Chris Bale – Simplistic Seduction Video Course

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Simplistic Seduction Video Course

Learn How To Seduce & Charm The Most Beautiful Women By Simply Being Yourself…

With over 30 video lessons and many added bonuses, You will learn what women actually desire and how to get consistent results with the sexiest, most beautiful women.

Tell me if you’ve experienced any of these completely frustrating problems:

  • Have you ever been unable to approach that girl you like because you have been so nervous?
  • Never knowing what to say next?
  • No idea of how to create sexual attraction?
  • Maybe you get into conversations with girls, but they just never seem to lead anywhere, even though you feel some sort of chemistry?
  • Unable to get women excited and chasing you?
  • Feel like you are not good enough or worthy of the most beautiful women?
  • Being overly nice and accommodating hoping that she will choose to sleep with you?
  • Feeling lonely/depressed, and unfulfilled as a man?

This does NOT have to continue…It CAN be fixed…

A COMPLETE Coaching Package!

I am finally sharing my secrets to rapid attraction, which has allowed me to sleep and connect with over 400 beautiful women…Information that I have kept EXCLUSIVELY for my Bootcamp students…who pay thousands of dollars to spend a few days with me, to learn the secrets I am sharing and revealing in this Full Seduction video Course – which I am making available to you for less than what I charge for 2 hours work with a student.

You GET IT ALL! The FULL Package!

Step inside and have your mind blown open, with just how easy it is to Approach a girl you like, and be sleeping with her the same night!

Stop Now Before its Too Late…

How sick and tired are YOU of going about your daily life, and watching every beautiful woman walk past, disappearing from your life forever, UNABLE to take action and approach her?

What I have realized after approaching thousands of women, and coaching hundreds of guys…What the so-called “Experts” tell you in the pick up industry is very much false.

In this full video course I share with you what REALLY works when it comes to interacting with women.

Being lonely and frustrated sucks, and trust me I know how it feels…

Chris Bale – Masculine Intent

Hey, Its Chris!

I have been involved in self development and bettering myself for the past 10 years. In that time, I have learned many things when it comes to being amazing with women, Although it was not always easy!

The way I see it, is I have made all the horrible and humiliating mistakes…so you don’t have to.

I was a virgin until 18, and after losing my virginity with one drunken sexual encounter, It took me another 12 months before I had sex for the second time. On top of my inability to attract women, I was totally insecure, lonely, depressed, suffered from many illnesses due to internal stress, and to top it off, I was afraid of girls and people in general. Social Anxiety is awful.

I eventually decided that I was not willing to live my life like this, and pushed myself to destroy my fears. I fell down…MANY times, but continued to pick myself back up and soldier on.

After Pick-up techniques led me to getting zer0 results, ruining me(they are just so fake and draining), I made the best decision of my life…I gave up, and forgot about girls.


I started to get success without trying. I broke everything down, not into structures, but instead into principles, which allowed me to seduce and charm the most beautiful women with ease, anywhere, at any time. Shit, I even did it infront of a girls boyfriend.

I am so proud of what I have to offer you! Stop being miserable! You do not have to be.

After coaching hundreds of guys, I have fine tuned my own game, and now I offer it to you.

You will be able to be yourself, while having an incredibly seductive effect over the women you meet.

Suddenly talking to women will become fun…not stressful. I look forward to guiding you to success…

What’s Waiting Inside For YOU When You Crack Into “Simplistic Seduction”…

The Simplistic Seduction Video Course boasts 7 Modules of in-depth learning of my most valuable secrets, with over 30 videos, including many other bonuses.

Each module brings you through each stage of the seductive process, from approaching her, dealing with anxiety, to innocent conversation which will turn her on rapidly, right down to the phone number, date and sex.

After each module you will have practical missions and exercises to do, which will REALLY get you results QUICKLY

I am teaching you ONLY the things you need to know, letting everything else fall by the wayside. Simplifying everything.

MODULE 1: THE MAN &THE MINDSET – Videos Entitled:

  • Who you are and what you stand for – Defining
  • Finding what you have to offer women
  • Connecting to your Sexual Core – Projecting it

MODULE 2: OPENING – Videos Entitled:

  • Approach Anxiety
  • Effortless Approaching – Setting Your Intentions
  • Understanding What An Opener REALLY Is
  • How To Stop Her Every Time – Delivery
  • Complimenting vs Being Observational


  • The Seductiveness Of Curiosity
  • How to REALLY connect & Speak To A Woman To Get Her Wanting YOU
  • Being Playful, Flirty, And Light – Innuendos To Charm
  • How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

MODULE 4: SEXUAL TENSION – Videos Entitled:

  • What Is Sexual Tension
  • How You Are KILLING The Sexual Tension – Getting In Your Own Way
  • The Power Of Your Arousal – Turning Her On
  • Eye Contact – How, Why, When, & Where
  • Speaking With A Seductive Voice


  • Importance Of The Number vs Reality – The Right Intentions
  • How To Avoid Flakes / How To Get Number
  • Secure The Date – Call Or Text?
  • How Much Texting Before

MODULE 6: THE DATE – Videos Entitled:

  • Date Ideas
  • Planning And Logistics For Success
  • Sexual Escalation – Touch – When, Where, How
  • Talking Her Home – Coaching Her Through Sexual Resistance

MODULE 7: SEX – Videos Entitled:

  • From Her Point Of View – Complimenting & Insecurities
  • The Sexual Process – Techniques & Creating The Ideal Space
  • Dealing With Premature Ejaculation

And That’s Not All…You Also Get These EXTRA BONUSES For FREE

The first Bonus is my 1st Book “The Gentlemens Guide To Effortless Seduction”, which has gone on to help thousands of men reach their seductive potential. It is jam packed full of the simplistic essentials and serves as a great read alongside this video course. You also get all the bonus material included in the Effortless Guide product, which includes a extra book documenting stories from my journey to becoming a fully fledged ladies man, along with extra bonus podcast videos. Usually Priced at $47 – You are getting this ABSOLUTELY FREE
Bonus #1 – Gentlemen’s Guide To Effortless Seduction, Gentlemen’s Guide To Effortless Seduction

In this second bonus, I break down the easiest and most effective way to engage in threesomes with the women of your choice. This is coming from a mutual respect and love for experimentation.
Bonus #2, Threesomes

Most guys realize that once they start to get the girl, it becomes easy. The problem quickly arises that he finds it difficult to keep the girl he likes. Keeping a woman fulfilled and interested on a long term basis can be extremely tricky. I break it down infront of a camera so you can understand the principles of keeping her satisfied in all areas.
Bonus #3, Keeping Her Yours

If I am known for anything, it is my ability to inspire the women I meet to sleep with me on the first meeting. This is not done through something silly such as manipulation, but instead via a deep understanding of who you are, your mindsets, and how she is relating to the dynamic of rapid sex. I give you everything you need in order to manifest this in your own life. Its beautiful.
Bonus # 4, Same Night Sex

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If You Want to Meet Women Easily, Overcome Hesitation in Social Situations, and Be the Guy Every Girl Wants to Date… Then You Need “Simplistic Seduction”

Look, I know it might seem difficult to believe that you can approach women confidently and skyrocket your dating life… particularly if you’ve been the one in the corner watching the other guys get all the attractive girls…

I have went from the shy, awkward, insecure boy, to the strong, seductive and sexually magnetizing man, who knows how to give women what they truly desire…and here’s the secret…ITS EFFORTLESS
On my journey, I have made every single mistake you could think of. I have experienced the most humiliating, and embarrassing of rejections, which got me FINALLY to a place of consistent natural, and EFFORTLESS success with women.

We are animals, just with a logical brain, and as humans we have been courting, seducing, and reproducing for thousands and thousands of years… before any dating material came along. Thanks to society, it has confused men as to what role they take, and after watching rom com after rom com, men assume the best guy to be is the one suffering from Hugh Grant syndrome.

You see, as men, we already have the natural ability to trigger instant attraction within the female. If not, the world would perish pretty quickly. The PROBLEM that YOU have, is you are getting in YOUR OWN WAY. Doing TOO MUCH!

That’s right, I said it. Do LESS. It is a seductive principle, which I will guide you through STEP by STEP.

Dating companies and instructors teach men structures and openers etc, which simply states that you are not enough, and every time you practice their new pick up technique or opener, you are reinforcing this within the mind, and body, breaking down your own self esteem like a sniper. THIS is why I have so many clients, because of material out there, creating problems, where there was none before.

How is “Simplistic Seduction” Different than Anything Else You’ve Ever Tried?

  • No matter what dating advice you’ve followed before… or how many times you’ve “struck out” when flirting with women… this training provides techniques that you can use to almost instantly transform your dating life. It’s not just for the football captains, or wealthy CEOs, or floppy-haired singer/songwriters. “Simplistic Seduction” was designed for YOU!
  • It isn’t about manipulating girls with flimsy pick-up lines or other ridiculous techniques. You’ll learn the proven skills for authentically connecting and seducing women… even if you’ve never successfully dated before!
  • You’ll get the TOTAL PACKAGE! Many men don’t understand that body language and timing are just as important as saying the right things. When you understand every aspect of seduction, meeting women and getting dates can be easier than you’d ever imagined!

Your Instructor

Chris Bale

Chris Bale

Chris Bale is the Founder and Head Coach at Masculine Intent. His purpose is bringing realness to 21st century masculinity and sexuality, by cutting through the social conditioning, and how it has caused a profound disconnect in men from their masculine energy and purpose. We are a species of man-boys. Masculinity has become strangled.

‘Many men are sitting in huge amounts of fear, pain, and confusion around their own sexuality. This has a devastating effect on not only the man, but also on the women he chooses to engage with.

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specialises in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as a Tantric energy-work practitioner, for both men AND women – reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; “otherwise you are simply polishing a turd”.

Chris does not beat around the bush with anything in life, bringing his own brand of raw and loving honesty to his clients. He says “you are not bad with women, you are bad with yourself”. He has given his time, guidance, and solid support to hundreds of men, and also women. He works passionately with his students to open them up to the reality they have always dreamed of.

There are few men who move with presence, awareness, decisiveness, self-trust, and their innate sexual charisma in check. Rooted in honesty, rather than manipulation.

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