Hector Castillo – King of College

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Hector Castillo – King of College

Excited about what’s in store for your social life, your social circle, and all the mountains of hot, hot babes we’re going to get you bringing into your life and out of your circle.

If you don’t have a big, built-up social circle yet, don’t worry. KoC is going to teach you how to build this from humble origins, or even from scratch. If you’ve got a thrumming social circle, yet it’s not a “productive” circle (e.g., you’re not getting a lot of play out of it), we’re gonna tackle that too. And if your social circle game is already pretty slick, well, we’re gonna take the hard work you’ve already done, and pull you up into the realm of “elite.” Wherever you’ve started out at, we’re going to bring you up into the ranks of legendary social circle warriors (or cool guys / playboys… as you like).

The first thing I want you to do is open up KoC. I’ve lain the book out in a way to take you from total newbie social beginner, to skirt-ripping, panty-soaking, legend-making social SAVANT. Even if you know your stuff pretty well, you’ll still want the beginning of the book. It’s how we frame everything that is to come. Plus there are a lot of cool, funny stories to laugh at and learn from in the early chapters. The basics are important, no matter what level you’re at.




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