Jani Zubkovs – Women Tamed | Why Women Love Cavemen – A Man’s Guide to Tame the Bitch (Deluxe Package)

Jani Zubkovs – Women Tamed Download

Jani Zubkovs Why Women Love Cavemen – A Man’s Guide to Tame the Bitch PDF Download

Jani Zubkovs – Women Tamed PDF Download

This Tamed Women We Speak of …Is Yours … Waiting For YOU Attitude analysis … Does she really want a sensitive-lover-with-a-smooth-touch or does she want a strong-but-silent man who’ll take command and control (the answer to this might surprise you)

14 key components of your appearance and behavior that will make you irresistible.

Improve your life and end the “pussification” she instills in you.

Little known ways to end her looking at you as a “big dumb provider.”

Discover the courage to grab your “stones” back.

Surprising fact: Nerds are the new Marlon Brando of the next generation.

Uncover the secrets behind all those princess/cavemen relationships

How to stop being a metrosexual and act like a real man.

Eliminate courtship bullshit and focus on the important stuff instead.

Sex and the tamee … Why the most common sexual position doesn’t do a damn thing for her – unless you “awaken” her G-spot

Complete details on the Women Tamed Sexual Technique

Detailed instructions on how to tame her through the greatest sex she ever had.

Even if you suffer from a small penis or ED, she’ll be tame as a kitten by the time you are done with her.

Eliminate the “must cheat” command in the database of a woman’s brain.

Seven fail proof ways to break the “clingy guy” habit.

GBF (GAY BEST FRIEND) SYNDROME … going from friend to lover just got easy.

Are you pussified – startling facts that suddenly snap you out of it.

Are you a “CAVEMAN” or a “NICE GUY”?
Are you a real man or pussy-man …the sissification stops NOW .

No doubt about it, millions of men have essentially had their walnut sized stones wrenched out from under them … and have been sissified by the media and the feminist movement.

Feminism’s rise along with the entire politically correct movement has made it to where a guy can’t be a guy anymore. We’re taught to see ourselves as big, dumb providers.

I’m not talking about equality here – I’m all for that.

I’m talking about pussifying men – making them sissies. Doing dishes or helping with the laundry or helping out with housework is NOT what “pussification” of men means–not by a long-shot.

You can’t “pussify” John Wayne by having him do a pile of laundry. Men and women can be equal without stripping away their fundamental roles.

You can go to a school or university and join women groups, go to colleges and attend classes on feminism.

You can go into politics by exploiting feminism. Use feminism as a tool to advance almost any pet project you have.

Not one of these things is possible for a male and I’m NOT saying there should be – there shouldn’t be any of it – male or female.

Destruction of male group’s pride and self worth is the norm in this “NEW” male world.

A new society is being constructed – one in which being a genuine and real man is becoming looked down upon. I see it here in America, Down Under, and it’s very advanced in the UK and Europe.

Need proof: Take a look at all the silly sitcoms and advertisements on TV.

This “sissification” of men is obvious in the media if you’re aware of it. Keep an eye on ads on television; see if you can spot the subtle and not so subtle put downs of men.

Usually, the husband is a dumb dolt and the smart wife has the problems all figured out. OR the woman is being a mature, responsible adult while the man acts like a child.

Your sissification stops now …
Tame the Bitch … Today.
And the best part is … A Tamed Women costs so little to create and to keep her happy. For happiness, five star restaurants and diamonds are NOT a requirement.

It’s not your fault that she’s a spoiled little bitch, but it must be stopped.

As a matter of fact, I don’t blame you for pandering up to her, because outwardly that is what she expects. But in reality that is not what she needs and craves.

She makes you feel like less than a man because you can’t satisfy her sexually. It’s not your fault, nobody ever told you about the WT Technique ®.

It’s not your fault that the stupid media pigeonholes you into a “dumb ass” when in reality you are a “caveman.”

Order the DELUXE PACKAGE and get this HOT stuff.

The book everyone is talking about “Boink Her Pink … the ultimate guide to female G-spot orgasms” – instant download.

Stop the shenanigans and let her have it with “Boink Her Pink” — Discover how to have HER orgasm 17 times tonight –unlock the secrets of the female G-spot.

57% of women regularly fake orgasms with their lovers (She lies, telling you she experienced “amazing sex”).

Less than 25% of women regularly experience an orgasm- that means 75% of women never orgasm with a partner (if you’ve ever wondered why she lingers so long in the bathtub … maybe because that’s her only opportunity to get herself off!)

After you uncover the secrets of the G-spot (some secrets I learned from a lesbian friend of mine), you discover, that she likes the romance of a relationship … but … she needs sexual release.

Now discover… The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Make Her COME HARD.

Even if You Suffer From ED or a Small Penis …You Can Still Satisfy Her Inner Nympho

Little by little you realize that “Boink Her Pink” – the ultimate guide to how to make her orgasm and ejaculate. As I said before …

… Even if you’re a man with a small penis not capable of satisfying her, you’ll benefit immensely from knowing the “Boink Her Pink” method (AKA G-gasm Method), because you’ll make her come almost on command. My point being …

Bottom line, imagine making her orgasm anytime, any place, almost anywhere … (Even without using your penis – even when it’s not working or too small)! (Amazon price $24)

The hot and sexy “TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT: Your Ultimate Guide to Sexy, Kinky Things to do With Your Lover.” – instant download.

Here’s your ace in the hole. Once you’ve got your skills up into the realm of elite lovers then it’s time to upgrade the heat, the passion and the kink of your lovemaking sessions with your lover. Take some time and look through the spine-tingling ideas found inside.

All the ideas won’t get you excited. You’ll giggle at some of them.   You’ll toss others out as going “too far” for your tastes. The rest?   Pure lustful physical pleasure time-and-time again.

Print out your favorites and plant them inside a romantic card for sweetie…or put them somewhere – to find at some random time. You have unlimited opportunities to kick up your passion a notch-or-two.

Great sex resembles great music, with your bodies the instruments. First you’ll discover how to tune your instrument properly and then you’ll find some amazing new songs to play.

PLUS you receive the full 192 page edition of the “KAMA SUTRA” – Including The INFAMOUS “Sex Positions” Chapter – instant download.

Written nearly 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra – the most famous, most infamous and most erotic handbook for the lovers in the history of the world.   While many of today’s sex books focus only on a technique or on a mood, the Kama Sutra – a comprehensive manual for the entire human sexual experience.

You’ll uncover the principles and techniques of comprehensive sexual pleasure, for both yourself and your lover, and how to best achieve the orgasmic and ecstatic expression of life’s more beautiful (and most intense) experiences

To recap, the Deluxe Package:

==> Why Women Love Cavemen: A Man’s Guide to Tame the Bitch
==> Element-X – How to Meet and Sleep With Killer Chicks
==> Boink Her Pink – Make Her Orgasm Whenever YOU Want.
==> Tonight’s the Night … Sexy, Kinky Things to do With Your Lover
==> The Complete Kama Sutra


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