• Mark Cunningham,  Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle

    Mark Cunningham – Beyond Seduction

    Mark Cunningham – Beyond Seduction Download This is the key point that you are missing. When you understand why stupid immoral men are the optimal choice for women in feminist societies, everything else will fall into place. So here goes: The men that women seek in feminist cultures are omegas, not alphas. I have explained this many times. I also discuss the different male mating strategies in my description of co-alpha males. So let”s review the different male mating strategies and see when each strategy works best. But first, we must remember that evolution is based on survival and reproduction. The goal is to survive, reproduce, and have your offspring…

  • Mark Cunningham,  Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle

    Renegade Hypnotist’s Guide to Conditioning for Permanent Change by Mark Cunningham

    Mark Cunningham – Renegade Hypnotist’s Guide to Conditioning for Permanent Change Download “As a woman it is pretty damn HOT to surrender control!” I had promised to teach something about Awakening Within the Dream — the process of growing a life where Awake and Aware is your default state. And it got me thinking about what people really need to know in order to help them make those changes turn into attributes – just a part of who we are. So it’s time to talk about making Change so compellingly real that it’s impossible to resist – Change becomes irresistible! This seminar is about teaching you the professional’s secrets of…

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