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Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System Download

World Famous Dating Coach, Captain Jack, Refuses to Teach His ‘Sexual Framing System’ Unless The Student First Signs an Affidavit Certifying They Will NOT Use The System on Married Women

Introducing… the “Secret Sexual Underground”… Good Girls in Public, Bad Girls in Private — But ONLY For the Men Who Know How to Show They “Get It”
A Secret Sexual Underground exists and it’s right under your nose, hiding in plain sight – but, it becomes completely visible by those who know how to see it. It’s full of women who are tired of being ‘good girls’ and are tired of ‘nice guys’ — you can discover it in the video below — but, ONLY if you promise NOT to use the techniques on Married Women.

Captain Jack – New Propulsion System Download

New Propulsion System Concept Makes Starting Conversations with Women Easy, Enjoyable and Exciting!

Captain Jack's Full Power Opening CourseDo you fumble around when starting a conversation with a beautiful woman?

Do the conversations you start go nowhere instead of ending up in mutual sexual attraction?

Or, even worse, does a crazy feeling of helplessness, fear and panic grip your throat and chest like a vice at the MERE thought of starting a conversation?

Ever told yourself or been told by others that “You just need to grab your balls and man up?” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway?”

At one point in my life, I’ve suffered from all of the above problems. But, I found the solution… and, I can guarantee you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

What if there were a different way? A better way… a smooth, powerful and easy way to start those conversations and have her interested and intrigued from the first moment.

Not with magic words… but with your presence. It is possible using the concept of ‘A Mental Propulsion System.’ The basic idea is to create a strong desire to MOVE FORWARD to open as well as a strong desire to MOVE AWAY FROM anything that would subtract from starting a conversation.

Right after my divorce I found myself thrust into a strange, yet fascinating world as a single guy. I got married young and had never been out to a bar or club or around many single women at all so the whole thing was a bit overwhelming, fascinating and confusing.

Here I was both divorced AND a Father of two young daughters.

I’d try to go out and start conversations but women would ignore me. Or, I’d stand there frozen unsure of what to say or physically TERRIFIED to open. The fear was real and it felt like intense pressure on my chest, stomach and throat.

It was pure hell. My number one method of coping was to get SMASHED by drinking alcohol – LOTS of alcohol. I said it was to relax or loosen up… really it was to avoid the fear.

Many times I’d just avoid the situation altogether.

Fast forward a few years later and I was considered one of the top dating coaches on Earth. I gained the respect of my peers and many considered me the best they’d ever seen in person.

But, I didn’t care so much about the accolades… you see… I had devised a system for unleashing the pent-up sexual demand inherent in any woman I talked to and so…

I was having fun with LOADS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN,
most of them the very same night I met them!

After doing that for a few years week in and week out, I settled down for a couple years and had two back-to-back long-term relationships which were also awesome experiences.

But, when I returned to teaching one of the most consistent problems students would ask me advice for was on ‘Starting Conversations with Beautiful Women.’

Somewhere along the way I had conquered my fears and gotten incredibly smooth at the initial opening. In fact, I had gotten to the point where I could technically make a woman aware of ME before I even spoke with her using a simple body language method which set me apart from every other guy.

The most amazing thing was: Women started opening me!

So, I sat down and mapped out my entire ‘Viewpoint’ and ‘Ideal Scene’ regarding starting conversations with Beautiful Women.

Then, I created a set of Beliefs, Tools and Tactics which made opening POWERFUL – they erased the fear, made me stable and strong mentally and emotionally and actually made starting the conversations easy, thrilling and exciting — instead of a giant ball of fear and pain.

That’s all contained in three audios which cover different aspects. In the first one, I taught over 20 guys just one piece of that in a single audio called, “Power Opening”… here are just two of the comments regarding that audio.

But, that was just the first piece of the puzzle. Because there’s another tool I modeled from a very successful guy which gives anyone the ability to create a ‘Mental Propulsion System’ around any subject.

I applied it to my own desire to start conversations with beautiful women and the results staggered me. I was also able to use it to TORPEDO anything that subtracted from my desire to start conversations.

Here’s a short snippet where I discuss this tool…

“Curious thing happened to me not too long ago. I was doing the extroversion drill from the Force 21 program to lift myself out of a little bit of a mental funk I had gotten myself into. And I happened to notice 2 women, almost at the same time. They were employees there. They were working behind counters. One was a jewelry counter, earrings and so forth. And the other one was a watch counter. And they were situated where when I turned the corner, they were almost right next to each other. So I kind of noticed them at the same time. One I would have considered to be right around a 7, very cute. And one I would consider to be fairly stunning. You know, I’d say perhaps a 9. I had noticed that the 9 had a much greater physical impact on me as well as a much greater attractive force on me. And the 7 had a lesser impact, but as I began to separate what was going on I noticed that my desire to actually open, my compulsion to open, was greater towards the 7.

Now, wouldn’t it be more useful… Wouldn’t it make more sense that the compulsion or the desire to open the 9 should be greater in proportion to the difference in hotness between the 9 and the 7? It seems to me, if your desire to open would run on a scale from 1 to 10, your desire to open a 9 would be a 9 and your desire to open a 7 would be a 7, if you were keeping things simple. I can make the case that it would actually make more sense that the desire to open a 9 should be a 27 and the desire to open the 7 would be something else, like a 14.

You know, I think there actually should be a… the hotter they go, the higher the increase in the desire to open should be also, on an ever rising scale. So this was a mystery to me. Why, after all this time, all these experiences I’ve had with women all over the scale… why with the one that has the greater effect on me, from an attraction standpoint… why would I be less compelled to open her?”

Imagine having a tool that could help you make opening desirable, appealing, exciting and liberating all at once.

Then, further imagine that you could make anything that got in the WAY of starting a conversation with a woman undesirable. What you’d have is a set of forces push you in the direction of starting a conversation and another set of mental forces which pushed you AWAY FROM any negative alternatives to starting that conversation.

The result is a very powerful and compelling movement to go and start the conversation… without fear, without hesitation and without worrying about 1,001 things besides creating an AWESOME experience for you and the woman you’re about to talk to…

In just 3-4 short hours, I can help you think entirely different about the subject of Opening.

I am going to show you why all of the standard dating community theories on starting conversations are not only wrong but actually DETRIMENTAL to your results.

I am going to switch you from being Effect to being Cause.

I am going to open your eyes so that you look at the world in a completely new and different way.

You’ll see a world of almost NO rules and discover that you do not need permission, a reason or any pretext to talk to any human being on Earth.

And… the course is going to set it up so that you experience awesome, positive emotions when you see a woman you want to go talk to!

Doesn’t that make a LOT more sense than experiencing fear, hesitation, terror or the need to DRINK yourself numb?!?!

We go back to the very beginning way before the actual Opening and examine the way you are being in relation to other people and how to fix it fast so people become AWARE of your presence when you enter the room.

The result is a strong and commanding presence – or, POWER.

When I examined the subject of Opening in the dating community I saw that they had totally missed the point. Some provided nebulous ideas like, “Be confident!” or “just man up and do it!”

Others believed the answer was to memorize clever openers for every situation imaginable, the more clever the better!

I know because I TRIED it all. But, the real key to opening wasn’t in the Openers… it was in the viewpoint, the mindset and how everything was arranged so that you felt, moved and acted completely different.

If you master this way of thinking you will have no problem opening.

In fact, if this is mastered you can basically say anything and get your Openings accomplished results.

Hard to believe?

I’m sure it is right now… however, everyone I’ve taught this to has said it has not only improved their life in the area of approaching women but has also changed EVERY OTHER are of their life as well.

Because when you have this unique mindset everything you say or do is more powerful.

Your words carry more impact. In fact, students of this course noticed that people often snapped to attention the moment they walked into a room.

In addition to all of the above, you get my Ten Core Conversation Starters. These are mined from the pages of my Archives, which are a collection of my forum and blog posting articles that I used to chronicle my journey from shortly after my divorce all the way until the present day. The Archive is 658 pages long and I combed through them to find out the Ten Core Conversation Starters that gave me the most success… and by Success I mean they helped me start sexual relationships with the women I talked to.

Most of the 10 can be used anywhere on any women… some are better used at social gatherings but if you were to know and understand each one you’d NEVER be at a loss when it comes to starting a conversation with a beautiful women.

This course contains the 3 audios and a workbook. It will take you a couple hours to get through the audios and workbook. Then, it will take you another couple hours to do the exercises.

Previous students report noticing extremely positive results IMMEDIATELY upon listening to the very first audio.

But, in addition to all of that, I’m going to be holding a special call Wednesday, February 18th around 9pm CST, with no more than 100 guys. In that call, I am going to add another piece to the puzzle which I KNOW will boost your results even more. On that call, I’ll also answer any questions you guys have over any of the 3 audios and workbook.

Captain Jack – Game Dynamics Mastery Download

This 4 part teleseminar covers all of the principles of Game Dynamics… the full discovery and codification of the actual agreements that people make when creating a relationship ‘Game.’

By understanding the Game’s format, the obstacles, the Roles of the Players and the attempts to Clarify… you can get EXTREMELY good at gaining POSITIVE agreement on the Game you want to play with the women you interact with.

Knowing this you can CREATE any Game you want… from Same Night Lays, to Open Relationship all the way to Marriage!

Further, in cases where you could not reach Agreement, it allows you to diagnose what you did wrong in attempts that went nowhere or seemed to be going good but then suddenly unraveled for what seemed like ‘no reason.’ (The truth is there was Confusion on one or more of the Game Dynamics).

Game Dynamics provide THE KEY to getting incredibly good in a very short period of time. It puts the fun, excitement and adventure back into playing Dating Games.

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