ve spent on books, courses, seminars and coaches over the years.

And for all your effort and commitment, you’ve more than occasionally been rewarded with a beautiful girl bringing a smile to your face.


Guess what?


Recently, it may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

Trust me, you’re not alone. There are legions of guys in the same boat.

The tactics that have worked so well for you in the past? They’re hitting a wall. Those nights of spontaneous sexual adventure? They’re becoming fewer and fewer.

Like I said, IT SUCKS.

There’s a drought over the land. You’re getting blown out right and left.

Screw that, right?

The supposedly “tried and true” gaming strategy and tactics taught by well-meaning dating coaches and gurus are having less and less effect.
And in fact, they may even be REPELLING women.I’ll share with you why in a moment, yet…

It gets worse…

It’s almost as if women see you coming from a mile away.

They get “that look” in their eyes.

Bitch shields go up. Shit tests galore. No one’s laughing at your jokes.

Their eyes start darting around, looking for a bathroom or window escape.

What gives?

If you’ve noticed you’re sorely game lacking in recent weeks and
months, there’s a reason…

There’s been a seismic shift in what works.
The good news is it’s not your fault. It’s nothing you personally are doing wrong.

Hi, my name is Brent Smith

And I help affluent men from all walks of life develop

meaningful relationships with beautiful women

And I help affluent men from all walks of life develop meaningful relationships with beautiful women. When I say affluent, I’m not talking about a 7-figure income.

Add a zero to that.

Given my experience,
coaching guys all over the world, here’s what I’ve noticed…


Let me address the elephant in the room since the pickup artists won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Pickup as we know it, as we’ve learned it, is dying a slow, painfully agonizing death.

How do I know this?

I recently conducted a very private, very exclusive,3-day/2-Night $4000 seminar in Hollywood.

I was shocked and appalled by the consistency of the theme…

Pickup is in a crocodile death roll

One guy, I’ll never forget, came on stage almost in tears.

This guy talked about one night where on three different occasions, with three different women, told him outright they knew what he was doing and they resented it.

One time, things escalated to the point he was slapped for continuing to pursue.

Now you can say he has no calibration skills, but the truth is he’s not the only one.

AND–there were other issues as well. Other guys were using the same techniques… women were much more reluctant to engage… I started a whiteboarding all the reasons.

Yes, pickup may have worked like gangbusters before.

However, as I’m sure you can verify for yourself, women… especially the more beautiful ones…seem to be even more cautious, more skeptical, more discriminating… more selective.

There are several reasons for this:


Perhaps the biggest reason pickup is dying is the cat is forever out of the bag. Pickup tactics are out there are “in the wild” for anybody to watch and learn.

Women watch these YouTube videos on the Internet and are shocked. They find them creepy, deceptive and manipulative. And when they see them in action by you? It shocks them even more.

You get shut down–even before you have a chance.

Not only that, but you have competition.

Every guy and his brother is using these same methods. And to the woman on the receiving end? That’s just like hearing the same pickup line over and over again.

You’re marked as the dreaded “pickup artist” or “player”, right from the start.


You can blame it on whatever you want… the political climate, social (feminism), religious climate… but…

  • Violence is up…
  • Non-consensual sex is rampant…
  • Violence against women is epidemic…

Women everywhere are rightly concerned for their safety. They seek someone who makes them feel safe.

When we initially approach, they obviously don’t know us. Given the current climate of violence, they ALWAYS have questions in the back of their mind.


This should scare the bejeebies out of men as well as women, but to say women are concerned about contracting Herpes, HIV, crabs or some other dangerous STD would be an understatement.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but women are now asking for a blood tests before they’ll have sex with anyone.

(I just read recently there is a GLOBAL strain of gonorrhoea that is impervious to the strongest antibiotics medicine can produce.)

Obviously, this pretty much shuts down DTFs and one-nighters.

Now, stay with me here.

The answer may surprise you.

Instead of lots of sexual variety, they’d rather have…

I know this all sounds like bad news… however as you’ll soon discover, all this adds up to VERY GOOD NEWS for you when know what what to do.

The real question we, as men, must ask ourselves is…

What (besides mindblowing sex) is the ONE thing women are looking for today?

The answer may surprise you.

Instead of lots of sexual variety, they’d rather have…


Yeah, they want a man in their life.

Someone to love. Someone they know. Someone they trust and can rely on.

Yes, they still want adventure… yes, they still want romance…

And they want it WITH ONE MAN.

And this my friend, should be extremely welcome news for you.

YOU, not them, are the one holding all the cards.

Because let’s face it: When you really do some soul searching, while spreading your seed is definitely wired into your DNA, I know what you’d rather prefer…


Every guy would. Yes, every. Even guys who have it all, like George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as the movers and shakers I coach.

A hot girlfriend does things for you that no one night stand, fvck buddy, or short-term chick can do.

So the solution seems simple:

She wants a boyfriend. And you want a hot girlfriend. PERFECT match.

So instead of trying to game a girl into her pants, all you have to do is be boyfriend material.

THAT’S what she wants.

Unfortunately, for most guys, this is easier said than done–ESPECIALLY if you’ve been practicing pickup for any length of time.

Today, guys have pretty much forgotten how to go about getting get a girlfriend.

Especially a hot one.

What do guys try to do instead? They try to use their PUA skills to attract a girlfriend.

If you’ve ever tried this, you already know how it turns out.

It backfires–big time. The girl feels tricked and cheated.

Guys mistakenly resort to the behaviors of a COPP


Trust me, a “Creepy Over-Pursuing Provider” is the worst thing you can be. Even worse than being considered “a player.”

Unlike players, COPPs have ZERO attractiveness.

Their biggest offense? They make grand romantic gestures in order to get a girlfriend…

COPPs pretend to be “nice guys”
COPPs agree with everything a girl says
COPPs cancel their plans
COPPs give gifts and throwmoney around
COPPs give compliments
COPPs over-communicate
COPPs put women on a pedestal
COPPs have ZERO attractiveness

COPPs come from a place of scarcity, neediness, and desperation.

Women may talk to a COPP… enjoy the attention from a COPP (for a while)… but ultimately, a woman will quickly tire of a COPP–leaving the guy worse off than before.

A girl doesn’t want to be with some needy guy. They want a boyfriend that makes them feel protected and safe.

A guy who is emotionally strong, decisive and in control.

A COPP is not that!

Now, let’s be clear. There is ABSOLUTELY a time and a place for grand romantic gestures — but not in the beginning and not if they’re unwanted.

(Big gestures like that make a girl feel like she’s being bribed into doing something she doesn’t want to do.)

So if pickup isn’t working…if being a COPP is bad…what’s the solution?

Recognizing the situation for what it is, I took a couple of months off and spilled my guts into a course about everything I know about landing a hot girlfriend.It’s titled…

The Contrarian’s Guide to Getting, Having and Keeping a Girlfriend

In my entire life, I have had 23 girlfriends. Yes, I remember every one… by name.

I loved them all.

Maybe that’s a little, maybe that’s a lot. I don’t know. What I do know is they’ve taught me so much about what it takes to get and have a great girlfriend.

Now we all know, first hand experience is great. But not only that, I’ve collected affirming insights from literally THOUSANDS of guys who have gone through “the girlfriend gauntlet” and lived to tell about it.

It’s easier than it looks. Especially when you know exactly what they’re looking for today and how to handle them. (And I do, in spades.)

And what are beautiful women looking for?

Someone she knows, trust and feels safe with.

How do you create that kind of chemistry so quickly?

Listen up.

Now if you’re expecting some sort of dating handbook, you’d be sorely disappointed. That’s not the kind of coach I am.

My “PERFECT Girlfriend” girlfriend-getting course is NOTHING of the sort.


  • The three things women want and love in a boyfriend…
  • How to size up a potential girlfriend…
  • How to make every date or hookup feel like the first time you just met…
  • Your new vocabulary–and how it ratchets up desire for you…
  • The subtle art of “under-communication” that makes a woman chase you…
  • Before you consider a serious girlfriend candidate, she will, of course, have to prove herself in the bedroom. Here’s how you do it, step-by-step…
  • How to become the boyfriend you want to be, not the boyfriend SHE wants you to be…
  • How to create conversation that’s subtle yet so sexy…
  • How to deal with the jealousy of other women…
  • The strategy to allow them to contact you in the future (you never ever call them)…
  • How to ratchet up intimacy in and out of the bedroom…
  • Best ways to respond to her personal questions about you…
  • The step-by-step, always be the one in control and allow them to be the one pursuing you and trying to win you over…
  • How to get the hottest women to “apply” to be your girlfriend…
  • How to create that “I feel like I’ve known you for years” effect that makes with any woman you want to meet feel safe with you…
  • A simple twist on how to frame all your approach conversations so you are viewed as boyfriend material…
  • The best social platform for communicating…
  • How to avoid being relegated to the friendzone…
  • Strategies for interviewing girls on dating sites, apps & social media
  • The key to avoiding pointless arguments, an empty bed, and having to work at making a girlfriend happy…
  • Understand your girlfriend’s innermost desires (without a Dr. Phil decoder ring.)
  • How to position yourself as the one she’s looking for…
  • How to text her to amplify her horniness for you…
  • How to get her to miss you when you’re not around…

Using my contrarian rulebook, here’s how to *know* if a woman has earned the rightto be


  1. She’s hot and EXACTLY your type (you do not need to settle for a girl who’s not a fit for you)…
  2. She pursues you (no silent treatment, being coy or diva attitude)…
  3. She is of course, hot and great in bed…
  4. She is sane, superchill, supportive, and any other positive traits you want in a girl (no drama, no “psycho babe from hell” behaviors)…
  5. She must be trying to be your girlfriend from the very beginning–and ENTHUSIASTICALLY go along with your specific process (I’ll give you the blueprint)…


In order to have the right women begging FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND affections and to be your girlfriend, I’ll show you how to give off “a special vibe.”

With this vibe, women deeply desire, almost crave to be your girlfriend, not just some random girl you picked up one night.

You create what I call the “Boyfriend Vibe.” Being around your new vibe makes women feel like…

  • It’s OK to approach you…
  • It’s OK to be approached by you…
  • It’s OK to be interested in you…
  • It’s OK to be very direct with you…
  • It’s OK to ask for your contact info…
  • It’s OK to pursue you…
  • It’s OK to compete with other women for you…
  • It’s OK to have wild yet deeply satisfying sex with you…
  • It’s OK to tell you that they want to be your girlfriend…
  • It’s OK to do whatever it takes to convince you to be their boyfriend…

The boyfriend vibe is something few understand. Except those who I coach.

Even women who are used to being defensive, dismissive, and bitchy will amazingly become open and proactive about pursuing you.

Plus, I show you how to structure your online profiles so that you throw off this vibe.

With this vibe, you’ll be shocked how irresistible beautiful women find you.

Girlfriends Galore

Here’s the big thing that you’ll get from my program that you won’t get from anyone else:

I show you how to structure your relationships so that you can have as many as 7 girlfriends at one time.

Not exactly a harem, but you get the picture.

Now I don’t recommend 7, but the fact is, you could. (I mean if the Mormons can have 7+ wives, you having 7 girlfriends should be no big deal.)

Personally? I can comfortably handle three girlfriends at a time.

My point? Once you understand my contrarian girlfriendgetting strategy, you don’t have to stick like glue to just one girlfriend if you don’t want to. You can have as many girlfriends as you want.

Now as I said, I recently conducted a 3-day $4000 seminar where I shared this exact same information you’ll learn in “Perfect Girlfriend” – The Contrarian’s Guide to Getting, Having and Keeping a Girlfriend.

20 lucky men learned the secrets to navigating the dating world today. Each one was successful — without using a single one of their pickup skills.

Amazing, yes?

Now for a limited time, this information is available to you.

If you haven’t been getting the results like you used to from game, my Perfect Girlfriend course will change all that.


To those that think they have to pay through the nose to keep a girlfriend happy.

There used to be a time when the man felt obligated to pay for everything. There used to be a time where women resented a man who didn’t pay for her share, be it a meal, movies or the rent.

But no more.

Girls know what the deal is. Sure, they appreciate it. But they don’t expect it.

Some good music, a couple of candles, a bed and some time with YOU is all they really want and need.

And I’ll show you how to make that happen.


Think about it. When you hit on a girl, doesn’t it seem like she uses the excuse “I have a boyfriend” more often these days?

Now you understand the reason why.

Girls want boyfriends these days, that’s all there is to it.

However, THE LAST THING you want is to be like every other schmuck out there chasing them, like a dog chasing a fire truck.

There’s a better way.

A way that requires less work, less time and creates a far better emotional, physical and sexual relationship with her.

Once you go through the course, you discover you don’t have to be the one investing all the effort. You don’t have to be the one to pursue (unless you want to).

My “Perfect Girlfriend” course is designed for you have the exact type of girlfriend you want.

Go ahead and get yours now…

“While pickup is caught in the jaws of a crocodile death roll, you have created a true breakthrough for guys.

I salute you,

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