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 Have you had enough of ‘running out of things’ to talk about with women you like?

Do you want to finally end that feeling of utter frustration you get when you run out of things to say with women after 5 or 10 minutes, or even after the opening line?

Do you want to get rid of those bad conversation habits, such as interrogation style question or having dull and uninspiring conversations that fizzle out so soon?

Do you want to learn how to get a woman’s full attention?

Do you want to learn the secret psychology of the woman’s mind?

Do you want to transition from the opening line to a full-blown interaction quickly and smoothly?

Do you want to finally understand why women react in a certain a way, or respond to something that always has you completely confused?

Do you want to learn the art of displaying high value and using it to its fullest advantage?

Do you want make a strong and positive impact on a woman within 1 minute?

Do you want to be a master of conversation?

Do you want to create a solid base/platform/structure so that can you apply routines so that they don’t come across strange or fake?

Do you want to build up comfort in seconds, so that you can sexually escalate much faster than you are presently?

The 10 hook lead system.

“Never run out of things to say to women EVER AGAIN”. This system is by far the most popular request I get from my students. I want to share with you what the 10 hook lead system is (if you are yet unaware of it) why it works and how to get more information on it in the near future.

Let me start by revealing to you the 3 most common sticking points that my students come to me with. They are as follows:

1. Approach anxiety

2. Creating sexual escalation and/or getting out of the comfort or friend zone.

3. Running out of things to say!

Running out of things to say, can actually translate to many other sticking points in regards to general conversation skills.

It can mean:

1: Not possessing the ability to avoid or stop awkward or uncomfortable silences.

2: Having dull and boring interactions with women he likes, even though he genuinely is NOT a dull and boring person with other people. (This of course can leave my students very frustrated!)

3: Subjecting the women to interrogation style questioning.

4: Failing to transition from the opening line in to a full blown conversation (failing to move the introduction stage on to the comfort stage)

“Master the skills that will hand you her full 100% focus and attention, even in loud busy nightclubs and bars”

Why does this happen?

There are a few reasons, but usually the most common one is because the man is outcome dependent, and consequently he is nervous. Nerves can make us all go BLANK, and when we go blank, we make stupid mistakes, which we kick ourselves over afterwards.

Another common reason is that a lot of my students are used to only talking to people in their social groups, and rely on meeting women via those social groups. This means they wait to meet women who might be sitting at their friends table in a pub /bar or club and therefore getting their attention through conversation can be done nice and slowly with zero time constraint, and of course all formal introductions will be made nice and smoothly too.

But in reality, men want to have the power to pick the woman whom they want rather than just rely on waiting for the RIGHT woman to join their social groups table or to be introduced to the RIGHT woman through a friend at a party.

Unfortunately, because they have gotten so used to the former method of meeting and talking to women, they now find themselves making one or more of the four mistakes I mentioned before when they approach a stranger.

The 10 hook lead system is a clear, practical and actually quite a fun way to have great conversations with women. It gives men the ability to transition the opener to a full-blown conversation effortlessly.

It serves to display the mans personality to the best of his ability, rather than change his personality or become someone he is not.

It can force even the most unresponsive of women to respond and it nails all those unwanted uncomfortable or awkward silences once and for all.

I developed this system three years ago, and each one of my students who have mastered the system now have zero problems in talking to ANY woman, whether its be in the street in the day time or in a crowded bar at night.

This DVD will go give you hours of invaluable information that will change you game forever, and give you REAL results.

This is the number one requested skill, and all the students who grasp this skill and apply it, are immediately astounded by the reaction, responses, opportunities and ultimately the results that they obtain from using it. “The most effective conversation techniques you will ever need!”

If you want real results from ANY women, then this DVD is one for you.

Kezia Noble – Deep Connection Download

Are you sick of women being unresponsive? Do you want to make a strong and positive impact on any woman you like?

Are you tired of women not wanting to see you again? (Even when they give you their number)

Have you had enough of having dull uninspiring interactions with women you like?

Do you want to learn how to get ‘SOLID” number closes?

Do you want to make women become fascinated with you?

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the men without using cheap gimmicks?

Do you want a woman to feel she can trust you as much as people she has known for years?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then you are ready to master the art of ‘deep connection’.

The Breakthrough ‘attraction system’ that will trigger her interest and desire within minutes”

The art of deep connection has not been covered nearly enough in the seduction community, especially to the level that it so rightly deserves. Us women believe that the few men who can see behind our masks, and see through the bravado that we choose to display, make far more of a positive impact than the countless men out there who are unable to get behind our masks or bravados.

Women automatically RESPECT the men who have the power and insight to accomplish this, and as most people know a woman must have respect for a man before she can be attracted to him. Getting behind the girls exterior shield is only the first step of achieving ‘deep connection’ and even achieving just this single step can create some incredible results.

I have been teaching my students the “art of creating deep connection” since 2006 and here are just a few of the testimonials I have received from some of my students on the subject. Powerful techniques that you can apply straight away!

If, like my students, you want to learn the art of mastering deep connection and get the results with women you did not think were achievable, then what I have to offer for a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME ONLY is ready, and can be yours to keep forever!

Introducing Kezias long awaited ‘Deep Connection” DVD set.

k-dvdHours of groundbreaking techniques that will give you a step by step break down which will have you mastering the art of creating deep connection, and hand you one of the most powerful secrets in the seduction community is yours to have.

This DVD is split in to 25 separate steps.

Each step has been carefully broken down and explained in fine and logical detail (Vague descriptions and explanations are strictly banned from this DVD) in order for you to grasp and apply this technique straight away!

There will also be demonstrations and videoed practice sessions with a number of different types of women, and all demos are done by the men who were lucky enough to attend the filmed event. This will include the mistakes they made as well as the amazing moments when they achieved deep connection with even some frustratingly difficult and impossibly shy girls.

Actual demonstrations is something that I know men out there always demand, theory is good, but seeing the theory put in to practice is even better! “Master the techniques that male dating coaches could NEVER give you”

What can deep connection and this DVD set do for you?

Deep connection will :
Help you make a powerful and positive impact on her.
Force even the most unresponsive or difficult of women to respond to you POSITIVELY
Make her see you as someone worth getting to know MUCH more
Make her want to see you again and again and again
Make all the other distractions around you both become out of focus, and put you firmly in focus
Allow you to build up an almost instant sense of trust with her
Will make her respect you.
Will make her completely fascinated by you
Will give you an invaluable insight in to the female mind
Will act as a springboard to create sexual escalation
Will get you solid number closes (NO MORE FLAKY NUMBERS)
Will produce super interesting and inspiring conversations
Will help you read any woman no matter how much of a shield she puts up.
Will provide you with enough conversation material, that you will never be scared of ‘running out of things to say’ or ‘dead ends’ or uncomfortable silences’ ever again.
But most importantly, mastering the art of deep connection will get you the results you want!

Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble – What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download

Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble - What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download
Daniel Johnson & Kezia Noble – What Girls Want Men to Wear The Secrets you always wish you knew PDF Download

The ULTIMATE Style Guide For Men  Be the VERY best you can be
Maximize your impact
Make a statement with your style
Establish a positive impression the moment you step into a room
Have women want to talk you
Generate admiring looks from people without saying a single word
Know exactly how to utilize all your assets.
Eliminate the chances of getting instant rejections
Increase women’s curiosity
Maximize your style to the most powerful level possible
Discover the ‘inside’ secrets of the most stylish men in the world.
Obtain the insights of what women find sexy and attractive
Realize what turns women off in regards to style
Have the ability to your style yourself in a way that remains congruent with your personality and lifestyle


First impressions count for a lot. The way a man carries himself, the way he walks, and the way he chooses to present himself to the world will determine what kind of impact he makes on people. ESPECIALLY with women.

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever found yourself walking over to a beautiful woman, and before you have even said a single word to her, she’s already turned her back to you, or has already displayed those dreaded signs that make it clear that she has ZERO desire to talk to you or be approached by you.


I have helped over 7000 men achieve powerful results with women, and have shown them the many skills, insights and techniques that ultimately accelerate their success rate to a whole new level.

Therefore, to say I am an expert in this field is an understatement!

I can tell you EXACTLY why you might be making a negative FIRST impression on a woman, and I can show you EXACTLY how to turn it into a positive one .

CAUSES OF INSTANT REJECTIONThere are three FUNDAMENTAL reason for why women instantly reject men and one of them is his appearance.

This does NOT mean, women are instantly rejecting you because you are overweight, or because you’re too short or too tall or thin or too scrawny. You see, when I use the word ‘appearance’ I am referring to the way a man presents himself to the rest of the world through his choice of clothes, his personal hygiene, and general style.


If you had a company or ran service (maybe you do) then ultimately your intention would be to attract as many customers as possible. Would it make sense for you to attract them with a sloppy and badly designed website? Or a scruffy and uninviting shop window? Or by handing them a cheaply designed business card riddled with spelling mistakes? The answer is obviously: ‘Of course not! ’

Despite how amazing your product or service actually is, you would not tarnish it’s value or sabotage your reputation with poor and lazy branding or marketing.

It would be illogical!

So why would you ever insist on using the same illogical tactics with your appearance?

THE BEST YOU CAN BE We do NOT believe that you should represent an image of yourself that is incongruent with your character. For example: Why would we ever encourage you to wear a sharp suit if you consider yourself to be a more artistic and/or relaxed person? Why would we tell you to dress in a way that does not reflect your age or personality? That would be misleading!

Myself and my fashion and men’s style expert Daniel Johnson, believe in conveying your strengths and unique character in the most appealing and attractive way possible.

Attraction to Seduction

Kezia Noble – Attraction to Seduction Download

Attraction to Seduction : The secrets that women do NOT what you to know, why? Because with the insights, techniques, methods and skills that I am handing you in a step by step and detailed format, you will be attracting women into your bed whom you initially thought would never sleep with you.

No cheesy pick up lines
No gimmicky pick up artist tricks
No vague advice
No generic tips

Powerful techniques that will make women lust after you
Honest insights in to what women want
The secrets that will turn her on
The insight into the female mind
The ability to deal with any negative reactions and turn them around to a positive result
Myth busting! I will expose the garbage you have been hearing for years and give you the truth you need on how to seduce women
The skills to get out of the friend zone
How to overcome her last minute doubts
The methods that will make her want to sleep with you the SAME NIGHT.
The knowledge that will FREE YOU FROM ENDING UP AS THE NICE GUY.

Since my last DVD set was released back in 2011 (The 10 hook lead system) which focuses primarily on building up conversations with women and gaining their interest and both emotional and psychological investment, I have been literally inundated with emails asking me to create a set of DVDs which focus ONLY on attraction,seduction and sexual escalation.

So why did it take me so long?

Well, the truth is, I wanted to cram as much valuable information and material in these new DVDs as possible,and I also wanted to perfect each skill and technique before  revealing it!
The other reason for why I delayed the development of these DVDs, was because I knew that the Attraction to Seduction DVDs would require my full commitment, and that would  mean I had to be 100 percent transparent and totally honest about extremely personal experiences and insights.

Although I am a confident woman and value my honesty intensely, revealing such detailed insights and experiences of a sexual nature was at times difficult, but I made the decision to go ahead and REVEAL ALL in order to really help you get results with women.Attraction to Seduction

I showed parts of these DVDs to women, before releasing them, and every single on of those women, admitted that what I was sharing was both practical and effective, and made total sense to them!

All of the techniques and skills which are contained in these DVDs have been tried and tested, and I have total confidence in all them, and I know, they will help you as  they have helped others, increasing your success rate with women!

Attraction to Seduction

Attraction to Seduction Disc 1

The skills to approach women with confidence

The ability to be sexually direct with a woman

Knowing how to deal with her reactions

Turning a potential negative situation into a positive outcome

Revealing the myths that pick up artists teach, which fail to get results

A clear and honest insight into the female mind

Seducing a woman without coming across as creepy or sleazy

Discovering the REAL REASONS for why some girls think some guys are creepy

Conveying unapologetic confidence

Attraction spikes

Breaking rapport

Demonstrating high value

Attraction to Seduction Disc 2

How to compliment women

The power of the ‘double sided’ confidence, and how to execute it

The ability to seduce women on a NONE VERBAL level

The ‘dipping technique’ ( One of the most powerful ways to arouse a woman)

Dealing with ANY possible reactions she may give you

The seduction gaze

Attraction to Seduction Disc 3

Reading the signs women send and knowing what to do

Understanding her indicators of disinterest

The ability to spot her indicators of interest

Flirting techniques

Kino ( knowing where and how to touch a woman and WHEN)

Dealing with ‘Last minute resistance’

Understanding why she might suddenly change her mind, and knowing what to do next

Discovering what she REALLY wants in bed.

What she wants to HEAR you say in bed

How to talk x-rated in bed and turn her on with this.

Understanding how to get her to do what you want in bed

The ability to seduce women whilst keeping inline with your own personal principles

Why nice guys finish last

The secrets that make the BAD GUY irresistible

The secrets that make the GREAT guy even more irresistible

The ability to seduce women in a ways which are congruent with your personality


Attraction to Seduction
Attraction to Seduction
Powerful techniques that will make women lust after you
Honest insights in to what women want
The secrets that will turn her on
The insight into the female mind
The ability to deal with any negative reactions and turn them around to a positive result
Myth busting! I will expose the garbage you have been hearing for years and give you the truth you need on how to seduce women
The skills to get out of the friend zone
How to overcome her last minute doubts
The methods that will make her want to sleep with you the SAME NIGHT.
The knowledge that will FREE YOU FROM ENDING UP AS THE NICE GUY.

Are You Sick Of Girls Describing You As The ‘Nice Guy’ Who They Don’t Want To Sleep With?

Being the nice guy does NOT mean you have to be the ‘bad guy’ or that you need to compromise your principles or change your personality. It means you need to know WHAT TO DO in order for her to DESIRE you FOR YOU!

Are you sick of being just friends with a girl you want to sleep with?

Are you tired of seeing other guys take home the hot women you were talking to?

Do you realize that to get girlfriend you NEED to make sure she desires you and wants to sleep with her first?

Do you want to discover what turns women on?

Do you want to know what women want from you in bed?

Kezia Noble – Text & Phone Game Download


* Do you get girls numbers but for some reason you can’t turn those numbers into follow updates
* Do you want to learn how to get the girl to respond almost instantly your text messages?
* Do you want to know the secrets that will SEAL YOU THE DEAL?
* Do you want to eliminate flakes and cancellations FOREVER?
* Do you want to get a powerful and honest insight in to the female mind?
* Do you want to learn HOW TO TURN HER ON via texts without coming across sleazy?

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