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Strippers depend on customers to pay their rent and cover their bills…but they would never give these guys the time of the day if they saw them outside of the club.

Now imagine yourself walking into the strip club with bulletproof confidence…and using super-clever techniques and strategies to make the hottest dancers feel genuine curiosity and attraction towards you.

You don’t waste money on lap dances. When she tries to use her “sales routine” on you, you deflect it with a playful comment, and have her sit down with you and get real.

You get her smiling, giggling, telling you secrets about herself that no other customer knows…and you make her “tingle” with that funny feeling called ATTRACTION

And after her shift ends, you meet with her outside of the club, hang out for a little while, and bring her back to your place for as much mind-blowing sex as you can handle.

(Trust me, these girls are sex machines that will keep you up all night!)

I used to think that only rich jerks or “bad boys” could get these types of women.

Then I learned the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction and starting picking up hot strippers every time I was in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, or any “small towns” that have strip clubs (the girls in those places can be so easy when you use the right tactics)…

I was also banging for free whenever I traveled overseas to Europe, Asia or South America.

I’ve been enjoying the sex life of a rock star on tour…and I used to be the last guy you could ever imagine living this type of lifestyle.

The funny thing is, I used to be a regular guy who struggled to talk to girls.

After my girlfriend dumped me (and ran off with my ex-best friend), I tried going out to meet girls at the bars…but I was usually too nervous to approach women, and if I did, it usually felt like slow-motion humiliation because I had no idea what to say next…

So, I started spending a lot of time at the strip clubs in my city. At least there, the girls were easy to talk to. (As long as I was spending money to buy dances, of course.)

I would have given anything to know how to get one of these hotties into my bed, but at the time it seemed like an impossible fantasy.

Then one night…while I was hanging out at one of the clubs in Las Vegas…I witnessed something that completely blew my mind.

Sitting in the booth next to me was an average-looking guy (kind of ugly, actually). His hair was thinning and he had a gut. He didn’t look like he had much money — he was wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

He was sitting there alone, sipping a beer, and then he waved over two of the hottest strippers in the club. (One of the girls was Asian, and the other was a beautiful blonde bombshell with the most perfect tits money can buy…)

The blonde walked up to him and tried to get him to buy a lapdance. He gave her a funny look, made a hand gesture, and said something (I couldn’t hear what he said, because of the loud music)…and for a second, the strippers looked confused and a little bit offended. (Like, “who does THIS guy think he is?”)

But then he said something else (which was really damn funny), and the craziest thing happened…the two hot strippers sat down on either side of him, and relaxed with him, and he put his arms around them and started chatting…

I was extremely curious…so I leaned in closer to hear what he was saying…

He was saying weird, cocky stuff to “tease” them and mess with them…then he asked them a strange, shocking question that made the girls look at each other, laugh, and blush…

I could tell by the body language of the girls that this guy was breaking them out of “hustler mode” and making them “get real” with him.

This short, regular-looking dude CAPTIVATED their attention, and was totally in control of the situation.

As I sat there watching in awe, the blonde stripper started making out with him! Then he gently pushed her away, and kept talking, and the two hot strippers were hanging on his every word…and he smoothly slipped his cell phone out of his pocket and got both of their phone numbers.

(I’ll never forget the funny, clever line he used to get their digits…)

And then? He made a “parting comment” that was showed total rock star confidence, and then he got up and LEFT the club.

It was pretty darn impressive — but I didn’t think he had any chance of actually banging those two tunners…

Well, here comes the part that nearly knocked me off my barstool.

A few nights later I was at my local bar, having a beer, and guess who walked in.

It was him. And he was with the super-hot stripper blonde! She was hanging all over him…

When she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, I said to him, “Hey man, I saw you at the strip club talking to that girl…and now you’re with her? Your next beer is on me, I just want to know your secret!

He smiled and said “bro, it’s no big deal. You just need to know how to play the game.”

He told me the night I saw him at the club, he wound up fucking BOTH of the girls he’d been talking to!

After their shift, they met him for drinks and he took them back to his place for a wild “threesome”…and he didn’t spend a friggin’ dime!

We became friends and he explained his “blueprint” for seducing strippers. It was weird, funny, shocking and totally freakin’ brilliant.

I shared this info with some friends of mine, and from then on, we’d hit the strip clubs and try out these methods. They worked!

I met a smoking-hot dancer the first time I used his tips (and had practically dry-humping me in the club, without me having to buy a dance)…and the next day she drove over to my apartment and rocked my world. (I could barely keep up — this chick was a sexual dynamo!)

And so, me and my pickup artist buddies started hitting the hot spots every night and tweaking these methods. We identified the different types of strippers, that work the different shifts, and how to modify the methods to guarantee success.

By spending a lot of time in the strip clubs, I started meeting other guys who had figured out the “strip club game” and were screwing numerous hot strippers.

One of these stripper pickup artists told me, “why should I waste my time at the ‘regular’ clubs talking to chicks with stuck-up attitudes, when I can walk into a gentlemans club… hang out with the hottest strippers…and I KNOW they’ve got rockin’ bodies and are going to be great in bed, because I can see them in their G-strings and watch the way they move?

With a stripper, you know the deal — and she knows the deal. It’s just a matter of you taking charge and reeling her in.”

For me, the next three years were a crash-course education in Strip Club Seduction. I learned mind-blowing tactics from guys who literally bang hot dancers every weekend.

I even studied the techniques of one “stripper seducer” who’s fucked “perfect 10s” in the VIP room — while the girls were on duty! (Crazy TRUE story…it’s in the book!)

I came to realize that strip clubs are actually incredible places to meet cool, beautiful and sexually liberated women.

Think about it. There’s no need to nervously approach them and try to “break the ice,” because their job is to approach YOU and start flirting!

Sure, she’s going to think of you as a customer at first. She’ll try to run her “sales routine” on you, to warm you up to buy lapdances…

But when you learn the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction, you are the one controlling the game. You know how to get her out of “work mode” and break through her facade, using cocky, playful techniques to “tease” her and make her view you as different from all the other guys …

… then, you’ll use special Tactics to make her feel comfort and sexual attraction with you. Getting her phone number and seeing her tomorrow, or even after her shift, is SO fun and easy … it feels “automatic,” like you’re playing an easy level on a video game that you’ve already mastered.

I don’t know how much longer I can offer this program, because I’ve already been contacted by a powerful Las Vegas strip club boss (this guy makes Tony Soprano look like a pussy)

And as I’m sure you can imagine, he’s not too pleased that I’m spilling the beans about how to seduce “his girls”…

Because every time you visit a strip club and use these methods…and charm the girls and bang them silly without paying one red cent…it’s like you’re snatching money out of the club’s cash register.

So I urge you to grab this $1 offer now — before it’s gone forever. Secrets of Strip Club Seduction was developed by picking up the hottest strippers in gentlemans clubs around the world – throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, and beyond…

No matter where you live, what you look like, or what you do for a living, you’re about to learn rock-solid principles and laser-sharp techniques that YOU can use to connect with the hottest strippers on a new, sexual level.

For me, sometimes it wound up being a night of wild, steamy casual sex. Other times, I would meet a hot dancer who became my girlfriend for a while.

I once had one of the hottest strippers in Las Vegas living with me. She would work a shift on Saturday night and come home with $2,000, easy!

Celebrities and multi-millionaires would personally request dances from her. But at the end of the night, who was she going home to, and making passionate love to? Me.

(I’m not trying to brag — I just want you to know, this stuff works. If I could master these skills and learn how to dominate the strip club game, you can, too.)

My stripper ex-girlfriend gave me priceless information about the psychology of hot dancers and what really goes down in the locker room, where the girls share info and gossip about the customers (as well as the guys they’d like to f**k…)

Hanging out with her and her hot stripper friends gave me a TON of insight into how they think…their sexual wants and needs…their hidden insecurities…and how ANY guy can score one of these stunners, if he knows how how to connect with her on the right wavelength.

Every single tactic, technique & “bulletproof” strategy for seducing strippers is in this book

“Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction” Reveals:

Behind-the-scenes “insider secrets” on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit — and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.

Why strip clubs can actually be better than bars and nightclubs when it comes to picking up hot single women.

A secret Internet forum you don’t know about where real-life strippers post thousands of messages about their jobs, their customers, their problems, and their biggest turn-offs … and turn ons

How to handle the crucial first three minutes of the interaction/conversation.

How to build connections with gentlemans club employees (other than the dancers), so that whenever you visit the club, you have massive social status.

The one word you must NEVER say when talking to a hot stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl’s interest!)

The right way to respond when she asks you, “do you want a dance?” (Hint: it’s not “yes,” and it’s not “no.” I’ll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)

How take her mind off of her job, and get her completely focused on you.

Closely-guarded secrets for controlling the conversation with strippers, so that you never play her game, and bring her into YOUR reality instead.

The five secret methods for “teasing” strippers and making them want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around.

How to identify the phony “signals of interest” that strippers use to manipulate men… and how to know when her interest in you is REAL (it will be, if you use the tips in this guide!)

The intimate details you must get a hot dancer to reveal, if you want her to feel a sexual connection with you.

How to use subconscious phrases to get her in a sexual, spontaneous, “loose” frame of mind — so that she’s up for anything later tonight.

Powerful “deal closers”: my favorite techniques for getting her phone number every time without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift…without spending money.

How to guarantee that she meets you after her shift. (Without using this tactic, there is a 90% chance she will flake out on you — you need to know how to lock down your plans with her and make her eager to be there…)

The unknown reality about the type of guy strippers are really looking to date (trust me, it has nothing to do with looks or money).

Insights from real-life stripper friends of mine, about how they approach their job and the qualities they go for in men. (Their answers are going to shock you — and all of these girls have dated regular customers before!)

How to immediately identify the different types of strippers (Including the “Pro,” the “Semi-Pro,” and the “Rookie” and others) and use laser-sharp tactics to penetrate their barriers.

Where strippers hang out when they’re not working, and how to use power techniques to pick them up in these other environments.

How to manage relationships with the strippers you date, and stay in control at all times.

You’ll also learn the step-by-step guide to pulling off threesomes. Bring two girls home, and have them going wild on each other…and on you.

And much, much more…

If you’re ready to start hooking up with the sexiest dancers at your local clubs… or when you visit other cities, or when you attend your next bachelor party… you cannot lose with this explosive “underground” manual.

Plus, if you act now, we’re going to give you SIX high-powered bonus products absolutely free of charge.

NOTE: We chose to include these bonuses because they are essential in your mission to seduce & date hot strippers, and because we want to give you the best value possible.

BONUS #1: “The Gambler Method: The U.K.’s #1 Pickup Artist and Founder Of PUA Training, “Gambler,” Reveals The Secrets Of International Stripper Game”

In this explosive new addition to the program, I sit down with one of the world’s most notorious pickup artists, “Gambler,” to exchange our personal “secret weapons” for getting hot strippers.

Gambler is the founder of PUA Training, one of the top international seminar companies for guys who want to master the seduction game. He also happens to love banging gorgeous strippers, whether he’s at home in London or tearing up the clubs in New York and Las Vegas.

In this never-before-heard “master class” interview, you’ll learn…

The secrets of “sexual re-framing” — critical for getting strippers (and other super hot women) to feel irresistibly attracted to you.

How to effectively control your conversations with strippers, so that you always know exactly what to say next.

How to get her to come home with you tonight …and if that’s not possible, how to set up a “next meet” that gives you the highest probability of getting laid.

The secret underground tactics that Gambler used to go “four-for-four” recently: four visits to different strip clubs, and sex with four strippers.

And that’s just “the tip of the iceberg.” This interview contains 60 full, uncensored minutes of lethally powerful information on mastering your strip club game. And just wait until you see the next free bonus…

BONUS #2: “Strip Club Game: Insider Secrets”

In this top secret video module, I go one-on-one with the infamous pickup artist Adonis. Most people don’t know that Adonis used to manage some of the hottest strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Yes, in this never-before-seen module, an actual Las Vegas strip club boss “pulls back the curtain” and reveals the insider secrets of how these clubs operate, how strippers think, and how they can be effectively seduced! In this exclusive session you will learn:

How to re-calibrate your confidence and attitude to make a powerful, attractive impression every time you walk into the strip club.

The funny (but totally effective) technique Dean Cortez uses to show a stripper dominant, “Alpha” behavior early in the conversation. (This really starts the interaction on the right track, and this routine is so cool you’ll want to use it tonight…)

Adonis reveals how to “flip the script” so that strippers never view you as a customer…but rather, as a guy they want to have fun with and screw silly…

The 3 Deadly Tactics you must master in order to “pull” strippers every time

BONUS #3: “Secrets of Sexual Mastery”

Yes, Secrets of Strip Seduction is going to help you attract the hottest strippers and get them into bed. But once you’ve got one of these girls ready for sex, it is absolutely essential that you know how to rock her world in the bedroom and guarantee that she comes back for more.

That’s why we turned to the master. The Secrets of Sexual Mastery audio coaching module, which is jam-packed with more than an hour of information, features an exclusive one-on-one “mastermind session” with Nico Simon Princely, the author and “sexpert” who has helped thousands of men worldwide to become better lovers.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Princely opens up and shares dozens of hard-core insights and techniques, including:

The number-one myth that is holding men back from getting more great sex — and how to conquer it

The masculine qualities that women are subconsciously searching for (you’ve already got these qualities …now you’ll know how to unleash them!)

The “weird” evolutionary reasons why women crave sex with Alpha Males — and how you can use your own “inner Alpha qualities” to get beautiful women sexually addicted to you!

The wild true story of how Nico, years ago, got his first stripper into bed … and the one critical mistake he made to screw it up! (Most guys make this same exact mistake, but after learning this lesson you’ll never “blow your chance” again…)

The #1 secret to having sexual power and unstoppable stamina at any age (you’ll be a sexual powerhouse once you master this technique)

Porn star sex tactics for giving women brain-melting multiple orgasms

Nico’s three indispensable rules for being the lover no woman will ever forget

BONUS #4: “Great Lover 101”

You’ll also receive the best-selling ebook Great Lover 101. Chapters include “What Women Wish You Knew”…”Inside the Mindset of a Great Lover”…”The Ten Great Lover Commandments”…and tips on turbo-charging your sexual performance through the use of exercises, herbal supplements, and knowing how to give women unforgettable, earth-shaking orgasms every time. This information is designed to give you amazing stamina and expert sexual technique!

Plus, I’m also going to give to give you an additional one-hour mp3 audio program featuring world-famous dating coach Carlos Xuma. Carlos is without question the #1 authority on how to transform yourself into a supremely confident, focused, sexually attractive Alpha Male.

BONUS #5: “How To Attract Younger Women”

This interview took forever to line up. (Carlos Xuma doesn’t grant many interviews…he’s busy appearing at seminars around the world and charges clients over $1,500 per day for one-on-one coaching.)

But I was finally able to sit down with Carlos and pump him for information on a very important topic, one that has never been covered before in this much depth: How To Attract Younger Women.

This interview covers a whole other aspect of the seduction game. Because let’s face it, most guys prefer women who are younger them themselves.

The problem is, they don’t know the right way to relate to these women and trigger their “attraction switches”…which murders their chances of hooking up.

(By the way, these “younger women” tactics totally apply to strip clubs, where the hottest girls will often be younger than you…)

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, if you want to hook up with younger women — including young, hard-bodied exotic dancers — this bonus module is going to SMASH your limiting beliefs and give you the blueprint for success.

Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to this one several times to soak up the incredible amount of information that Carlos delivers. He digs deep into his own experience to present dozens of tips and techniques, including:

The essential “Inner Game transformation” and mental adjustments you must make in order for younger women to feel a connection with you

How to “turn the tables” and make beautiful younger eager to impress YOU, instead of you trying to impress them

The secret to making younger women view you as a PRIZE, and how to frame yourself as a man of high VALUE (this has nothing to do with your net worth; it’s about communicating your passions, ambitions, and life experience.)

The environments (aside from strip clubs) that are optimal to meet single women and get lots of phone numbers and dates

Fashion, style and grooming tips that are guaranteed to make an awesome first impression

Simple but super-effective approach and conversation techniques that will feel completely natural to her – while YOU are executing a specific action plan

The mental attitude and perspective you must possess to remain sexually attractive to all women, regardless of your age…or theirs

How to pull off the perfect first date with a younger woman – and dazzle her while keeping your spending to a minimum. (Forget about buying gifts and taking her to a fancy restaurant! I’m going to show you a much easier, more effective method).

The critical mistake most men make when trying to flirt with younger women. (I bet you’ve been making this mistake, too — but you aren’t even realizing it.)

How to handle your relationships with younger women, and how to manage their emotional state

And just wait until you dig into this next juicy bonus…

BONUS #6: “The Art of Attraction” book

Your next bonus product is The Art of Attraction by Carlos Xuma. In this indispensable book, Xuma covers a wide range of topics relating to getting the women you want. You’ll learn how to generate interest and attraction with the women you meet. How to feel IN CONTROL of conversations instead of being nervous. How to date multiple women and manage your relationships, while staying in control of your feelings.

You’ll also get techniques for meeting girls in bars and nightclubs, as well as some high-powered tips for Closing the Deal.

BONUS #7: “The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

And you’ll even receive a free copy of The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Inside, you’ll discover dozens of questions submitted by our readers about their specific challenges with women and dating. Then, you’ll get the answers given by some of the world’s top seduction experts.

How to break out of the “friend zone” with a girl and turn her into your girlfriend…how to seduce extremely hot (or “high status”) women…how to amp up your confidenceadvanced conversation and flirting tips so that you always know the right thing to say next…

Every page of this manual is loaded with valuable information and it’s all based on questions about real-life situations you’ve probably gone through yourself (or, you might be stuck in one of these situations right now…and this book will reveal the solution!)

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