Igor Ledochowski – Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results

Igor Ledochowski – Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results Download

Dear Reader,Igor Ledochowski is something of a “black sheep” to the established main-stream hypnosis community.

He’s unconventional. Controversial.Trail blazing. And…

Totally Unafraid To Teach The TRUTH About The Advanced Psychological Triggers Of Mind Change

And this has made him enemies.

Powerful enemies.

Especially within the cosy world of the hypnotherapy associations.

See the “hypnosis police” within those associations don’t believe ordinary people like you and me should have access to the most powerful “mind change tools” without proper licensed medical training and accreditation.

Obviously Igor (a “sniffer dog of truth”) doesn’t agree.

And he even goes out of his way to spite the “hypnosis police” by developing and bringing out ever more powerful hypnosis training programs for people (like you and me) who want the best-of-the-best mind changing techniques.

But Igor doesn’t want just anyone getting their hands on his material.

And that is doubly true for arguably his most powerful mind change programme: Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results –which shows you the RIGHT WAY to combine NLP with hypnosis for a persuasion cocktail like no other.

In fact…

Igor Has 3 Conditions You Must Abide By If You Want A Copy Of His ‘NLP in Hypnosis‘ Program:

CONDITION 1: You must agree not to go squealing to the hypnotherapy establishment complaining that you’ve spent a fortune getting medical hypnosis certifications that didn’t even touch on some of the techniques revealed in Igor’s programme.

CONDITION 2: You must agree NOT to share or in any way disseminate the techniques in Igor’s programme with any “power drunk” third party.

CONDITION 3: You must agree to use the advanced techniques in Igor’s programme only for good, life-affirming purposes (and never to deceive an innocent person).

If you can agree to those conditions, and you would like to know more about the special program: Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results here are some of the secrets it contains:

Part 1: Fundamentals Of NLP And The Secret Connection
With Hypnosis

In this first session, we’ll cover the essentials of NLP and what makes it such an effective way to create change…

…PLUS the debt owed to hypnosis by NLP for many of its most effective strategies.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…

  • Myths and the reality of NLP, where it came from and the secret link to hypnosis that NLP “experts” like to hide
  • The secrets of the unconscious mind and how all learning and behaviour change takes place
  • Few people know about the “Birdwhistell Study”. Yet it contains the key to increasing the power of your words by an incredible 14 times. Igor reveals how you can take advantage of this rare knowledge
  • The Universal Modelling Process that explains how the human mind makes sense of the world and creates “reality” (and how you can transform that reality to your will)
  • Deletion, Distortion and Generalization…the primary tools we use to “shape” reality
  • The 8 core beliefs (“Presuppositions”) of NLP that used wisely will give you more choice and freedom in your life
  • 3 “Perceptual Positions” (or “Points
    of View”)
    and how to switch between them
    to create breakthroughs and positive change
  • Understanding “chunking” and the best way to get your message understood by someone
  • You’ve probably heard the saying “The eyes are the window of the soul”. Here’s the amazing science behind that and how you can read someone like an open book
  • Strategies are the internal “programs” that drive every action that a person takes. Here’s how to understand strategies and apply them to fix problems
  • 9 rules to create useful and easy to use strategies
  • How to discover a person’s strategy in 5 easy steps
  • The “Golden Rules” that gives you the power to quickly and easily connect with people so they like and trust you almost
  • How to get someone to follow your lead without them having any idea of what’s happening
  • How to create an instant connection with just a seemingly normal conversation
  • Simple ways to convince someone that you completely understand them so they instantly like and trust you
  • Introducing BMIRs…how subtle physical actions give you clues to inner thoughts and feelings…and the mistakes to avoid in reading these clues
  • Outcomes and goals are the key to getting results…but they must be used wisely. Here are the secrets you need to know
  • P-A-C-E formula for success and excellence. You’ve probably seen this in other forms but this is the original
  • A very popular story about the power of setting goals…that’s actually a myth! Discover the real story…and why the lesson still applies
  • The formula for goal setting that virtually guarantees a successful result every time
  • 7 conditions to make sure a goal is worthwhile and avoid needless frustration and wasted time
  • The single biggest problem with goal setting that most so-called “experts” ignore…and how to overcome this obstacle




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