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78% Of All Men Who Create A Dating Profile Never End Up Going On A Single Date”

The vast majority of men end up wasting countless time and money on dating sites.Women skim through dating profiles to find the few attractive men.As a result attractive women end up going out with a small minority of guys.How will you get noticed?Will you be one of the guys she stops and checks out?Or will she pass you by, because she has seen your type before, and she knows she is not attracted to you and never will be?

No matter what you have going for you in life, if you don’t have a killer dating profile, every women who sees you is going to pass over you and never look back.

This is actually amazingly good news. It is EASY to fix your dating profile so you appear attractive. It’s just a matter of changing a few simple things about the way you present yourself. I’ve written profiles for guys that struggled for years who started getting massive interest in only a few hours.

You Don’t Have To Look Like A Model –You CAN Date Any Woman You Want

Hi, Eric L. here.Let me ask you something.

What if you could date as often as you wanted? Just read this article and you will see how you can have a dating profile that gets attraction, gets you noticed, and saves you valuable time and money. Keep reading and I will show you how you can have a dating profile that does all of the above.

Can you imagine going on two, five, or even ten hot dates in one month?

How about meeting the woman of your dreams?

You will find out the secrets that helped me gain incredible success in a short period of time with my dating profile. You will discover how I used my dating profile to attract 32 unsolicited contacts in three months. Online dating is bigger than ever, but there is a reason why 20% of guys are meeting 80% of the women, while the majority of guys waste time and money on dating sites without getting results…

Discover My Method For Yourself

There is a secret, never-before-heard METHOD of communicating in a dating profile. I have studied hundreds of dating profiles to discover this method. Over 5 years of trial and error later, I know conclusively what it takes to write a dating profile that gains attraction CONSISTENTLY and WITHOUT FAIL. My students have given me rave reviews to attest to it.

About 80% of guys FAIL to understand this method of communication and that is why the vast majority make dating profiles and don’t even end up going on ONE DATE, leading to countless lonely nights. It is hard going through life wondering whether you will have what it takes to attract a woman. There is always a pervading sense of unease. That is why I want to show you how simple it is to create a dating profile guaranteed to get you meeting women right away.

Two Forms of Communication

I have found that there are two FUNDAMENTAL forms of communication in a dating profile. The majority of guys use the form of communication that fails to gain attraction. The second form stands out and makes you appear like a date-worthy guy. This second form is so effective, and so rare, that it alone is enough to get you a hot date. Photographs and other areas are not as important as this form of communication (but I also have some amazing strategies for photographs – read on).

This form of communication is counterintuitive. You will see why the ‘About Me’ section is misleading and if you follow the instructions, you are actually killing your chances of getting a date…

The way dating profile services are set up, you are destined to fail unless you strike your own path. Luckily for you, I have already paved the path, and you just have to follow a few simple steps.

The people who created dating sites did not know that they were setting guys up to fail. The question prompts on dating sites actually encourage guys to say the absolute wrong things in their dating profiles… the things that turn women off.

The right way to communicate does the following:

  • It sets you apart as a high-value guy
  • It gives women the BURNING desire to ‘catch’ you
  • It makes you seem funny and interesting
  • It gives you a larger-than-life persona that conveys charisma
  • It expresses your unique personality

You may be skeptical. That is fine; I encourage a healthy skepticism. You might be thinking: “if it were that easy, I would have been able to figure it out.” Here’s the thing: This form of communication is so obvious to me now, but it wasn’t obvious to me before. Women look at things differently than men, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now in your life. They respond to things very differently. It is CRITICAL that you try something new:

”If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.”

If you try it out, and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s how sure I am that the Online Dating Bible will work wonders for your dating life.

If you keep going down the path you’ve taken, where will you be in one, two, or five years?

Will you be surfing the internet, looking for answers, kicking yourself that you didn’t do something about it sooner?

Or will you be congratulating yourself for taking action when you did? Asking myself this question several years ago is what launched me on this path to read everything I could get my hands on, and I am now delighted I did.

The good news is the RIGHT WAY to communicate is easy if you follow a few simple steps. In the Bible I also provide powerful, real-life examples that you can use or emulate to create your own dating profile in minutes. Not only that, I explain the psychology behind why it works, so you can understand the material well enough to repeat it over and over.


Everyone knows that humor is key to attracting women. But it isn’t always easy to show humor on a dating profile. The Online Dating Bible breaks down the SPECIFIC KIND of humor that works in dating profiles, and even provides examples from my own dating profile. I explain why it works, and I explain how you can easily come up with your own HILARIOUS statements to use in a dating profile. Once you know the formula, it is EASY, and you don’t have to be a comedian.

Learn 24 Powerful Tricks…

In the Online Dating Bible you will learn 24 powerful, hidden tricks to use for online dating. I have discovered these tricks from years of trial and error and I want to pass them on to you. These go way, way beyond the cookie-cutter dating advice blurbs found on most internet sites. With these dating profile tricks you will:

  • Read examples of actual messages I have sent and find out the reasoning behind it. You will never have to worry about ‘what to say’ in an opening message.-Page 40
  • Find out how to ‘leave bait’ in the opening message to increase your response-rate by over 60% -Page 41
  • Get the edge and be one of the 20% of men who ends up dating 80% of the women on dating sites. Imagine when your friends call you up and realize you are on another date with another attractive girl
  • Cut time and energy from dating sites so you can use it more productively
  • Discover the line to get the phone number that has never failed me
  • Have strategies and lines to make a hilarious dating profile – Page 19
  • Find out how to trick the dating site to maximize the pool of available women. Never run out of available women again– Page 37
  • Discover a simple way to make yourself appear successful and put-together with your online photo – Page 31
  • Find a simple yet amazing exercise for improving your attractiveness that you can complete in less than 10 minutes – Page 55
  • Learn a simple way to know when a girl is ‘primed’ to go on a date, so you can maximize your results– Page 39

Here’s a small taste of the various benefits the Online Dating Bible will give you…

  • A remarkable, field-tested method to creating a dating profile that will increase the quantity and quality of your dates, guaranteed. This is the same method that got me 32 contacts in one month.
  • 24 Powerful Tricks with bullet-style commentary. One trick shows you how to appear successful, even if you aren’t – without lying… giving you the ability to have that ‘air of success’ that women are looking for.
  • How to make the most of your money used on dating sites by breaking down the best and worst dating sites for finding attractive women – and a secret trick to maximize the pool of woman that works on any dating site you choose.
  • With the Online Dating Bible you will also experience the following…
    • Find out where to take the girl on the first date to give you the best chances of getting a second date, and how to save money on dates
    • A free way to have killer, professional photographs
    • Exactly what to say if a girl ‘winks’ at your dating profile
    • Exactly what to say if a girl looks at your dating profile but doesn’t wink or message
    • How to prevent flaking when you are messaging back and forth with a girl – my proven method for getting the phone number and setting up the date
    • Real examples of how to tease a girl on dating sites and how it is different than in real life
    • How to avoid the ‘curiosity trap’
    • Ways to overcome being short
    • A breakdown of the best dating sites with explanations

    No area of online dating has been left untapped in this monumental eBook. I can say with conviction that this is the LAST BOOK you will ever need to be successful with online dating. It includes…

    • The amount of time it takes to prove yourself as a ‘date-worthy guy’ – Page 3
    • The Golden Rule of online dating profiles – Page 4
    • The shocking truth to how women view men on dating profiles – Page 5
    • The danger of bragging – Page 5
    • Conversations to have on dates – Page 9
    • A powerful exercise you can do to INSTANTLY improve your conversation skills – Page 10
    • How you can unleash your ‘conversational bravado’ to create a magnetic masculine frame – Page 11
    • Samples of dating profiles with analysis – Pages 16-18
    • Examples of hilarious phrases to use – Pages 19-20
    • How to avoid conveying neediness – Page 21
    • The principles of Scarcity and Rewards – Page 22
    • 24 Hidden Tricks of Online Dating – Page 26
    • The dating site that has the highest-quality girls – Page 27
    • A shocking way to appear put-together and SUCCESSFUL in your profile photo – Page 31
    • The exact thing to say if someone looks at your profile but doesn’t wink or send you a message. This line has an UNCANNY effect to get results – Page 33
    • A NEVER-FAIL line to get the phone number at almost any point in the interaction – Page 35
    • Showing cockiness – Page 36
    • A secret to finding very attractive girls, who are DIAMONDS in the ROUGH – Page 36
    • Where you should never propose to take a girl on the first date, unless you absolutely never want to meet her – Page 36
    • A powerful way to maximize the pool of woman in your area by tricking the dating site – Page 37
    • How to keep from losing your NEW CAR SMELL and why that will cripple your ability to get a first date – Page 38
    • A simple way to find the girls who are primed to go on more dates, to save you valuable time – page 39
    • An example of a hilarious way to connect with a girl without appearing needy or insecure. Instead, this will make her itch to write you back– Page 41
    • The amount of time to wait to respond when a girl messages you – Page 44
    • Why you need to challenge her on the date – Page 46
    • An easy way to keep from conveying neediness that TURNS women OFF –Page 50
    • How to handle tests from a woman you are dating – Page 52
    • The powerful formula for creating a dating profile – THE SAME formula that I use to create dating profiles for myself and my clients – Page 55

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