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Most women have numb, under-functioning vaginas.

Can you shoot ping pong balls with your vagina?

If you can’t you aren’t alone. 99.9% of women haven’t mastered this essential life skill. Once you do, you’ll have more (and better) orgasms, and be able to cause your man to ejaculate (or not!) with the power of your vagina alone. You may even learn to ejaculate yourself!

If a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage.

Having a weak vagina exacerbates this problem. You can’t tune into your sexual energy and sexual pleasure if you can’t even feel your vagina.

When women come to me with no desire for sex, I’m not surprised.

All over the world, women are suffering from the debilitating condition of not having enough (or any) sexual pleasure in their lives.

The effects of a dull vagina and unfulfilling sex life spill over into everything: your relationship, your career, your family, your friends.

Everything gets pulled into this vortex and affects your quality of life.

And really, what woman would want to have sex when they can’t even feel anything!?!

When I speak of vaginas that shoot ping pong balls and open beer bottles and win world records, these aren’t wild exceptions to what vaginas can do (though they are currently).

Every woman can do these things.


An 8-week Virtual Salon to Strengthen and Tone the Vagina and Turbo-Charge Your Orgasms


Love Yourself

– Foundational practices for harnessing sexual energy
– Open to the healing and energizing potential of your vagina


Create Yourself

Why orgasms are your infinite power source and how to use them to their maximum potential


Rejuvenate Yourself

How to shift menstruation and menopause to be energizing and rejuvenating instead of exhausting


Your Breast Self

How to make your breasts more sensitive and orgasmic


Heal Yourself

How to get rid of any genital numbness, shame or discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure more deeply, alone or with a partner


Empower Yourself

The secret few people know about how to use your feminine and sexual power to amplify your life’s work


– Weekly guided jade egg/vaginal strengthening practice 
– Guided meditations to heal and reconnect with your sexual and vaginal power and pleasure
– Weekly core strengthening exercises


– Your Vaginal Kung Fu Kit: jade egg, silk carry pouch and rose quartz lifting stones 
– Ejaculation 101
– Orgasmic Birth 
– Sex Position Prescriptions
– Jing it Up!

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