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David Shade – Advanced Sexual Hypnosis

This program is for men who are serious about their desire to give women pleasure beyond their wildest dreams through sexual hypnosis. It is based on a 3-part erotic equation:

Module #1: For Men Who Are Chronic ‘Nice Guys’
– Get past the fears you will “offend” women by being sexual and talking dirty
– Undo bad social programming
– What to do and say

Module 1 bonuses include:
– Carlos Xuma interview: How to be an alpha man in your everyday life
– Meriana Dinkova interview: Why women want their man to see her sexuality

Module #2: How to give women wild screaming orgasms – clitoral orgasms to very advanced orgasms.

Module 2 bonuses include:
– The Wild Screaming Teleseminar with Miami Mark
– The Sexy Dirty Talk Teleseminar with Ruthless Bob

Module #3: Discover the secrets of sexual dominance and erotic influence women.
– Masculinity and dominance
– Female submission and sexual responsiveness
– Bedroom leadership
– Command and control
– Female fantasies
– Enhanced relationships

Module 3 bonuses include:
– Interview: It’s Only Kinky The First Time, featuring Mark Cunningham
– Interview: Mindset of a Bedroom Leader, featuring Daniel Rose

David Shade – Bring Out Her Inner Slut


This system is designed to show men how to lead a woman to open up sexually and “bring out her inner slut”. It is designed to teach men and women how to enjoy mutual sexual fantasies together, especially the kinky side.

It shows how fantasies can become real in the context of a relationship. The system includes a manual that explains what women want from a man sexually and a breakdown of their hidden sexual desires. It also includes a video seminar, audio, and transcripts of David Shade explaining the system.

David Shade – Erotic Hypnosis

The multimedia course is a video program that was recorded live during the 2-day Erotic Hypnosis Seminar presented David Shade and Mark Cunningham in Las Vegas October 2010.

Combining the art of seduction and hypnosis, the program teaches you how to use the mind to experience more pleasure and enjoyable sex together.

Bonus items include:

– How to Hypnotize Humans
– Conditioning with Pleasure
– Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets
– How Hypnosis Can Make Sex Better
– Trouble Shooting Teleseminar

David Shade – Give woman hot phone sex

A step-by-step guide to becoming a master of dirty talk, naughty narration, and the forbidden erotic fantasies women desperately crave by simply using your voice and the phone

David Shade – Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms
David Shade – Masterful-Lover

Women can only get all the things they really want when men know these truths, but women cannot speak these truths because that would violate all the rules. Society covers up these truths to maintain order, but it leaves women unfulfilled and men confused. Men are further frustrated by the seemingly contradictory logic of women. She wants a ‘nice guy’ yet she is addicted to a self-absorbed jerk. Has a woman ever cried on your shoulder because the bad boy that she is so in love with is inconsiderate, while you are a respectful ‘good guy’? What is this power that bad boys have? They operate outside of social norms, and thus know the secrets. After many years in development, the book that needed to be written reveals the truths hidden behind social programming and explains the female mind with perfect clarity. A good guy, equipped with these truths, is far more powerful than any bad boy could ever comprehend. Like wearing X-ray vision glasses, the truth breaks the restraints of misconceptions and kicks butt into an enlightened future of personal empowerment. Discovered: What women want. Freud never could figure it out, but David Shade did. Explained: Why nice girls have the rape fantasy. The secrets make perfect sense of it. Exposed: Why women go outside of their marriage. There are four things that a woman must have, and she will risk her own marriage to get them. Revealed: How to bring out her primal carnal ruthlessly expressive natural sexual creature. Every woman has an inner animal waiting and wanting to be unleashed. David Shade is the renegade sex expert who had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find the things that really work, and work very powerfully. If you are a man who respects women and has the brass balls to handle the truth and a sense of responsibility enough to be entrusted with the power, you are the man who can make a woman wildly happy. Things will never look the same again. Women want you to know the truth, but for them to tell you the truth would violate all the rules. That’s why it’s called… Secrets. Women are glad to see someone else explain it. Women are happy to endorse this. Then they get exactly what they really want. Discover what those rules are, why they cannot violate those rules, why they want men to know the truth, and what it is that women truly want.

David Shade – Select Women Wisely FULL COURSE

This system is designed to teach you what to look for in a woman that tells you she’s worth spending time with, or whether to leave her alone, or start a relationship with her.

Bonus items include:

– How To Use Handwriting Analysis To Choose Your Lover Wisely DVD – Personality Secrets In Handwriting DVD

David Shade – Sexual Power and Influence

Learn how to develop the ‘raw masculine sexual power’ by knowing what women really want. You will need to know the basics of Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms before using the techniques in this product.

David Shade – VIP Inner Circle 2008
David Shade – VIP Inner Circle Jan 2009
David Shade – VIP Inner Circle Sept 2009
David Shade – Bring Out Her Inner Slut
David Shade – David Shade’s Manual
David Shade – foundations (compact edition)
David Shade – Manual[compact edition]
David Shade – Select Women Wisely
David Shade – The Deep Spot
David Shade – The Secrets Of Female Sexuality
David Shade – Warming Her To Anal Sex
David Shade – What you ALWAYS wanted to KNOW



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