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Product Information

“Speak to Spark Arousal” is designed to get a woman to release her inhibitions and project her sexual desire onto you based on activating a ‘sexual tripwire’ in her brain that awakens her primal lust. It aims to give men the power to turn women on, make them impulsive, and see you as a powerful, sexual man.

Topics include:

– How to react to rational dating objections
– What to say so she thinks that you’re not like other guys
– How to make a woman chase you in three easy steps
– The key difference between being assertive and desperate
– Using conversational silences to ignite her sexual tension
– A technique to put sexual images and ideas in a woman’s mind
– Putting sexual conversation on autopilot to effortlessly turn women on
– How to create interest, excitement, and arousal in one conversation
– Automatically and continually put sexual thoughts and feelings in her head
– How to respond when she says that she has a boyfriend or not interested
– How to exhibit massive confidence to compel a woman to see you again
– Easily approaching women and getting them excited to carry the conversation
– Using curiosity to get a woman interested in face-to-face and text conversations

Bonus programs include:

– Friend Zone Escape Hatch: what to say and do to break out of the friend zone
– Natural Conversation Starters: undetectable approach for coming across naturally

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  • for Linux Or Mac You Have to Use An Alternative Compatible with 7zip or WinRar - In The Case of CRC error on extraction - you have to redownload the file first
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