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    43 Texts that Guarantee Sex by PUA Training

    43 Texts that Guarantee Sex was launched for the first time on Tuesday, October 8th. Richard La Ruina announced the release of this new training course on 3rd October 2013. A limited number of 1,000 copies were made available at that time. The idea behind the course is to make use of template “texts” with your phone to do most of the work for you when attracting and seducing a woman. This fits the courses subtitle “Use these proven text messages to get women into bed”. The course has been designed this way so that it requires less effort to learn it. It’s not teaching a skillset, rather it is…

  • PUA Training,  Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle

    PUA Training – High Status Seduction

    PUA Training – High Status Seduction Download This is the repackaged 2014 audio version of the program PUA Training – Lifestyle Mastery PUA Training – High Status Seduction (4 Modules) To create a celebrity lifestyle, you just have to know what kind of life you want – and understand the simple steps that go into making it happen. Now you have an opportunity to learn those very steps. Because right now you can learn all the powerful celebrity lifestyle secrets. Secrets that can take you from where you are today – and transform you into a guy that’s living “the good life”, constantly surrounded by the most beautiful women in…

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