Lucas Lautier – Seducing a woman with words

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Lucas Lautier – Seducing a woman with words Discover what kind of writing behavior will make her crazy for you

“Hi, how are you?” Do you count on seducing a girl with this kind of line? Really? 

May he who has never ended up in the friendzone cast the first stone at me. We’ve all already found ourselves in this uncomfortable situation: the one where we try to go further with a friend before being gently rejected.

And yet, by applying some powerful advice that would have allowed you to position yourself otherwise in the nascent relationship, you would surely be in a relationship with this woman at this time. 

The secrets I am about to pass on to you have made me the man I am today: a true and complete man who is aware of the hidden power of words.

The seduction techniques that you will soon learn have allowed me to sleep with more than forty women at only 22 years old.

Passionate about human psychology (and female beauty), I looked into the subject very early to reach my goals. I ended up mastering the tricks of the trade to a point where everything became too easy… Seducing a woman by SMS, approaching on Facebook or flirting on Tinder is child’s play for me.

This is what you’re going to learn in this book:

– How to never again end up in the Friendzone by learning the difference between a classic conversation and flirting (many people confuse the two). We don’t talk to a friend in the same way that we would talk to a potential future girlfriend.

– How to effectively start a conversation with a woman on a dating site or Facebook and make her want to get to know you, by differentiating yourself from other men. 

– How to never run out of subjects to talk about, by using the storytelling technique.

– How to position yourself in the emerging relationship to be and continue to be the alpha-male and to control the upcoming sequence of events.

– How to make a girl want you without seeming like a pervert. To handle the art of sexualisation like a God.

– How to appear mysterious and make her crazy for you in a short amount of time.

– How to be light-hearted, funny and endearing by using humour.

The examples will be as real as can be and modelled on real conversations. All of the extracts from discussions which will be presented to you are not made up but rewritten versions of, or strongly inspired by, my past conversations: everything is authentic (except the names used for obvious confidentiality reasons).

Ready to be part of the elite? The group of 5% of men who seduce Facebook, Tinder, Happn, Bumble,, OkCupid, Instagram and many others. And who sleep with all the women of their dreams.

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