Jack Korbid – The Secret Sex Code

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I’ve dedicated my last 19 years to teaching men and women just like you about how to give their lover the ultimate sexual satisfaction in the fastest, easiest and most arousing form possible…and leave their partners shaking and begging for more, every single time! 

I thought I knew all about sex…but what I saw in my 11 months spent in India at the ashram of a great tantric sex guru shattered my reality! Then and there I realized how little western sexology and myself, actually knew about sex and the art of lovemaking.This book doesn’t describe my journey to India, it describes the actual sex techniques I learned in the ashram of my tantric sex guru. 

Tips and techniques from the book “THE SECRET SEX CODE” are up to 10x stronger and more intense than your lover would have previously experienced with anybody! (Including yourself) 
And because the techniques start very subtle and under the radar, your partner won’t even realize you’re using them, until they start feeling such immense sexual arousal that they would never want you to stop!




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1) None of the Archives Has Passwords - for extracting you can use successfully WinRAR or even better 7zip https://www.7-zip.org

  • for Linux Or Mac You Have to Use An Alternative Compatible with 7zip or WinRar - In The Case of CRC error on extraction - you have to redownload the file first
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