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Playerize Your Pad VOL 1 & 2 – This was one of the most anticipated of the Monthly Training Packages, and with good reason. Not only does it tell you how to transform your dumpy single guy home into a styling playboy bachelor pad that makes women WANT to sleep with you…

How To Get A Woman Into Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom make a woman imagine what it would be like to be NAKED in your bed… or does it make a woman want to RUN screaming for the door?

Bluntly, if your place looks more like the city dump, or like it was decorated by Bluto from Animal House, the last thing a woman is going to think about is being naked in your bed!jeans14

And the brutal truth is, you’ll never know, because a woman will NOT tell you. She just won’t ever see you again.

This is Important… what MESSAGES are you sending to a woman when she sees your room? What FIRST IMPRESSION do you give her when she first walks into your home?

Listen, I realize that until now you’ve probably NEVER given this any thought. This is a very safe bet, since you are a guy. Men don’t think about these things much.

But women DO! Just like women NOTICE your shoes, and it tells her a lot about you, they get an impression of you from your home and especially your bedroom.

And this tells her if she wants to sleep with you or not.

Remember she’s attracted to you, but you still have to build rapport, and her feeling COMFORT being in your private space will have a big impact on her desire to be intimate with you.

That’s why if you learn just a few simple ideas about decorating and interior design, you can actually have a woman IMAGINE herself in your bed way before it actually happens.

Moreover this not only makes it so much EASIER to get her into your bedroom, and it has the added benefit of making her feel COMFORTABLE being in your home.

Here’s a quick lesson in how a woman’s mind works… If she’s attracted enough to you to meet for a date, she WANTS things to go well. She WANTS to be ‘intimate’ with you.

Do you get what this means? The hardest part is over when she’s agreed to meet you for a date all you have to do is NOT SCREW UP.

Now you simply need to set up an environment that leads her down a path of more and more intimacy.

My point is… why makes things more difficult for yourself, when it’s actually EASY to make your place inviting for a woman.

Plus, you can give yourself a HUGE advantage by making your home and especially your bedroom, a place women appreciate.

It makes seduction EASY the first time, and she will want to come back again and again.

That’s why those of us that live in Project San Francisco spent time planning out how our home would look, and even more importantly how our BEDROOMS would look.

Believe me, it’s hilarious to watch the difference in reactions between when a woman walks in the house for the first time, and when a man does.

Women realize IMMEDIATELY the guys who live in this house UNDERSTAND women, and they have a lot of women ‘guests’.

Guys look at it and notice the STRIPPER POLE and the pool table and think… Dude, that must be fun at parties.

Listen, I’m not going to lie and tell you the stripper pole hasn’t provided HOURS of amusement at our parties, because it has… 😉

But there’s a calculated reason for almost every piece of furniture, mirror, knick knack, and decoration in Project San Francisco.

And there’s the added benefit that I get to live in a kick-ass house, that’s always clean. It makes me feel good to live in an environment like that every day.

Now I don’t expect you to become an interior design expert overnight, but here’s some basic things you can do.

First thing is be clean. Seems simple, but guys have a way higher tolerance for filthiness than women.

Clean your place like your mom would do it. If you hate to clean, or just don’t know how, get a cleaning service to do it for you.

Before you go out, straighten up your bedroom, and put clean SHEETS on the bed. Would you want to stay in a hotel that didn’t change the sheets?

Invest in some MATCHING furniture. It’s easy to find bedroom sets at a good price. Unless you’re in still in college there’s no good reason to look like you shop at Salvation Army.

And do I really need to tell you to get rid of the torn and tattered beer posters?

Buy artwork to reflect your personality and and has meaning to you.

Women will ask about it, and this is a GOLDEN opportunity to help her feel like she knows you and is comfortable with you.

Look, this isn’t rocket science, it just takes a little time and thought.

Now, if you want to take it to the next level, then I’ve got something special to help you in this month’s VIP member mailing.

After getting hundreds of requests from workshop alumni and V.I.P members about Project San Francisco, I created a special series on using your home as an essential part of a seduction.

I call this series jenna

“How To Playerize Your Pad”

This month the long awaited and highly anticipated Part II is here!

Part II takes you on a never before seen video tour of Project San Francisco.

This behind the scenes look at the world famous household of Pickup Artists, will take you into EVERY room in the house complete with me explaining each and every detail and what messages it sends to a woman.

You’ll see each man’s bedroom and how it reflects his personality, and helps the seduction part of his game.

If you’re a VIP Inner Circle Member, here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn this month when Part II arrives at your door:

* How a simple item beside the bed sends powerful sensual messages without being overtly sexual.

* Easy decorating tricks that will blow a woman’s mind and make her think she’s won the lottery for the most AWESOME MAN EVER.

* Kick Ass ways to create a total SEDUCTION environment in your room that’s guaranteed to blow a woman’s mind.

* How even the kitchen can be used to lead a woman to more intimacy.

* Simple bed ‘features’ that can make intimacy more fun (For her and you!)

* Amazingly easy (and LOW COST) methods to add your personality to your home without it looking like you live in a college dorm.

* Why you should have some silly kids toys in select locations in your private space (and how to use them to have a powerful BONDING experience with her)

* Powerful ways to let a woman know you are a man of discretion (She’ll WANT to be intimate with you)

* The exact way to express ’sexuality’ in your room that makes a woman want to know MORE (get this wrong and you will creep her out)

* How to make a BOLD statement with seemingly simple items. (This can be done for less than the cost of a 6-pack of beer)

* The first impression of your home has the same effect on a woman as wearing nice shoes (and simple things you can do that tell her you are an amazing guy!)

* The STUPID MISTAKE most guys make when trying to get a woman to come back to ‘my place’ (and 2 never-fail methods to use instead)

* How to pick out a bed that makes a woman want to get on (Get the right one and as soon as she sees it, she’ll IMAGINE herself on it)

* Fun ‘rituals’ you can share with a woman that give her a REASON to be alone in your room with you (and allow her to let go of the social norms that prevent her from acting on her desires)

* Easy-to-follow examples for creating NATURAL environments that lead a woman to more and more intimacy (without making her feel uncomfortable)

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