Cougar Method: How To Seduce Older Women

Cougar Method – Ken Paxlon PDF Download

A fairly short e-book (.pdf) containing a guide on how to attract older women for sexual relations.

“Cougar Method: How To Seduce Older Women” is for men who are interested in dating older women, called Cougars. Ken Paxlon introduces his methods for attracting and dating these type of women.

The book is geared towards men whose idea of a “10” is not limited by dating younger women and how dating older women leads to having regular enjoyable sex.

There are key things in the book a guy needs to say to get a cougar into bed, and what not to say that could destroy the chances of going home with a cougar.

The content covers:

– Basic Cougar principles
– Meeting Cougars in bars and online
– Taking a Cougar on a date and making the right moves
– Relationship management

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Basic Cougar Principles:

– The places cougars show up and the places they avoid
– The unfair advantages you have over men her age
– Cougar touching techniques
– Dealing with pop culture differences
– Two karaoke songs to sing that bring out horny cougars
– Opening lines to get a cougar’s attention
– Pro’s and con’s of going home with a horny married cougar
– Quickly setting the sexual vibe
– Convincing a cougar’s friends that she should go home with you
– Fastest way to get a cougar to chat with, without her friends being there
– The difference in having conversation with older women compared to younger women
– 5 words to convince a woman to go home with you
– When to end the small talk and tell a cougar that it’s time for sex
– What to do while a cougar debates with her friends whether or not to go home with you
– How to respond to, “How old are you?” or “You’re too young for me” or “I’m too old for you”
– Knowing when it is better get a number and see her later
– Closing the deal in the “cougar’s den”

Meeting Cougars Online:

– What age range goes in your profile
– Tailoring a profile to be “cougar bait”
– Attracting a shy cougar
– Why sending emails is the bad idea if you want to connect
– Choose the best profile photos
– Sites to avoid if you want to meet and seduce cougars
– Sizing up the cougar potential of an online dating site
– Instant message, email, and phone conversation examples
– Identify if a woman is interested in meeting or just looking online
– How to turn a rejection into a sex date invitation
– Go from messaging, phone conversation, to a date the next day

Taking Cougars On a Date and Making Moves:

– The proper way to ask a cougar on a date
– How to respond to a hesitate cougar
– “Planting the seed” so a cougar urgently wants a date
– A hesitation revenge technique to reverse a cancellation
– How to get a cougar over to your place every time
– Using a bar or coffee shop to make sex happen up to five times faster
– The right and wrong ways to touch a woman on a first date
– Why a $5 date makes it more likely that you will have sex the same night
– Kissing in public is better than kissing at home
– 8 touching examples so she wants to take her clothes off
– Getting a cougar into your space and getting to the point
– An clear path from the couch to the bedroom
– There is a time to be all over a woman and a time to give her space
– Plan a date on the first phone call and create excitement in a woman

Relationship Management:

– The ability to juggle multiple cougars while avoiding sabotage and jealous women
– Maintaining your once a week “booty call” for the long-term
– Rules to keep a cougar from expecting or demanding a relationship
– How to switch gears on a woman if she tries turning you into a “boyfriend”
– The waiting time between sex to prevent a woman from getting too attached
– How to handle dates outside the bedroom requests

What You Get:

Downloadable PDF

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