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The pioneer and true master of ‘chill game’, Jon’s skills epitomise the term ‘less is more’. After thousands of street approaches Jon has developed a highly effective, relaxed style that appears to be effortless. Strong eye contact and solid body language are the cornerstones of Jon’s technique. Relying on subtle teasing and strong comfort building and flipping between the two, Jon is able to attract women very quickly and at the same time assume familiarity with them and make them feel very comfortable around him. After studying the direct style of daygame and becoming a executive instructor Jon has very quickly become the most consistent daygamer in London.

Jon was a shy introvert for most of his life, and when he reached his mid 20’s, he had totally given up on the chances of ever having any success with women. However, Jon quit his job as a software developer in 2007 to live his dream and play online poker full time. While at first this led to a more isolated life it eventually gave Jon the platform to move to London and focus all of his time on becoming successful with women.

Jon has thousands of hours field experience covering all aspects of daygame including considerable time spent as Yad’s regular wing. Jon’s empathetic style and experience of social anxiety gives him a full understanding of each students situation and allows him to bond with them quickly.

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The saying goes that you can take the boy out of Essex but you can’t take Essex out of the boy. In Jon’s case the Essex has definitely been taken out of the boy and been replaced with ice. Known for his cool demeanor and laid back approach, Jon has been on a long journey of self discovery over the last 8 years.

Jon’s first career began as a software developer but after 10 long years working in the prison they call the “office” he decided enough was enough and he was going to pursue his dream of playing professional internet poker for a living.  A very successful tournament player, Jon made his living from the comfort of his own home. 

The first piece of the puzzle was in place, a way out of the rat race but there was still something missing. Jon then began his journey of self development and self mastery. First port of call was sex and dating, which saw him cutting his teeth on the streets of London, approaching women and become a master of seduction. 

He joined as an executive instructor back in early 2011 and very quickly became known for his efficient style and unrivalled consistency.  Jon has traveled the world teaching literally thousands of men how to improve themselves and attract women.

The next piece is a work in progress. Jon’s pursuit of true self mastery has seen him traveling to far of places taking mind bending spiritual plant medicines, being given jungle frog poison while also dabbling in a little thing they call “Tantric Sex”.

In 2015 Jon cofounded Male Mastery with Dave Diggler & Prince Asim and has vowed to ‘Help as many men as possible to change their lives in the way I have and become the men they were born to be.’


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