Hunk Hands – 6 Step Squirting

Hunk Hands – 6 Step Squirting Download

“How To Quickly And Easily Become Her Favorite Lover Tonight…

Even If You Don’t Have A “Porn Star Dick”…

Dear Friend,

Hi, Brian ‘Hunk Hands’ Crabtree here and I’ve taught over 150 men across 8 countries the secrets of Female Squirting Orgasms

And you probably want to put an end to your woman getting hot & horny for her ASSHOLE EX…

So I’ll teach you my simple tricks that you can use TONIGHT!

But wait!!

First, We Need To “Cut The Bullshit”:

Your Woman Has A “Top Dog”… Her #1 Lay… The Best-She’s-Ever-Had…

But Are You Sure It’s YOU? 

Imagine FINALLY being 100% confident YOU are the only guy she fantasizes about…

Don’t you think she’d start giving you Ear-Ringingly-Hot blowjobs on command and give you a back-rub and a cold drink when you come home exhausted?

(Because a man like you should NEVER have to BEG for sex from YOUR woman…)

Ask Yourself If You Deserve…

  • Her eye-rolling?

  • Her gossiping you’re “helpless in bed” to her friends?

  • Her thinking of cheating on you..?

Your Woman Respects Her Favorite Lover…

And you’re probably thinking what I was thinking:

“Really!? Women care THAT MUCH about sex?”

Because I was raised in a conservative, Christian family…

And I believed “real, quality ladies” don’t actually enjoy sex they just “put up with it”…

But real girls tell me — “No Way!” — without good sex they:

  • Fantasize about their Asshole Ex

  • Henpeck their man about bullshit

  • And maybe even cheat on him… 

An Ancient Sex Hack Discovered…

The few girls I used this technique on would literally not stop texting me…

These girls were exactly what I had been searching for:

They were LOYAL, INTIMATE, and they actually RESPECTED me…

And they didn’t just want to be with me all the time…

They would also randomly clean my apartment or cook breakfast for me or even show up with a friend for a threesome…

And I did just one simple thing different with these girls…

And that one simple thing was this:

I made them SQUIRT.

The Power Of Squirting Orgasms: What Is Oxytocin?

Full Body Squirting Orgasms aren’t the “Maserati of Orgasms” just because they’re so damn intense and unforgettable…

They also trigger a next-level oxytocin rush that completely wipes other guys out of your girl’s mind…

Geeky Footnote: Oxytocin is a powerful chemical released during childbirth and it forces your girl to bond with her new baby. But it’s ALSO released during intense orgasms where it forces your girl to bond with you (IF you give her an insanely intense orgasm)…

Intense Orgasms = Oxytocin = LOYALTY

Because imagine your girl’s eyes rolling back in her head as her body shakes and she let’s out a scream she’s never shared with anyone before…
And she’s lying with her head on your chest — her body still quivering — and she looks up at you with a tears of joy in her eyes…
THAT’S a girl who doesn’t cheat!

Female Ejaculation Is REAL And You Need To Learn How To Trigger It…

“Is That YOUR Hand? Are You A Porn Star..?”

Yup, that’s my hand, man!

But I’m definitely NOT a porn star because I’ve never even met a porn actress or producer in my life…I just strap a Go-Pro to my arm and make normal, girls-next-door squirt…

And I do it to show guys like you that it’s possible with every type of girl…But now that my vids have millions of viewsacross the internet guys have been emailing asking for my no-fluff, brass tacks secrets…

(Click to enlarge these crazy “reviews” I get from real ladies)

Thanks, it was a great session 🙂 Hoping to see u soon

Last night was good! I like it 🙂

The massage is awesome. Never felt that kind of feeling before. I’m afraid that I might get addicted. U r the best at this.

Thanks for the good experience 🙂 i really like everything

Above all things, thanks for your company today.

I’ll give it 5 stars… this is what I call a true yoni massage! Thank you and at least now I know who I can call anytime I need good n relaxing massage…

I think I already miss your hands

Have a rest! Will find you soon…

Hi, thank you for a wonderful evening last night.

Thanks for last night! Was fun! Definitely be seeing you again sometime <3

U were so good.. It’s spectacular..

O it was awesome! Slept deeply without pills. Thank you

And I helped over TWO HUNDRED girls experience a Squirting Orgasm…

But the emails from guys kept PILING UP from…

  • Men who never wanted to worry about divorce or cheating again…

  • Newly-single guys who decided their next relationship would be their best yet…

  • Men who were ready to invest the time to enjoy more sex and intimacy…

  • And even virgins who thought “I’m spending so much time, effort, and money to find the right girl so I want to make sure she COMPLETELY falls for me”… 

Will This Put Me Out Of Work..?

So I hired my favorite model to record EVERYTHING I know about triggering Squirting Orgasms…

So you are about to learn exactly how to make YOUR WOMAN SQUIRT TONIGHT so she stops thinking about her ASSHOLE EX when you’re trying to make love to her…(I even GUARANTEE it!)

But Don’t Take My Word For It… Read A Few Of The Real Results Men Are Getting:

And This Is What Helped Them…


  • Essential Female Anatomy
  • WTF Is Squirting?
  • Oh, The Nails!
  • The No-BS Lube Guide
  • Pre-Squirting Checklist


  • Basics of Sensual Massage
  • 3 Tiger Tantra Mindsets
  • Sexual Polarity Guide
  • 7 Happy-Anytime Hacks


  • Sinful 6 Squirting Positions
  • Debugging Your Girl


  • Painless Penetration
  • Power Thumbing Secrets
  • The Top 8 Best-Ever Hand Positions


  • Finding Her Top 4 Sexy Spots
  • How To Touch Her Spots
  • Her 3 Do-Not-Touch Spots


  • Trigger Hand Deep Dive
  • The Squirt Spot
  • The Squirting Roller Coaster
  • 2 Roller Coaster Ruiners
  • The Crazy-Simple Best-Ever-Orgasm Trick

(I’ve taught my secrets live for almost two years and now I’m finally bringing this information directly to you, right from the comfort of your home) 

Worried Your Girl Can’t Squirt? Don’t Be…

Have you seen video clips of women having intense squirting orgasms online and thought to yourself, “I wonder if my girl can do that, too…?”

The answer is: Yes, your woman can squirt … and she WANTS you to help her squirt.

It surprised me, too, but as I got better and better and was able to make women squirt strong and longer, I discovered that within just two sessions EVERY woman squirts. And I’m not special, I just have the knowledge and the practice.

Science reveals that squirting is your woman’s way to clean and refresh her sexual organs which means it’s healthy as well as natural to help her squirt. It’s just how your woman’s body works – otherwise why would any woman be able to squirt?

And it’s fun!

(But you must be willing to emotionally support and nurture her after you help her squirt for the first time. If you’re not willing to support your woman, this online training is not for you.)

Here’s What You Need To Know About 6 Step Squirting…

6 Step Squirting

Supercharge Your Sexual Confidence So Your Girl Literally Begs You To Make Her Squirt… Which Means More Intimacy And Better Sex:

  • Save Time By Learning Directly From Asia’s #1 Squirting Coach
  • Zero Stress Because You’ll Know Exactly What You’re Doing In Bed
  • More Intimacy As Your Girl’s Frigidity Melts Away
  • Never Worry That Another Guy Is Her Favorite Lover Because You’ll Please Her Like Never Before!

Hunk Hands – 6 Step Squirting Bonuses

1- Step 7- Multiple Squirting Orgasms
2- How To Cure Vaginismus
3- Solo Squirting.MP4
4- Top 4 Oral Sex Secrets

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