• Gary Brodsky,  Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle

    Gary Brodsky Seduction Materials Collection

    Gary Brodsky Collection Download Gary Brodsky – Charm the Pants Off Any Woman Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling books HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN and THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO PICKING-UP WOMEN has been writing about seducing, attracting, meeting and picking-up women for years. Meeting women has always been easy. We meet women every day. Everywhere we go there are women all around us. There are women at the office. There are women with us in school. We see them in bars and restaurants, in coffee shops and grocery stores. They are with us when we buy electronics, lumber, or a six pack of malt beverages.We find them at the beach, on…

  • Gary Brodsky,  Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle

    Gary Brodsky – Pimp Mindset

    Recorded live spoken by Gary Brodsky and Anthony Muraco THE PIMP MINDSET! Think about this__ any pimp can get women- all women to screw hundreds of strange men a night, then give him all the money and most guys can’t get sex from their girlfriends or wives! The secrets revealed here are incredibly powerful. Their overwhelming sexual potential and control are known in secret around the world. The secret is now out. This Audio is filled with all the greatest moves that can not possibly fail to work because they have been used as sexual mind control since the beginning of recorded history. Take a moment and just imagine how…

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