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People Form Their First Impression Of You In 3 Seconds! Learn to Create An Irresistable Impact on Everyone You Meet!

I figured out a long time ago that Personal Magnetism was the key to a successful personal or professional life.

Those who possess this amazing quality automatically have an unfair advantage in life and can get ahead on any job or situation much easily than everyone else.

Believe it or not, the first time I realized this I was still in school.

I was a shy and introverted 13 year old boy. I was a good student and behaved well in class so teachers generally liked me.

Yet, there was another guy called Aaron. He didn’t had good grades but also didn’t had bad ones. Just enough to pass.

But he was the most social guy in school. Everyone loved him, including the teachers.

One day we were having an important exam, and during the exam, he sneakely asked me for help.

He passed me a sheet of paper for me to write the answer on and I was really nervous that I would be found out.

I noticed that on one side of the sheet of paper, he had drew the teacher as a funny cartoon with a big head (indeed she had a big head and Aaron was a very talented cartoonist for such a young age)

I didn’t care about the drawing and just wrote down the answer for him on the other side of the paper.

I passed him the sheet of paper again and that was it. He crumbled it and put it under the desk.

I was relieved that was over!

But not yet…

As an accident, the paper fell on the floor and the teacher saw it.

He tried to grab it straight away but the teacher took it away from him.

I started shaking as leaf! If the teacher saw the answer to the exam question we would both get suspended!

The teacher uncrumbled the sheet of paper and saw the drawing of him as a big head that Aaron had drew. He didn’t saw the other side of the paper.

“For crying out loud!” she said to Aaron, “instead of paying attention to the test you’re making fun of me?”

I was eagerly praying that she wouldn’t turn around the sheet of paper.

And for the first time ever I saw the age old art of Personal Magnetism or Charm at work.

Aaron, for someone who’s on the verge of being suspended either for making fun of the teacher or cheating on an important test, very calmy and relaxed, started to talk about his love for drawing and how much he loved cartoons.

He talked about how he only drew people who he really liked and respected and showed him a cartoon of himself and his parents to prove that.

The teacher slowly started to understand and also started joking with a situation. He even wanted to keep the cartoon. Which would be a big problem for us!

Very calmy he told him: “I’ll tell you what… because this sheet of paper is a bit crumbled, why don’t I draw another cartoon for you on a straight sheet of paper?”, and gently took the paper away from him!!

I almost had a heart attack… but finally it was solved!

I realized that he had such a magnetism that he could get away with everything! His voice was magnetic, his presence was magnetic, no wonder everyone loved him.

And indeed the last time I heard of him, he was one of the youngest CEOs of a big multinational company. Not bad for someone with average grades that always cheated on tests!

How many “Aarons” do you also know in your life?

Those individuals that are always liked by others and seem to get away with everything?

I knew my fair share as well. Aaron was just the first one I remembered.

At such a young age, Aaron was obviously born with it.

But this led me to think… how about the rest of us? If we weren’t born with it, are we forever doomed with none or little Personal Magnetism or Charisma?

I’m sure we could all use a bit more of this unfair advantage in getting ahead in life.

Of course not, there’s a way to develop it! As I would find out, there’s a whole set of teachings and methods designed precisely for that!

They are designed to transform every one who wants to apply them, into charismatic and magnetic individuals.

By a stroke of luck, I came across these teachings also very young. Which led me to practice, research and teach them for about 15 years!

And this training program is the culmination of all this time researching and teachings others.

You can now have access to the a Complete Training Program called “Personal Magnetism” that allows YOU to become a Magnetic Individual!

This course will have 11 distinct steps each of them developing on top of the other and giving you each time more Personal Magnetism. You’ll develop:

  • A Magnetic Voice: Your voice becomes transformed with the power of Magnetism. There’s a specific technique that not only gives you a more powerful speech but it also transforms your face into more attractive! (Step 8)
  • Own Your Space: Have you seen a magnetic person? This person owns the space around him. He is in full control of the space around him which gives him an ability to be felt by others, even when he’s not touching them or looking at them. (Step 2)
  • Develop a Powerful Movement: We all possess a body, we feel it, see it and control it. But if you look at a Magnetic individual, you’ll see him or her, move effortlessly with an impact. When he moves, people feel his power. Learn how to do the same. (Step 4)
  • Emotional Re-Education: As you live through the days and years of your life you are continually experiencing emotions of one sort of another. Life can be difficult and emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming. Learn how to handle them and always be Calm and Willfull. (Step 1)
  • Magnetic Touch: How to make every touch of yours with an impact and with a very distinct energy being transmitted. (Step 10)
  • Correct Un-Magnetic Behaviors: We all have certain characteristics in our voices, movements, touch that are un-magnetic, that repel others. Correct all of them in each course and become ever more attractive!
  • Develop a Deep Resonant Voice: There’s a specific exercise that gives you a voice that doesn’t grow tired even after a long day, and allows you make yourself heard. (Step 7)
  • Develop your magnetic gaze, voice and touch so that every part of you becomes booming with magnetism! Each time that you look, talk and touch to anyone they can feel your magnetism in them.
  • Understand the Magnetic Mind:Every magnetic individual has specific mind traits that allow him to achieve more and have more energy than everyone else around him. Develop this Magnetic Mind Trait! (Step 6)

In short: we’ll develop all of the 7 Sources of Personal Magnetism (Voice, Touch, Personal Space, Gaze, Movement, Thoughts & Feelings and Face. As you can see it’s very solid and complete course that handles the main áreas of Personal Magnetism.


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