Darby Jones – Mandarin Optional

Darby Jones – Mandarin Optional PDF Download

Described by many of its early fans as ‘The Game’ set in the Far East, ‘Mandarin Optional’ is the first in a series of novels following the amorous adventures of two intrepid travellers that explore the hidden delights of Asia.

This first installment takes place in Bangkok where the female quarries are not sexy go-go girls and sultry Thai beauties but visiting Chinese tourists, who are now flocking to the Thai capital in their thousands looking for fun, frolics and romance. In a style that is part-field report, part-travelogue and part-instruction manual, ‘Mandarin Optional’ reveals the secrets of two self-confessed playboys as they gorge themselves to excess in a frenzy of Asian females.

This is an immensely enjoyable read, hilarious in parts and instantly recognisable to anybody already familiar with Thailand and Thai culture. It is a godsend for any man planning to visit the Land of Smiles as the Thai Kingdom is also known. There is even a detailed glossary of terms, explaining all the Thai and Chinese phrases, and even some of the more obscure Britishisms that might puzzle international readers. What Neil Strauss did for the American AFC, Darby Jones is now doing for adventurous expats based in the Far East, whose tastes are distinctly of the Asian persuasion.



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