Human Fulfillment Institute – Conscious Sexuality For Men

Conscious Sexuality For Men

with Lee Holden, Shana James, Kika Marianetti, Amy Cooper, Jeffrey David Ringold, Charles Muir, Jim Benson and Carolyn Scoville

Become a great lover, master your vital sexual energies, and learn tantric keys to ecstatic love, sex, and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Master sexual energy so that instead of addiction or repression, you experience bliss, freedom and ease
  • Replace sexual insecurity with unshakeable confidence that’s magnetically attractive to women
  • Bring extraordinary pleasure to the woman in your life so that she feels intense desire and connection with you
  • Become a man of unshakeable confidence and magnetic personal power
  • Discover how transforming sexuality can be key to fulfillment and celebration in all areas of your life

“Very few men ever come close to mastering the arts of lovemaking. Very few men learn how to master sexual energy so that it becomes a source of health, vitality, freedom, ease, and fulfillment. You can become one of the few true masters. It will bring you extraordinary pleasure, and it will be irresistible for the woman in your life”

Video Overview: Course Content Explained

Have you ever felt confused about what it is that women really want?

Have you ever felt an addictive or repressed relationship to your sexuality – like you’re driven by it, or have to shut it down?

Have you ever felt sexual frustration, shame, shyness or fear of embarrassment?

If so, you are far from alone.

For many men, there can be an aching loneliness or deep sense of despair when it comes to our sexual experience.

Few of us are taught about the arts of lovemaking and how to master sexual energy, and much of what’s out there is just not very helpful.

You don’t have to be sexually insecure, inadequate or just “average”

You don’t have to live the tragedy of a lonely life without love.

You don’t have to suffer a relationship that has lost its spark, grown cold or stale.

You can transform your love and sex life, in fact your quality of life as a whole by taking a few simple but powerful steps to transform sexual energy and learn the keys to great love, sex and intimacy.

Conscious Sexuality for Men taps into three Tantric Traditions: Indian, Chinese and Tibetan – all presented in highly practical form, with crystal clarity so you can actually put it all into practice right away to radically transform your sex life.

Here’s some of what the course includes:

  • The four most common mistakes most men make that prevent a woman from reaching her full orgasmic potential
  • How to gain sexual vitality, control and confidence
  • How to keep the spark alive in a relationship – emotionally, romantically and sexually
  • How to be emotionally and sexually magnetic to a woman as her moods and hormonal cycles shift
  • How to move from an addictive relationship to sexuality to a relationship that’s free, joyful and powerful — a way of sexuality that’s at peace with yourself and at peace with your life
  • How to create deeper intimacy with your partner and quickly short-circuit any temptation she might have to wander to someone else for pleasure or fulfillment
  • How to walk gently and strongly as a powerful man who knows his place in the world, regardless of how you look or how much money is in your bank account
  • Seven specific ways to transform sexual energy into fuel for healthy power and true fulfillment – both worldly fulfillment and genuine spiritual fulfillment as well.

Sex in our culture is usually hyped or repressed. It’s usually either mass-marketed or moralized. But it’s rare to find truly useful, life-transforming information. In this course you’ll learn how to become a masterful lover, and how to transform the entire realm of sexuality into something truly ecstatic, free and fulfilling.

In Conscious Sexuality for Men, you will learn from seven of the most effective teachers in the world today:

IN MODULE ONE, LEE HOLDEN will guide you in your exploration of MALE SEXUAL ENERGY MASTERY.

Lee is an internationally acclaimed instructor whose Chi Kung television specials on PBS have been seen in over fifty-million households.

More important for our purposes, he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on Taoist sexual energy techniques.

In this course we present his teaching in a unique way that can help you get the most of it to put it into practice right away.

Both to be more masterful with your own energy and more masterful as a lover. Lee will take you through a number of practices of Sexual Chi Kung, his own unique treatment of what’s known as the “Microcosmic Orbit,” and other powerfully transformative practices as well.

Lee’s teaching has helped me tremendously. Lee is an extraordinary, unpretentious teacher whose mastery of Taoist sexual techniques is matched by his ability to present things simply and powerfully. I can’t recommend his work highly enough. ~ Jeff R.


Shana is a highly accomplished dating and sexuality coach who has led events for and Table for Six, and is a dating consultant for an MTV reality show. Shana has worked for many years coaching men on what it is that women really want. Most recently in her Authentic Magnetism Program, Shana emphasizes the ways that your inner experience resonates with a woman’s inner experience. Shana has deep insight into how you can spark a woman’s attraction and arousal response long before you even touch her. Although this module isn’t explicitly tantric, its core of integrity and energetic awareness is key to conscious sexuality, and highly effective in its impact.

“As a result of working with Shana, I got in touch with my masculinity and started a great relationship with a beautiful, spiritual woman. I feel like a teenager right now. My new girlfriend and I made wild, passionate love until 4am last night. I love the way I feel.” ~ Joseph


Kika was born in Brazil with a natural gift for spiritual healing and was drawn to Tantra from an early age. She has studied with internationally recognized teachers such as Charles and Caroline Muir, Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra, and many other well known figures in the world of western Tantra.

In this super fun module, Kika explores Seven Distinct Modalities of Kissing that very few people even know about, let alone practice. In addition to their formal tantric training, Kika and Olivier bring a delightful Brazilian and French twist to their subject. It’s totally charming and highly informative.

Kika, I sincerely thank God for sending an angel like you to my life. The few days we have met has completely changed my life.~ Arnab

IN MODULE FOUR, AMY COOPERguides us in the methodological secrets of AWAKENING THE FEMALE PLEASURE CENTER –

what’s normally thought of as the clitoris, but as you’ll see actually involves much more.

Amy’s in-depth knowledge as a PhD Sexologist comes through in the module as she overturns some misconceptions and uncovers key details that are often overlooked.

It’s the kind of thing that you’d think every man would get training in, but very few do. And it’s required viewing for any man who wants to know about women.

Amy is very compassionate, knowledgeable and straightforward. She made some very difficult conversations seem a lot less daunting.” Bob and Christine

We now have a sensual practice which continues to awaken us to new delights and experiences.” Emily and John


what it is and how to practice it.

Ringold is a highly acclaimed coach and author on joy, love, spiritual liberation and “Enlightened Seduction.”

His term “Energetic Bandwidth” refers to a healthy form of masculinity that sparks female desire and helps you to master your own vital energies.

Ringold demonstrates several key practices with his partner Martina Oshana, and also explores a classic Tibetan practice called “The Pink Swirl.”

It’s an easily accessible tantric technique that can help you transform sexual energy into joy, ease, contentment, and a very special kind of bliss that’s free of craving.

“The most courageous teacher I have ever known; a masterful coach for men who want to reclaim their power, find balance in their sexuality, and make positive contributions in the world.” Jacob M.

“Jeff Ringold is a spectacular, exceptionally insightful coach and guide. I recommend his work highly.” David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done


Charles is the world-renowned Founder and President of The Source School of Tantra and one of the foremost pioneers of the Modern Tantra movement in the West.

In this module, you’ll learn five specific modalities of touch. You’ll learn about the three main types of female orgasm, and aboutAMRITA,the female ejaculate, or what’s commonly referred to these days as a “SQUIRTING ORGASM.”

But you’ll learn about the topic in a much more complete way than it’s usually taught, from someone who’s been mastering these skills for 25 years. Above all, you’ll learn how your touch can effect aDEEP HEALINGthrough sexual traumas or blockages to awaken a woman’s ecstatic potential.

Being raised a southern Baptist, I know all about evangelism and conversion. Nothing will make me run for cover quicker. You presented your material so honestly; with such a sense of ‘don’t take my word for it;’ a sense of ‘try it, you’ll like it.’ We tried it. We liked it. Nonstop bliss, safety, unconditional love” – Richard

IN MODULE SEVEN, JIM BENSON ANDhis assistantCAROLYIN SCOVILLE will guide you in your exploration ofTHE BREATH OF BLISS

You’ll learn ancient practices that have been brought to the West in a tradition called Skydancing Tantra, which was begun decades ago by Margo Anand.

Jim taught with Margo, and has now branched out on his own and readapted these practices to make them more accessible so you can learn them easier and much more quickly.

In this module, you’ll learn several practices that can bring much deeper connection and greater levels of ecstacy with your partner, and that directly address the process of drawing energy up the central channel. These include the classic tantric practices calledRIDING THE TIGERand THE WAVE OF BLISS,both of which work with a partner to draw energy up the central channel and transform the quality of energy that you experience in sexual union.

“Jim Benson is taking the men’s movement to a whole new level. Jim shows how to blend within ourselves the strong masculine and the nurturing feminine. I highly recommend any man who is on his path to spend time with Jim and his work. My life has changed since doing so.” —Peter Edwards, Lagunitas, CA

“My sessions with Jim Benson completely changed my life. Before meeting Jim I suffered from premature ejaculation and had no confidence in the bedroom. I was terrified of physical intimacy. After escaping a toxic marriage I sought Jim’s help. Six months later, not only do I love sex with my current partner but I also completely satisfy her. I’m much more confident, relaxed and present in the bedroom.” —Travis D., Oakland, CA


A Personal Response To Controversies Surrounding This Course

~ From the Course Producer, Jeffrey David Ringold ~

The practices in this course profoundly changed my life for the better. They helped me move from profound loneliness, an addictive relationship to sexuality, and total cluelessness about women — to true fulfillment and intimacy. They helped me become a stronger man and a better lover to the special woman in my life. But the content of this course has generated considerable controversy. To talk at all about sexuality can be controversial. To talk about sexuality in ways that are genuinely useful, practical and helpful is likely to be even more controversial. Unfortunately, our culture is better at hyping sexuality, shaming it and repressing it than it is at helping people with it.

One major source of controversy has to do with use of the term “tantra.” There’s seemingly endless debate about what tantra really is and who’s teaching the “real thing.” It’s often said that there’s an overemphasis on the sexual aspect of tantra in the West, and in some ways that’s true: tantra is about much more than sexuality. But many forms of tantra do involve what my Tibetan teachers refer to as “bringing desire into the path.” What that really means is transforming craving into an abiding sense of joy. Tantra can be a very powerful way to transform sexuality into something more beautiful and more fulfilling. It can involve transforming or transmuting sexual energy into a source of freedom rather than suffering. While not all of the material in this course is explicitly tantric, all of it aims to bring greater consciousness and skill to your sexuality and to your life experience.

Another source of controversy with Conscious Sexuality for Men is that we reveal practices that were held secret for many generations in their (mostly Asian) countries of origin. That’s factually correct: many of these practices were kept secret for hundreds or even thousands of years.practices. So the bottom line is this:

If we can help transform sexuality into something

  • More loving
  • More Conscious
  • More Intimate
  • More Pleasurable
  • More Ecstatic
  • More Beautiful

Then why shouldn’t we do that?

If we can help people transform sexuality from something shameful or shut down or something compulsive or addictive — into something free and joyful, then shouldn’t we do that?

You can learn about your sexual energy and can become a much better lover to women. And it can benefit every area of your life.

The life of a celibate monk may well be a noble path. But there also need to be practices for the rest of us.

You can transform sexuality into something sacred, healing, and ecstatic. You can make it a source of lasting fulfillment for you and for your partner. And you can reclaim your power as a man, in a healthy way that makes you magnetically attractive, confident, and free.

There’s no risk to you, no payment of any kind is needed to do the FREE TRIAL. The Free Trial gives you access to the first module of the course so you can check it out to see if it’s right for you. Because this course admittedly isn’t right for everyone. For example, it’s not likely to be helpful for a guy who wants to consume huge amounts of alcohol with a woman and have a one night stand. That’s just not who it’s meant for. It’s for people who are drawn to truly conscious, fulfilling sexuality. If that’s you, then you may well find a lot of benefit here.


You can make great changes in your love life. You don’t have to withstand the tragedy of a life without true love. And you don’t have to do it all alone.

Learning to master sexual energy and become a better lover leads to much greater personal power – a positive, healthy kind of power that helps creates greater love and intimacy and closer, better relationships.

Because our sexuality so deeply affects our culture and society, it can also have a positive ripple effect in the world. So by practicing Conscious Sexuality for Men, you not only benefit yourself; you also become a kind of spiritual revolutionary who brings greater love and awareness into the world.

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