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For hypnotists who want to get better faster…You Will Not Be Able  To Hypnotize 7 Out Of 10
People Because…

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

I hate to be the one to break it to you but…

You will NOT be able to hypnotize 70% of the people you try to hypnotize..


You DITCH the traditional ways of learning hypnosis.

I know that from my own experience.

For years I tried learning and doing hypnosis according to the “traditional rules”.

It was not a pretty sight — I FAILED horribly many more times than I succeeded.

And my confidence at ever being a hypnotist was at an all time low.

Frankly, I thought I may not be cut out for it.

Thought other people had some kind of hypnosis knack I just didn’t have.

And I almost gave up on the whole hypnosis thing altogether.

Thankfully, I soon realized the fault wasn’t with me — I just needed NEW “fool proof” hypnotic processes that would work for me… even when I doubted myself and was convinced the person I was attempting to hypnotize was not going to go into trance.

Why “Traditional” Hypnosis Training  Is FAILING You:

Here’s the thing:

Did You Know?The reason hypnosis “seems” hard is because of the way it is taught. Most training programs focus on the wrong things. Like scripts. Pick up a typical book on hypnosis and you’ll find it’s chock-full of scripts.

The problem is master hypnotists — like the late Milton H. Erickson — never rely on scripts. If you start using that crutch… then… you’re doomed to failure. Or at least poor results.

Learning hypnosis the traditional way is actually a handicap. That’s a funny thing coming from someone who spent a small fortune (I literally shelled out over $150,000) learning hypnosis from traditional sources.

However, I had one advantage most people don’t.

I was obsessed.

So much so, that I figured out how to simplify learning hypnosis. And how to simplify practicing hypnosis in the real world where it counts.

After training thousands of people I know one thing. Hypnosis IS easy to learn and perform if… and only if… you learn from the right teacher. Someone who knows how to make it  easy, simple and fun.

For example: If you’re fairly new to hypnosis, you’ve probably experienced situations where you couldn’t put someone in trance. No matter what you tried.

Well, you don’t need another script. What you really need is to understand the three keys to fast hypnosis. Once you know this, it’s easy to put anyone under your hypnotic spell in minutes. Any time you want. In any situation.

Because you’ll know how to engage hypnotic subjects. Crumble their natural resistance to follow commands. And tap the unconscious mind to plant suggestions that stick.

The exciting thing is I’ve seen complete “newbies” to hypnosis master this process within minutes. However, you do need someone to explain it.

That’s why I’ve created my home study DVD program:

The Power Hypnotist Video DVD Program 

How To Build Your Skills In Every Area Of Hypnosis Fast

The first DVD in the program contains training and demonstration module #1: Secrets of Hypnotic Suggestions Guaranteed To Induce Trance – an easy-to-watch demonstration (about 20 minutes long) which fully explains (and DEMONSTRATES) the 3 keys to fast hypnosisso you can ALWAYS put someone into a hypnotic trance.

Power Hypnotist Module #1: Secrets of Hypnotic Suggestions Guaranteed To Induce Trance

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll get from the first training and demonstration module:

  • A basic tool of hypnosis that allows for trance to happen whenever it’s used!
  • Why triggering the conscious mind is not necessary for hypnosis!
  • The real reason people reject advice, commands and suggestions… and… how to make sure that does not happen during your hypnotic interactions!
  • What prevents people from changing their lives (no matter how desperately they try)… and… how to overcome this limitation! (If there’s anything you don’t like about yourself or your life right now… and you feel stuck… then here’s what’s stopping your progress and how to get past it once and for all.)
  • How to penerate the unconscious mind without any filters or blocks guarding the way!
  • Why you can’t make people do anything you want while they’re in a hypnotic state! (Big misconception. Here’s the truth you need to know about what’s possible and impossible with hypnosis!)
  • How to use language to affect the way people think, feel and behave!
  • Two demonstrations that highlight the power of words to mesmerize!
  • A fun exercise — only takes about a minute — to make yourself feel happy!
  • How to create mental images that have a hypnotic impact!
  • Why hypnotic suggestions (regardless of how well crafted) will never affect different people the same way!
  • And so much more!

Altogether, there are 8 DVDs in the program, all with me (Igor Ledochowski) DEMONSTRATING different aspects of hypnosis… purposefully designed to turn you into a hypnotist that can adapt to any situation, giving you the same hypnotic powers as a master hypnotist..

Here is a complete run down of the additional training and demonstration modules contained on the DVDs in The Power Hypnotist DVD Program:

Module #2: How To Get People To Accept Your Ideas Without Resistance

One of the most important things you will ever learn is how to bypass the mind’s critical factor. So the mind accepts the concepts, ideas and suggestions you want instead of rejecting them.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • How to compel the unconscious mind to accept your suggestions without a fight! (The key to having people agree with your point of view on any topic!)
  • How the mind prevents someone from having a hypnotic (or any other) experience!
  • How to change (at least temporarily) anyone’s mental patterns… so… they go along with your advice and recommendations! (A quick, easy and reliable process for having people accept your ideas!)
  • Compliance Secrets: How to make people respond positively to you. (Once you know these your life will be so much easier!)
  • How to create a “yes momentum” during a conversation without sounding weird, scripted or inept! (So invisible no one will notice you’re setting them up to agree with your every request.)
  • A fun exercise that increases your ability to get anyone (friends, family, perfect strangers) to say “yes” to you more often!
  • And more!

Module #3: How To Control Someone’s Mindset

In Module 3, we delve into the art of controlling how a hypnotic subject thinks.

Imagine being able to direct someone’s thoughts. So that they easily fall under your spell. You’ll discover the following:

  • How to change someone’s reality so they operate from your viewpoint!
  • How to totally transform — within minutes — how people perceive the world around them!
  • How to make people feel, think and behave in the way that suits you best!
  • What the most influential hypnotists in the world know about the mind that less successful hypnotists miss! (This is huge and critically important if being the best hypnotist you can be is important to you.)
  • Three questions to ask before approaching a hypnotic subject! (If you get this wrong you could end up in a lot of hot water.)
  • A simple method for creating the right hypnotic situation… that… practically guarantees someone will react exactly the way you want them to! (Doing this will make you seem like a mind reader!)
  • And a bunch more!

Module #4: How To Test Your Hypnotic Ability And Succeed In Any Setting

Learning skills and techniques is one thing.

Being able to apply them in the real world is what makes the difference. In this module, I’ll show you how to take everything you’ve learned so far. And apply it in the context of Street Hypnosis. You’ll discover:

  • How to pique curiosity so people are on the edge of their seats waiting with baited breath for you to hypnotize them!
  • Simple compliance testing methods to see how open someone is to hypnotic suggestion!
  • How many compliance “tasks” to give someone before you know they are ready for trance!
  • What to do if someone refuses to comply with your instructions. (HINT: Don’t panic. Just do THIS instead and you’ll be right back on track in no time.)
  • A quick test that lets you know to what extent you’ve by-passed the critical factor!
  • Two words that allow hypnotic subjects to follow your suggestions more readily!
  • How to neutralize situations that hinder the hypnotic context!
  • How to get people to accept you into their “inner circle” and obey your hypnotic commands… even if… you are a total stranger!
  • How to get difficult subjects into a hypnotic trance with ease!
  • The truth about what really makes hypnosis work!

Module #5: How To Break The Thought Loops That Prevent Hypnosis

We all possess natural thought patterns that keep us on the alert.

They prevent us from revealing too much of ourselves. And thereby allow us to feel safe around strangers and others we don’t know. However, from a hypnosis stand point, these thought loops act as a negative force. Putting the breaks on hypnosis from happening. In this module you’ll discover simple ways to overcome this issue.

You’ll learn:

  • How to turn negative, critical, wary and unresponsive people into perfect hypnotic subjects who cheerfully let you hypnotize them with ease!
  • How the brain  is constructed and how it allows us to have thoughts! (Which gives you the power to ethically manipulate how someone thinks!)
  • A curious but very effective way to interrupt someone’s thought pattern, break the ice and put them at total ease with you!
  • Which part of the brain decides where attention should focus and what emotions you should have at any point in time! (Learn to trigger this part of the brain and hypnotizing people is a walk in the park!)
  • How a Canadian Yogi and his flower-toting, peace-chanting followers walked into the middle of a war zone in the Gaza Strip while bullets were flying and caused a temporary cease-fire! (And the big secret to hypnosis success this example teaches!)
  • What we mean by the “ah-hah”… “ah”… or “hah-hah” responses… and… how they each produce the perfect emotional situation for hypnosis!
  • The perfect window of opportunity for hypnosis to occur!

Module #6: How To Combine NLP With Hypnosis To Anchor Ideas In People’s Minds Instantly

One of the most powerful concepts in NLP is anchoring. In this module, I’ll show you how to merge NLP and hypnotic technique so you can anchor any concept in someone’s mind on the spot.

Some of the secrets revealed include:

  • The truth about the concept of anchoring! It’s not what the NLP experts say it is and I’ll prove how and why it really happens!
  • Why NLP techniques often fail… and… the one element that makes them work every single time!
  • How to focus your mind to achieve more than you ever thought!
  • An anchoring technique you can use to make people feel good!
  • How to intensify a hypnotic suggestion so it sticks!
  • A quote by Milton Erickson that reveals the most important thing you must get right to make any hypnotic technique work its magic! (Do this correctly and everything else just falls in place!)
  • And a whole lot more!

Module #7: The Crash Course In Self-Hypnosis

In this issue, I’ll cover how to properly hypnotize yourself.

You’ll learn the basics of the power of self-hypnosis method I teach in a more advanced course. Everything is condensed into a simple process you can begin using immediately to experience the benefits of self hypnosis. I’ll teach you:

  • Who the world’s best hypnotic subject is and why!
  • How to have the world’s best hypnotic subject help you put anyone in a hypnotic trance!
  • Hypnotic trances you can put yourself into that lull your subject into a trance also!
  • How to test whether you’ve hypnotized yourself or not!
  • How to tear down the mind’s defenses so you hypnotize yourself without a problem!
  • Why affirmations often fail… and… how to prepare the mind to accept your affirmations without a fight!
  • Plus a whole bunch more!

Module #8: How To Develop Irresistible Hypnotic Personal Power

The more charismatic and hypnotic you are the easier it is to influence others. That’s why in this video I reveal how to make yourself irresistible to hypnotic subjects. They will follow your lead, take your advice and generally allow themselves to be easily influence by you.

Here’s what this issue reveals:

  • How to create pleasant hypnotic realities in others without saying a word!
  • Why wanting things from people decreases your influence on them!
  • How to drop people into deep rapid trances by hypnotizing yourself first!
  • How to remove all your nervous tension and performance anxiety before doing an induction! (Follow this piece of advice and you’ll feel at ease during every hypnotic interaction.)
  • The true and funny story of a family therapist who fell asleep in the middle of sessions in order to discover the perfect solution for his patients!
  • A simple way to protect yourself against other people’s dominant negative emotions and attitudes!
  • What a con man needs in order to scam someone… and… why they can never rip you off if this does not exist!

Module #9: How To Guarantee Your  Hypnotic Skills Are Easily Accessible  When You Need Them Most

Now we’re going to get into something very exciting.

What if you had a process to ensure you could count on your hypnotic skills whenever you need them? No fumbling around. No worrying you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time. None of that anxiety. Instead, imagine having instant access to the perfect technique at the right time.

You’ll learn this process in this module plus:

  • The quick fix for getting out of your own way so hypnotizing people becomes fun and easy!
  • How to get yourself into a powerful and confident emotional state!
  • The only two parts of a hypnosis session you can rehearse prior to meeting the subject, client or patient! (Do the rehearsal correctly — just as I outline — and the rest of the meeting will take care of itself.)
  • What you must do if you start feeling negative emotions while getting ready to meet a hypnosis subject!
  • And more!

Module #10: How To Perform Inductions Like The Greatest Hypnotherapist Of All Time

Milton H. Erickson is considered as the greatest hypnotherapist who ever lived. For good reason. He developed an arsenal of hypnotic techniques to help just about every patient he met.

In this module I’ll teach you a secret only Erickson and two other hypnotists (direct students of his) know. I learned this secret by watching his students.

The funny thing is they were doing it unconsciously and had no idea they relied on this secret to induce trance. I spotted the pattern, reverse-engineered it and figured out how to use and teach it to other hypnotists.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the unconscious mind allows for instant change to happen without the hypnotic subject even knowing what took place!
  • How to create a context in which the person becomes free to experience something unconsciously, without any inhibitions!
  • The easiest way to improve any area of your life or another person’s!
  • The little-known secret to hypnotizing people like Milton Erickson!
  • How to get feedback during a hypnosis session so you know whether your suggestions are working or not!
  • And a lot more!

Module #11: How To “Take A Guided Tour” Through Someone Else’s Mind

In this issue, I reveal how you can develop a “sixth sense” about the best way to hypnotize certain people. This skill will come in handy… especially if… you want to pick the best hypnotic technique and get great results fast.

Here’s a bit of what I cover:

  • Secrets of the Dynamic Mental Imagery induction few hypnotists know!
  • Why you should not be scared to interact with people while you’ve got them in trance! (Do it right and they won’t snap out of it.)
  • How to become tuned into how people think and respond to suggestions!
  • How to spot patterns in thinking and response that let you know the perfect hypnotic strategy for that specific person!
  • How to deepen an unconscious response!
  • How to take the pressure off yourself as a hypnotist and let the subject do all the work while you guide them!

Module #12: How To Make The Most Shocking Suggestions Completely Acceptable

In this module you’ll begin learning the principles of influence.

Because no matter what you do in life (at work, home, school or anywhere else) you can’t get away from having to influence and persuade. Human interaction requires a basic understanding of how to convince people to see things your way.

Some of what this video reveals is:

  • How being more influential helps you be a better hypnotist!
  • How to get people — even the close-minded ones — to accept whatever premise you set forth!
  • Two essential reasons why someone won’t accept an idea and how to overcome each!
  • How to uproot entrenched unconscious conflicts that don’t allow a person to open up to new possibilities!
  • How to plant unacceptable ideas in someone’s mind that eventually become acceptable to them!
  • How to hide your suggestions so they drop into the unconscious unnoticed!
  • The perfect “delivery system” for covert hypnotic suggestions!
  • And so much more!

Module #13: How To Tell Hypnotic Stories

Learning how to tell hypnotic stories is simpler than you think. In addition, honing this skill allows you use other techniques more effectively and efficiently. Take a look at a few of the secrets in this module:

  • The one key secret to make storytelling easy as pie!
  • How to put yourself in the right frame of mind to tell captivating stories!
  • How to warm up your mind so it gives you interesting story ideas!
  • The three elements of a story that flows!
  • The most powerful and impactful stories you can tell!
  • Where to find fodder for your stories! Three sources of inspiration!
  • How to tap the unconscious mind for material that develops into a hypnotic story!

Module #14: How To Hide Hypnotic Messages Within Stories And Conversations

The idea of hidden hypnotic messages is nothing new.

However, your ability to apply this technique properly can have a profound effect on how easily you hypnotize people. And help them in the long run. I’ll teach you exactly how to make that happen and…

  • How Milton Erickson used embedded commands to “cure” one of his secretaries of migraine headaches!
  • How a schizophrenic helped to develop one of the most powerful hypnotic techniques!
  • Why embedded commands often fail novice hypnotists!
  • How to develop the ability to speak using embedded suggestions! (Hint: You do nothing and the suggestion drops in all by itself.)
  • Secret power words that set things up for a perfect hypnotic encounter!
  • And much more!

Module #15: How To Become A Hypnotic Persuasion Master

Did you know there are two categories of persuasion?

Most hypnotists think persuasion is only about motivating someone to take certain actions. In some cases so you benefit. And in others so they benefit. The fact is persuasion goes much farther beyond this application.

In this module you’ll learn the finer points of persuading people in any circumstance. And I’ll show you…

  • The one category of persuasion crucial for surviving in our society that no one talks about!
  • What to do when you’re accused of something that was not your fault!
  • The elements necessary for blame to stick! (And how to handle each one and neutralize the negative energy so you’re in the clear if you’re innocent regardless of who blames you and for what.)
  • How to defuse emotionally-charged situations that could get out of hand!
  • How to turn the tables on someone venting their frustrations at you so they become your ally and advocate instead of hated adversary!
  • Four of the most destructive emotions and how to use them for good!
  • How to persuade people by pressing their painful emotional hot buttons!
  • An example of how to argue using analogies and win!

Module #16: How To Profile Anyone In Seconds So You Can Predict Their Behavior

In this module you’ll get a tool for hypnotic profiling.

Which is a skill allowing you the guide conversations so they lead to quicker inductions. Here’s a little of what you’ll learn in this video:

  • A quick way to profile people as you’re talking to them so you can predict with accuracy how they’ll think, feel and behave!
  • Why profiles are only accurate in the short-term!
  • The four basic profiles people fit into!
  • The real reason people have trouble communicating and getting along!
  • How to refine a profile in the moment so it better matches what the person is really all about!
  • And more!

Module #17: The Secret To Changing People’s Minds

Helping people make profound changes in their lives through hypnosis is very rewarding. But everything hinges on your ability to alter their mental state. So they allow your suggestions to seep into their unconscious minds.

You’ll learn how to do that this module plus…

  • How to shift the mind from one state to another!
  • How to craft rituals that empower people!
  • Why no one — regardless of what they tell you — can remember the past!
  • How power loops allow you to strategically design a set of processes that result in whatever outcome you want!
  • How to install memories of events that never happened in people!

Module #18: How To Put Any Group Of People Under Your Hypnotic Control

Whether you work with groups or not, this module sheds light on the basics of “crowd control” using hypnosis. Let’s face it, a group can be a couple of people or hundreds. If you ever face more than one person at a time… and… want to be hypnotically effective then you’ll enjoy discovering:

  • How to change a group dynamic so everyone follows your lead!
  • How to make it possible for people within a group to disagree without destroying the unity!
  • How to become accepted into a new group unfamiliar with you!
  • A sneaky way to emerge as the natural leader of any group you choose to infiltrate!
  • A certain kind of exercise that helps to bond a group together from the moment it forms!
  • How creating a “pack” allowed a salesperson to sell without all the usual resistance from prospects!
  • Unconscious Leadership: How to penetrate any group through direct and indirect endorsement by an authority figure the group respects!
  • And a lot more!

Module #19: How To Hypnotically Diffuse People Who Challenge You

I’m sure you’ve found yourself in situations where someone decided to challenge you about something. This could happen in a group setting or one-on-one.

In this module you’ll learn how to reverse the situation. So the challenge becomes a transformational moment for the person. And if you’re in a group setting the situation helps the group come together more.

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle a group that is challenging you in some way!
  • How to deal with people who feel like being disagreeable no matter what!
  • Why threatening people are an asset to a group!
  • How to respond to someone asking a “loaded” question!
  • Socrates’ secret to keeping people engaged in a conversation even when they begin getting agitated with him! (A great method for winning arguments.)
  • The one thing you must do to activate a hypnotic reversal when dealing with someone who is verbally aggressive!
  • How to politely throw someone off course who is dead-set on arguing with you! (Works every time and puts you in control of the interaction.)
  • How to challenge someone’s belief… any belief… in a way that makes it impossible for them to maintain their position without losing face!
  • A clever way to deal with people who say they can’t be hypnotized!
  • How to become a master of hypnosis!

Module #20: How To Re-Frame The Way Someone Looks At The World

A big secret to hypnosis success is getting people to change their mental paradigm. Because people often get stuck in mental ruts that are not helpful.

The final module of the Power Hypnotist Video DVD Program is about the idea of “re-framing” someone’s reality. So they perceive their particular situation in a way that allows for resolution.

I’ll show you:

  • How to change a person’s perspective so they become instantly agreeable!
  • How to soften your approach when challenging someone’s mindset so they don’t resist your suggestions!
  • How to tell when a person is locked in mentally and emotionally on a certain concept, idea or position!
  • Why getting people to commit to a position first allows you to change their mind more easily!
  • Plus… much, much more!

Just Follow The 3 KEYS To Fast Hypnosis In The First DVD And Your Success Rate Will Be 100%




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