Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble – What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew

Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble – What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download

Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble - What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download
Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble – What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download

The ULTIMATE Style Guide For Men  Be the VERY best you can be
Maximize your impact
Make a statement with your style
Establish a positive impression the moment you step into a room
Have women want to talk you
Generate admiring looks from people without saying a single word
Know exactly how to utilize all your assets.
Eliminate the chances of getting instant rejections
Increase women’s curiosity
Maximize your style to the most powerful level possible
Discover the ‘inside’ secrets of the most stylish men in the world.
Obtain the insights of what women find sexy and attractive
Realize what turns women off in regards to style
Have the ability to your style yourself in a way that remains congruent with your personality and lifestyle


First impressions count for a lot. The way a man carries himself, the way he walks, and the way he chooses to present himself to the world will determine what kind of impact he makes on people. ESPECIALLY with women.

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever found yourself walking over to a beautiful woman, and before you have even said a single word to her, she’s already turned her back to you, or has already displayed those dreaded signs that make it clear that she has ZERO desire to talk to you or be approached by you.


I have helped over 7000 men achieve powerful results with women, and have shown them the many skills, insights and techniques that ultimately accelerate their success rate to a whole new level.

Therefore, to say I am an expert in this field is an understatement!

I can tell you EXACTLY why you might be making a negative FIRST impression on a woman, and I can show you EXACTLY how to turn it into a positive one .

CAUSES OF INSTANT REJECTIONThere are three FUNDAMENTAL reason for why women instantly reject men and one of them is his appearance.

This does NOT mean, women are instantly rejecting you because you are overweight, or because you’re too short or too tall or thin or too scrawny. You see, when I use the word ‘appearance’ I am referring to the way a man presents himself to the rest of the world through his choice of clothes, his personal hygiene, and general style.


If you had a company or ran service (maybe you do) then ultimately your intention would be to attract as many customers as possible. Would it make sense for you to attract them with a sloppy and badly designed website? Or a scruffy and uninviting shop window? Or by handing them a cheaply designed business card riddled with spelling mistakes? The answer is obviously: ‘Of course not! ’

Despite how amazing your product or service actually is, you would not tarnish it’s value or sabotage your reputation with poor and lazy branding or marketing.

It would be illogical!

So why would you ever insist on using the same illogical tactics with your appearance?

THE BEST YOU CAN BE We do NOT believe that you should represent an image of yourself that is incongruent with your character. For example: Why would we ever encourage you to wear a sharp suit if you consider yourself to be a more artistic and/or relaxed person? Why would we tell you to dress in a way that does not reflect your age or personality? That would be misleading!

Myself and my fashion and men’s style expert Daniel Johnson, believe in conveying your strengths and unique character in the most appealing and attractive way possible.






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