Deepak Wayne – The Ultimate Seduction Model

Deepak Wayne – The Ultimate Seduction Model

The Ultimate Seduction Model by Deepak Wayne

The proven method which lets a middle-aged Indian man reaching his forties  sleep with hot women



that gets every guy laid

Discover the…

Easiest way to meet women

Best way to get a girlfriend

Sexual abundance

Unlimited freedom!


The single, most scientifically accurate, most proven transformational program
to turn you into a
“street seduction specialist” – providing you the step by step method to make women want to sleep with you…

(this program is designed for success… the motivational parts, the exercises, the “step by step” design will bring anyone success – who truly commits to it)

… and literally beg you for sex or to be their boyfriend

(Please note: We Have Proven That Our Method Does NOT Require Good Looks, Money or Fame.)

It is just a skill.

Can you do it? Do you have the skill to get sexual or will you stay in the friendzone? When you see this hot blondie, can you approach her or will you walk on?

When you see your perfect girl which reminds you of the love of your youth, can you pick her up or will you let her go?

Either you have the skill, to sleep with one girl after another, get a perfect girlfriend and do same day lays, or you don’t

It is just a skill


Because understanding success is what makes people successful.

(And you might not even realize that there are RULES but the rules are very clear)

Even if you have some results in picking up girls already, when you understand the processes which make a girl say “yes” to your kiss, to coming home with you and ultimately to you, everything changes massively

And while most people are approaching without a clear plan, fighting an uphill battle, getting countless painful rejections,…

You, my friend, are about to discover the model which is the foundation for a great life full of amazing women, quick sex and true romance.

You are going to discover the psychological background of seduction, understand the different phases and finally you are going to be able to seduce women – at will.

Have you wondered why you weren’t successful with women?

The problem is that most men either got wrong information or are missing essential parts

Maybe you have even done the right things at the wrong time or in the wrong order. Women are unforgiving, one mistake and you are out!

This is why we did not just give you some basic dating advice like “be yourself”, “be cool” or “tease the girl” but came up with a scientific model, where we describe all crucial phases of seduction.

And this is as scientificly broken down as humanly possible.


When you understand the model, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to pick up girls with it.

Every step is so CLEARLY explained, even a 12 years old boy can understand it instantly

Read on to discover the power of a scientific understanding of dating

Your time is valuable. And you are here for a reason.

Hey, have you ever seen an infield Video of Deepak? Stupid question, of course you did..

You are here because you have seen the results Deepak can get.

You have seen the countless pickups he has done in a very short amount of time and you have seen his clients succeed, one after another.

And there’s a very good reason for that…

He clearly understands the science behind cold approaching strangers and this is the the only reason he can get this almost unreal level of success. If you do not believe in the science of seduction,…

Fast forward 6+ years and it’s clear: Deepak’s scientific understanding of seduction led him to design his dream lifestyle:
  • Nowadays, Deepak has slept with every type of girl he could possibly dream of. Blonde, Brunette, Black – you have seen it all in our videos.
  • Having several stunning girlfriends who are totally in love with him and also accept each other. Partly even love each other, not as much as they love Deepak though.
  • Deepak has the confidence to go out, approach and seduce a girl any given day. Bored on a Tuesday evening? Boom, 2 hours later he has a hottie in his bed.
  • Girls are literally begging Deepak for Sex. Obviously not random girls but girls who he has talked to a couple of times and subconsciously applied the ultimate seduction model structure to. Sometimes he sleeps with them, sometimes he doesn’t.
  • He NEVER sleeps alone, when he does not want to. One of the benefit of the romantic/sexual connection is that you not only sleep with girls one time but retain them as long as you want to.
  • Unlimited freedom and mental peace. No worries about finding a girl and the ability to focus on other great projects (like helping men to become seduction machines).
  • And of course all the benefits associated with having many women in your life: Women are even more attracted, friends respect him and life is just really fun!
Yep. We designed this lifestyle. Made it happen. It’s not luck; it’s not good fortune…
It’s a natural consequence of sleeping with hundreds of hot girls over the years.

Many of the things responsible are ideas and dating techniques. That’s all great but, as you’ll see in a moment, it starts with having a full, complete overview of how seduction looks like.

And while internalizing the model and, after some time, unconsciously applying it makes seduction easy and effortless,…. Why does it have such a magical effect on the girls around you?

Let me introduce you to…
“The seduction phases which lead to sex”

There is something all girls have in common.

Men can be turned on by seeing breasts or asses – girls, however, go through a process. And this is not something they are consciously aware of but it determines who they sleep with.

If a stunner walks up to you and talks about how she would want to have sex with you, you would be a little bit skeptical but you’d enjoy it.

If a guy grabs a girl’s ass at the right time: Huge turn on! If he does it without her being attracted, not feeling trust – she will be disgusted.

No one can see it, most people don’t even know it exists… but EVERY girl responds to it! Girls go through this process before fucking a guy.

They are not thinking “Would I fuck him?”

They just let the interaction unfold and later decide if they want to get sexual or not

Haven’t we all tried the same “move” on different girls and some where totally excited and delighted and others instantly pissed and gone?

The difference was that the move happened at a different STAGE of seduction.

And what you are going to be able to do is to understand this how female psychology work so that you can make the right move at the right time..

So that you GET her instead of being rejected “Approach machine who knows exactly what to say”

Before we give you an insight into our beautifully edited, high-power product videos which are so exciting to watch, that you cannot stop learning, we want to show you one example which made us very proud.

The impossible guy. 31 y.o., bad hair, terrible voice, has only slept with one girl in his life. Paid over 5000$ for pickup coaching from different companies, no effect.

He was devastated. Imagine how a long dry spell feels like, that was his life! We gave him a quick 5hour make over in our bootcamp (It’s important! Do it once, have the benefits all your life!) and then the interesting part started.

We taught him an old, weaker version of the ultimate seduction model and literally saw him going through the same experience we have gone through.

He made years of progress in only 3 short days

You might be asking yourself: How is that possible?

Why do some men get results with women in an extremely short period and other suffer for years and end up with a mediocre girlfriend they want to cheat on (but can’t)?

The reason is simple: They do not have guidance. They do not know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and also what NOT to do.

Finding out the patterns, systems, mechanism behind seduction is tough and only very few people can do it. That is why you do not see many of guys picking up one girl after another –

because it is only easy, if you know how!
Now “The impossible guy” has slept with dozens of girls and found his dream girl
How could he do it? How could a guy, who was rejected by society for his entire life sleep with the hottest girls and keep them around easily? How did lonely Saturdays turned to exclusive parties he gets invited to by girls?
It is the understanding of human psychology and seduction.

He had nothing special about him when he started and the one thing which made him almost irresistibly attractive is his behavior. He knows how to make girls FEEL so good, that they only want him (inside of them)

If you want to be a master at anything, science,programming, boxing or seduction: Understand the rules, follow them and get success
When you understand THIS a major shift happens.
Over the next few weeks you will notice girls acting different around you.
You will notice different reactions from girls, they want to be around you, they want you. And they don’t know why
It will have a huge effect on your entire life.
Imagine how your friends would see you, would treat you, if they see you bringing a gorgeous blonde to a party after another?
So if you are ready, take a look at the program which will change your life:


The Ultimate Seduction Model

“The Ultimate Seduction Model” is a completely unique step-by-step program, which breaks down seduction, so there is no way you will not get laid
  • It is not just cutting-edge Dating advice…
  • It is not just an interactive, life-changing program…
  • It is a full-on audio-visual EXPERIENCE getting men laid all over the world. Once you understand the model,…

When you understand and apply the Ultimate Seduction Model to women, they will

gradually and irresistibly be turned on!
All of the pickups ever happened in history had, in some way or the other, the elements in common. We are presenting them in the Ultimate Seduction Model in the best possible order.
“How guys get laid”, deconstructed
Hands down, this is the best piece of dating advice we have ever produced. If you somehow like our videos or our infields, you will be shocked by the depth and effectiveness of this content

Listen to what 3 of the guys who have experienced the program for themselves had to say…

Even though these guys are a great advertising for the Ultimate Seduction Model and make us very proud, that is not important.

What is important, however, is that what THEY have said will soon be what you will be saying after you have completed the program.

You’ll discover…

Featured Module The Romantic-Sexual Connection
What you’ll learn in this module
  • Deepak’s so far unknown secret, which allowed him to sleep with the hottest women consistently, sometimes within 30 minutes
  • How to see girls again after sleeping with them. Casual sex is fun but keeping women in your life and your bed effortlessly is even more fun! Explained in details with easily understandable diagrams, flowcharts etc.
  • Learn exactly how to get physical – a very important step in seduction! Touch her without EVER risking to creep her out
  • Get rock solid phone numbers from girls you meet casually. Do this and she will always answer your calls
  • How to become the sexworthy guy every girl dreams of. You will exactly know how to use the two most powerful forces in seduction (Romance and Sex) to become irresistable

Module The Perfect Approach

What you’ll learn in this module
  • How to overcome approach anxiety and deal with rejections. Field-tested methods which helped 100% of our clients to confidently talk to stunning women
  • The exact words we have successfully used (and you from now on will too!) to start interesting conversations. You will learn exactly WHAT to say in the beginning and how to continue from there
  • Never run out of things to say! Deepak goes deep on conversation techniques and tells you how to talk indefinitely while being engaging
  • Two extremely attractive qualities which make everything you say gold and make YOU stand out from all the other guys hitting on her
  • Powerful subcommunication: Laser Eyecontact? Check! Boss-Tonality? Yes! Being subconsciously attractive with every microexpression? You decide!
Featured Module The Core
What you’ll learn in this module
  • Fastest ways of learning: motivation to go out, most important success mindsets with women and removal of the ones which stop you
  • Breaking negative stereotypes: How to seduce girls when you are a minority, overweight, old. Hot girls are f*cking picky! This is how you overcome any negative impression you might have (or not have, you are awesome!) and get her anyway
  • Best venues to seduce girls and how to scout them. Identify those secret venues and you will meet girls at places with A LOT better odds
  • The powerful mindset Deepak uses to get almost anything in dating (stopping girls, getting sexual, ANYTHING!). Get this mindset right and your pickups will be a lot better and smother
  • Extremely practical advice. Not only is this on point advice which tells you EXACTLY what to do (while being genuine) but you even get a daygame checklist, so there is literally no way you cannot get laid anymore (unless you can’t follow simple instructions, of course)
Featured Module Social Connection
What you’ll learn in this module
  • How to talk like a man girls cannot get enough of. You will make conversations so emotionally thrilling, that you are more addictive than heroin (without the side effects, of course)
  • A scientific breakdown and flowchart of seduction. Stop wasting your time doing the same thing with every girl, adjust your pickup accordingly and win!
  • Five different scenarios you MUST account for in your pickups. If you you don’t, girls will reject you fast – not good!
  • Crystal clear understanding of the seduction process. In the USM we have broken it down in so much detail, that you will always know where you are and what you need to do to move forward
  • Revolutionized content you have never heard before. Guaranteed, because we have created it! It is just jawdropping! Bring your seduction skills to an incredible level!
Featured Module Damage Control
What you’ll learn in this module
  • You will be making mistakes when seducing girls. With this module, however, you will you be able to come back and score instead of failing and losing the girl forever
  • Girls will test you to find out if you are the real deal. Know how to respond to her fast and strong, so she will be even more attracted to you than before
  • You creeped her out? No problem, do THIS and it is all fine
  • Tried to kiss her and she rejected it? We will show you how to turn this awkward situation into a comfortable one
  • Feel more powerful and in control. You will not need to walk a slippery slope ever again, where one mistake costs you the interaction

Dating essentials Introduction

What you’ll also learn in this program
  • How learning seduction (fast) works. You will learn how to get most out of this product and reach your dating goals quickly
  • You will discover the model which has has proven to get results for guys who are overweight, too skinny, old, bald, minorities, short (5ft) or plain ugly
  • How to integrate picking up women in your lifestyle effortlessly, no matter what it is (without drinking alcohol in the club, having to sacrifice money or other areas of your life)
  • Why 99% of guys never get good with women and how you become the guy who stands out and experiences the full beauty and variety of women
  • The single most common wrong philosophy men follow which ruins their (dating) life forever. You will learn the success mindsets the best seducer in the world share, to not fall into that trap

Dating essentials

Getting numbers and date setup
What you’ll also learn in this program
  • What to take care of so that she will want to meet you again. Get dates a lot more reliable than you thought it would be possible!
  • Tricks to make sure she will never give you the wrong number. Simple seduction secrets which are powerful and easy to use
  • The most powerful way to get phone numbers. Leave a strong impression she not only will remember but also tell her friends about!
  • The true reason most girls give guys wrong numbers and how you will never one of those unlucky individuals again. Stop wasting time chasing girls and do THIS instead
  • The exact, most tested words you can use to ask her for a her phone number. Save years of testing and follow what we have found out to be the best

Dating essentials Dates and spontaneous dates

What you’ll also learn in this program
  • “Instant dates” or spontaneous dates are a very important component of effective seduction and the first step of sleeping with a stranger the day you met. Learn everything about them!
  • Dates which lead to sex. Never have boring, endless dates which end up in a hug/ friendzone again
  • How to get spontaneous dates in the most effective way. Meet girls wherever you want to and take them for a quick coffee, snack or anything you like
  • How to create a date routine for efficient and consistent pickups. Want to sleep with 3 girls new girls every week? You need this
  • The exact wording Deepak used hundreds of time successfully. Why? Because they work!

Dating essentials The Magical Kiss

What you’ll also learn in this program
  • Having confidence is f*cking easy when you know what to do. Use the techniques given by Deepak to always feel comfortable when taking action
  • A secret kissing “technique” which lets you kiss her without any chance for rejection – because rejection is painful and you want to avoid it!
  • Learn the routines Deepak used thousands of times to kiss girls. You will know EXACTLY what to do, just execute
  • What are the mindsets you need to have in when kissing a girl? Have your thoughts align with your actions to become a seduction machine!
  • How to lead the conversation to a kiss. Don’t drop the bomb out of nothing but lead your flirt there smoothly

Dating essentials Taking girls home, bedroom seduction & exercises

What you’ll also learn in this program
  • How to overcome her objections in the bedroom. Especially when you don’t have girls in your bedroom every day, it is important to know what to do, if you have the chance
  • Distraction talk before taking her home. Sometimes you want to take girls home FAST and even though they want you deep inside of them, you need to help them feel like it “just happened”
  • From lying in Bed to actually having sex. All the insecurity, all the discomfort and awkwardness of not knowing what to do in bed will be gone forever
  • Taking girls home and bedroom escalation. How to bring a girl home? What to do when you are in your bedroom? What NOT to do? You don’t want to run a marathon to just fail seconds before the finish (aka lose her forever because you creep her out)
  • Exercises. You need to get laid, not just watch HOURS of content, which you will never apply anyway. You will get clear instructions on how to learn different, crucial parts of pickup, making you the ultimate seduction machine
More than 30 videos for TOTAL immersion into the science of seduction

You’ll enter the program as one person and come out as someone entirely different!

You’ll have extreme confidence, crystal clear direction, a killer game plan and something which is worth as much as a phd in female psychology, when it comes to getting laid and retaining girls in your life.

You’ll master the arts of conversation, body language and the romantic-sexual connection However, you and I need to make sure that the “Ultimate Seduciton Model” is a perfect fit for you

The ultimate seduction model might NOT be for you if…
  • You did not watch any infields of us and don’t believe in the massive success which someone can get, when he commits to this area (If you do not believe in seduction skills, forget it! This program is not for you)
  • You are not willing to invest your time and go through the program and exercises. We only want people who are action takers; listening to the program and not implementing in your life it will not make a difference…
  • You don’t believe in investing in yourself. You think that self-development and learning is for losers…
The ultimate seduction model might be for you if…
  • You struggle with self-confidence when approaching women…
  • You feel like you have no structure in your approach to seduction. You go out, do something but do not see concrete improvement…
  • You’re ready to TRANSFORM into a men who attracts the best women life has to offer – young girls, models or maybe your future girlfriend or wife. You name it, you’ll get it – IF you’re ready
  • You understand investing in yourself, following and implementing this program will bring you outstanding, rapid and PERMANENT results
  • You want an almost “done for you” program to transform your internal ‘state’… your body language… your understanding of female psychology …your rapport skills … your understanding of romance and sex,… knowing how to get intimate anytime
    (PLUS multiple other more advanced techniques that trigger undeniably positive responses in the girl(…and blood-pumping, sexually charged attraction in high-quality women…)

Again, the ultimate seduction model might not be right for you. It is certainly not for everyone.

But you’re only seeing this page because you believe in Deepak’s ability to transform lifes. You have seen his infields; you have seen his coaching transformations or even attended one of his earlier programs.

You’re ready to make one final step and achieve total transformation. You’re ready to “upgrade” yourself into a seduction machine. And when you do that? There’s no looking back.

“Of Course,… You COULD Figure This All Out For Yourself…”
But it would take years of dedication and real-world experience to come up with a system, a Model like the one on the other side of this page.
And I should know. I’ve done all the hard work, dealt with thousands of rejections, cried alone in my bed so YOU don’t have to.

However, just giving you this information would not work. Sure you’d have many “aha” moments but that won’t lead to any lasting change. Why?

Because you haven’t internalized the information.

You haven’t absorbed it until it changes your behavior automatically.

That’s why we have designed The Ultimate Seduction Model to actually “install” powerful behavioral patterns into you simply by you going through the program

Just watch the videos and do the exercises and FEEL the change in yourself. Then watch in AWE as your outer world matches up to your internal one.


You have seen our stuff works for everybody who tries it, right?

I want you to know… whichever infield of ours you’ve seen: How to pickup a sexy Stripper, how to get an attractive girlfriend from the daytime, how to pickup challenging women from the west or the transformations we helped our clients with…

… and especially if you (like thousands of other savvy guys) have been through ALL of that…

… you were being led to one final destination.

And now you’ve arrived.

The Ultimate Seduction Model is the secret foundation for getting and attracting every women you want in life.

This is The Ultimate Seduction Model and we look forward to guiding you on your journey to success with women. Strap yourself in… it’s going to be a wild ride.

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