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“Learn the Secrets of The Alpha Male Self-Confidence To Attract Beautiful Women, Increase Your Self-Esteem, Approach Women – And Improve Every Part of YOUR Life!”

The Secrets of the Alpha Male ebook is complete, and though I have never, ever said this about any ebook in the seduction community, it is worth the asking price. It is a combination of both PUA material and male empowerment, each element complementing the other. It addresses everything. Most authors who attempt to address the subject of Manhood do so from a philosophical high-ground using vague rhetoric, leaving the onus on the reader to figure out how to translate this mindset into everyday situations, or worse, they give you a list of common situations or ‘steps’ and preapproved responses to them, implicitly excluding all other possible eventualities that may occur in the dynamic realm of male-female social interaction.

I must admit I am biased in that I liked his tone from the start. Being of the opinion that feminism has gone too far, and that true masculinity is in jeopardy in America, his message found resonance with my own belief system. He starts by reframing, although he does it more in the straight-talk sense than the NLP, “imagine-yourself-ten-feet-tall” sense. He then sets out, methodically, to define the essence of Alpha Man dominance and translates that into just about every possible sphere of male existence with great detail, of which seduction is only a part. He discusses career, family, friends, sports hobbies, you name it, and how the alpha handles his life in these realms, giving concrete examples. The sheer depth and breadth is impressive, and he rarely resorts to empty filler.

If this book could be summarized in once sentence, it is this this:

Masculinity is power.

There is a tasteful mix of articulate intellectualism and testosterone-induced bellows of motivational speech. He draws references from management theory, martial science, marketing, martial arts, his own experience, and plain old common sense, to make his case, and his case is ironclad. It is less of a seduction tool than it is a manual by which to live your life, although it has its fair share of openers, and a handful of routines.

Cons: Plaigarism. He mentions Mystery Method concepts and absorbs material from across the span of the community without giving credit, although he never specifically states that he created them. However, this is common in the community. It is possible that he himself may not live the ideal Alpha Man lifestyle, but knows how to capture its essence, structuralize it, break it down, and market it.

Secrets of the Alpha Male CONCLUSION

This ebook deserves a place alongside Double Your Dating and the VAH Handbook, and I would go so far as to say that it is, in many repects, superior to both. It gets deep into the heart of masculinity, and I wish that my father had given me this kind of speech when I was approaching puberty. It would have cleared up a lot of things right from the start.

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