Mark Cunnigham (deluxebundle)

Mark Cunnigham (deluxebundle) Download

Mark Cunningham – 12 Steps to Hypnotic Influence Download

CONTENTS (28 hours)
01.1 – Introduction (Mark Cunningham) (DC2000)
01.2 – You Begin Where You Are and That’s Okay (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
02.1 – Introduction to Hypnosis (Mark Cunningham) (Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis)
02.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session One (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
02.3 – scripts Are a Trap (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
03.1 – State Control (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)Mark Cunningham –
03.2 – Vocal Control (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)
03.3 – Getting into ‘state’ Yourself (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
03.4 – The Importance of Being Mentally Clear (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
03.5 – Demo – Playing with Jon (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
04.1 – Rapport (Tom Vizzini) (Total Life Transformation 2013)
04.2 – Values and Trancewords (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
04.3 – Recognizing Autopilot Responses (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
04.4 – Making Yourself Unique in Her Eyes (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
04.5 – Demo – Showing Curiosity (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
05.1 – Acquiesence, Obedience & Pleasure (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
05.2 – Suggestibility Tests (Mark Cunningham) (New Curriculum)
05.3 – Demo – Playing with Responsive Subjects (Ross Jeffries)
06.1 – The Nature of Hypnotic Influence (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
06.2 – Not Being Needy (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
06.3 – Involving all Senses (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
06.4 – Turning Yourself into crck (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
06.5 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Two (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
07.1 – Presuppositions (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
07.2 – embedded Commands (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)
07.3 – How to Transition (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
08.1 – Vague Language (Ross Jeffries) (Persuasion Mastery Bootcamp)
08.2 – metastates (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)
08.3 – Demo – Irresistible Arousal (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
09.1 – Anchoring (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring for Seduction)
09.2 – Anchoring Blunders (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring Blunders)
09.3 – Demo – Anchoring in Practice (Tom Vizzini) (Interview Magic)
09.4 – Integrating the Physical into your Conditioning Program (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
10.1 – Elicitations (Tom Vizzini) (Devastating Elicitations 2.0)
10.2 – Criteria Elicitation (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
10.3 – Demo – Eliciting Woman’s Values (Mark Cunningham) (Building a Better Girlfriend)
10.4 – Demo – Playing with Dorota (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
10.5 – Dominants Need Complex Active Lives (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
10.6 – The Troubled Submissive (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
10.7 – Women Love Structure & Boudaries (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
11.1 – Sensation Beyond Imagining (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
11.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Three (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
12.1 – Time Distortion (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)
12.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Four (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
12.3 – When to Blur the Line (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
12.4 – The Perils of Personal Imprinting (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

Mark Cunningham – All The Way Down Download

Not everyone starts out having an unqualified eagerness to slip into something as amazing and powerful as Trance. For those who prefer their experiences to have a nominal sense of sequence and order to them, I recorded this induction to give a new student a countdown to perfect comfort and relaxation, open to suggestion and satisfaction. Each sensible step releases another layer of restrictions and barriers to change, until you become accustomed to entering Trance and making the fundamental changes in beliefs and behaviors that prepare you for taking your life into your own hands. A classic induction, deepening techniques looping on and on, a perfectly reasonable removal of any and all barriers to trance, and a set of powerful direct suggestions that train you easily and naturally embrace Trance for self-directed Change. If you’ve got a pulse, this one will work for you! (41 Minute CD)

Mark Cunningham – Beyond Seduction Download

Beyond Seduction


Who has ever dreamt of taking a lover, a friend, or a casual acquaintance and transforming her into the woman of your dreams? Of doing your own “makeover” until she is the eager, responsive and appreciative babe you’ve wanted since you figured out what wanting is all about?

Hi all,

After having a few days to experience my new reality, I have some realizations of just how powerful Mark’s New York Seduction Seminar was.  If you weren’t there I have to say, you missed some awesome techniques, tools, discussions, and people.

Only now do I really realize what Mark was doing the whole weekend.  He was showing us the way to build the kind of seducer we wanted within ourselves, step by step by step.  So that when completed, like a remolded house we still were the same person but with a new foundation, new structure, and solid attractiveness that draws and keeps a potential buyer interested.  Unlike others who teach to paint the outside, mow the grass, and tell you not to worry about the faulty wiring.

The next step always relied on the previous being properly designed and fastened presently into position.  There were times in the seminar where things got really electric and a few times when people were frustrated.  I applaud Mark for being the teacher he is and his dedication to us for making sure everyone had the opportunity to get the most they could at any given moment.  At the end on Sunday, when the dust cleared and the rubble was quietly lying, on the ground there were 40+ changed individuals in the room.

I had spent a number of years studying words to say and certain ways to act, doing well with persuasion and seduction, but never reaching the level I had envisioned myself at.  I believe there is nothing wrong with that, but it can only get you to a certain level.  This single event however has forever changed who I am and how I view the world.  I now understand, once you change your thoughts.your actions follow and you can elevate to a higher level.  And you can never go back.  Who the hell would want to?

Sound powerful…you have no idea.  Unless of course, you were one of the few that could make it.  If not and if Mark releases the tapes or if he ever decides to do it again, my advice would be to grab the opportunity to change for yourself.

Of course, a thanks to Cassi as well for all she does.

Mark Cunningham – Building a better girlfriend Download

Price : 156.00 $

Imagine yourself with a woman who will do whatever you want, wherever you want, as often as you want, enthusiastically – and think that it was all HER idea!

Who has ever dreamt of taking a lover, a friend, or a casual acquaintance and transforming her into the woman of your dreams? Of doing your own “makeover” until she is the eager, responsive and appreciative babe you’ve wanted since you figured out what wanting is all about?

Well, Ross Jeffries did! And so he invited Mark Cunningham to fly out to L.A. and shoot a day’s seminar with some of Ross’s top students. Now YOU can check out the Master Hypnotist that Ross calls mentor and friend as Mark teaches you the six simple steps any man can use to teach his lover to reach her full erotic potential. Use them on your best girl, your dates, your neighbor’s wife — this technique is so powerful we urge you to choose carefully, because what you dream you get!  3 DVDs.

“Mark Cunningham has opened my mind and taught me more about the potential and the unlimited ability to PLEASE and AROUSE women more than anyone else I have met in my life. I could not possibly recommend a product more highly than I do this one! Letting Mark be your personal coach and play-caller with these tapes is the single smartest decision you will ever make in your life! GET THEM NOW!” – Ross Jeffries

Mark Cunningham – Essential Renegade Hypnosis Download

Who Else Wants To Use The Power Of Pleasure To Build Better Girls?

When You Give A Woman The ‘Gift’ Of Becoming Fully Orgasmic And Free From Emotional Pain, She Will Move Heaven And Earth To Make YOU Happy!

I Lead Women Through The Best Sex Of Their Lives While Sitting In Two Chairs Fully Clothed!

Women having the best orgasms of their lives while sitting in my hypnosis chair was just another day at the office for me. Sounds crazy right? But after my first thousand hours of doing Clinical Hypnosis with middle class housewives, two things became ridiculously obvious…

  1. Women are sexually frustrated
  2. Women carry emotional pain from their past.

It’s no secret that women are more emotional than men, yet you might be surprised at how much impact negative memories have on a woman.

Past breakups, broken hearts, negative comments from her boss, boyfriend, or father. These have a powerful effect at a SUBCONSCIOUS level and show up as behaviors that baffle and frustrate men.

The Good News is… there is a simple way to remove the negativity that anyone can do, and it can be done in as little as 10 minutes!

So I developed a process that ALWAYS  did two things. Clear all her stored up negativity, and unleash her ability to be fully sexually responsive.

No matter if she came to my office to lose 20 pounds, to quit smoking, or stop biting her finger nails… I did negativity clearing and offered her the option to become fully orgasmic (not one ever refused).

During these hypnosis sessions women would reveal their inner-most secrets to me. Turns out the average suburban housewife has the kind of hot kinky fantasies that would make the author of 50 Shades Of Grey blush.

Most men are shocked to learn women have INTENSE Sexual Desires! Fact is, most women not only desire sex they crave it even more than men. And they have very wild sexual fantasies too.

This is why when you offer them the opportunity to become Fully Orgasmic… they say “Hell Yes!”

Combine that with freedom from emotional pain and my experience has been she will be so eternally grateful, she’ll walk through fire for you!

Imagine Being With A Woman Who Is Happy And Fully Orgasmic!

After I retired from my clinical practice, I formed the Renegade Project to teach men how to use my methods to make women happy and fully orgasmic.


Because so many women NEED this and I can’t do it alone.

So… What does a man get out of doing this for women?

Ecstatically Happy Highly Sexual Very Grateful Women!

Most guys have NEVER experienced a woman like this. A woman who is full of joy, fully orgasmic, highly sexual, and constantly thinking of new ways to make you happy.

Enter your text here…

With These Methods You Can Turn Any Woman Into The Perfect Girlfriend For You Or For  Someone Else!

But if for some reason having a happy, highly sexual woman focused on you and making you happy isn’t enough, here’s what men get out of the Renegade Project

  • Confidence: Women find confidence sexy and irresistibly attractive!
  • Hypnotic Influence: You can influence people using only your words and your voice!
    • Primal Masculinity: You get in touch with your natural desires and going for what you want!
  • Poise: You don’t lose your cool when shit hits the fan!

And you can do this without any major changes to yourself. With one exception…

You Must Become Comfortable With Power Because You Will Become Very Influential!

Once you learn my methods of combining cutting edge hypnotic technique with the power of pleasure you will discover is surprisingly simple to have hypnotic influence all throughout your life.

When you know you can have this kind of powerful positive influence on peoplewhy would you ever want to turn it off?

The Renegade Hypnotic Process Is Based In Science On How Humans Are Wired…

The techniques and methods used in the Renegade Hypnotic Conditioning Process have been refined during my 40,000 hours of clinical hypnosis and are based on the latest cutting-edge scientific studies of well known researchers like Masters & Johnson and Barry Komisaruk PhD, the author of the Science Of Orgasm.

So “it” works, no matter what age she is, no matter if she’s rich or poor,  or even what country she’s from. I’ve had students use these techniques in countries all around the world such as Sweden, Mexico, and Thailand.

The 7-Steps Of The Renegade Hypnotic Conditioning Process

  • Step 1: Learning To Love Trance 
    Using the Foolproof Hypnotic Induction your subject experiences their first trance. Trance already feels good, but we make sure they love being in trance and LOVE being hypnotized by YOU, so we add in extra pleasure. Your subject will then be excited to be hypnotized by you again.
  • Step 2: Clearing Negativity & Enhancing Imagination
    This is where we take out the head-trash by removing negativity of past memories while keeping the valuable lessons learned. Then we turn up the volume on her positive experiences, so anytime she looks into her past… only happy memories! This process also trains the subject to how to use her imagination to create vivid sensory hallucinations.
  • Step 3: Playing With Sensations
    This is where you create, change, intensify, and anchor sensations. While that might sound challenging it’s actually quite easy because sensations are a product of the mind, not the body. Best part… By using this process and increasing the intensity of pleasure sensations over time… This is how you condition her to have Hypnotic Orgasms on Command!
  • Step 4: The Inception Induction
    This is a technique I invented using what I call Stacked Realities… multiple scenarios all going on at the same time inside her mind. (My students named this Inception after the movie of the same name.) This is a very powerful technique because by manipulating time inside of trance, an entire lifetime of perfect rehearsal becomes possible! Sounds impossible, right? Yet I have rooms of beginners successfully doing this on the 2nd day. We do the clearly impossible before dinner time!
  • Steps 5-7: Unique Transformations
    These sessions are done by design. Now that she is a highly responsive hypnosis subject, you can take her from ordinary to extraordinary. At this point you have all the Renegade Tools & Techniques to give her insane self-confidence, make her feel smart & sexy, help her achieve her biggest dreams in life… Ask her what she wants and make it so!

This is what being a Renegade Hypnotist is all about. Transforming your subject into a fully aware, fully alive, fully human individual!

It’s Easy To Learn And Easy To Do…

Hypnosis is easy. I teach kids and ordinary people off the street how to do this stuff all the time.

When I retired from my clinical practice I was widely considered one of the top hypnosis trainers in the world. This is because of the rapid results my methods get, and my proven method for turning beginners into highly effective hypnotists.

Using My Proven System For Training New Hypnotists

Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to hypnotize humans using famous Marknosis blend of solid theory, to-the-point demonstrations and exercises, Real True Stories, and set-piece inductions that hammer the points home and Change Your Mind Forever!

Lecture & Wild Stories

Rowdy, ribald and real. Designed to keep you engaged and teach both your conscious & subconscious mind.

Hypnosis Demonstration

Complete demonstrations of all hypnotic techniques. Everything you need to succeed as a Renegade Hypnotist.

Do The Drills Get The Skills
Do The Drills – Get The Skills

You become a confident competent hypnotist by doing the hands-on exercises every step of the way.

Now You Too Can Use The  Power Of Pleasure To Build Better Girls With My New Program…


Up till now the only way to learn how to do this was to travel to one of my 3-day seminars. Now for the first time you can attend ‘virtually’ and learn from anywhere on the planet as long as you have an Internet connection.

Essential Renegade Hypnosis was recorded in HD during one of my recent live trainings for new Renegade Hypnotists. This particular event featured a wonderful demo subject by the name of Cecilia.


Cecilia is fearless, very responsive, and does a great job of explaining what it’s like for a woman to experience each step of the Renegade training process.

  1. Designed For Newbies: Starting with the basics of how to lead any human into trance to the Inception Induction every technique you need is demonstrated and explained step-by-step.
  2. All 7-Steps Mapped Out: You get complete descriptions and demonstrations of the critical first four sessions. Plus how to do sessions 5-7 (remember these are unique to each subject).
  3.  All The Tools And Techniques You Need To Be Successful: I want to insure that you become competent and confident hypnotist, so I hold nothing back and provide everything you need to be successful in this training program.
ERH Cover

Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic-Awakenings Download

Renegade Hypnotist Logo

Give Me Your Attention For A Day And I’ll Show You How To Have Unlimited Success And Get Any Positive Change You Want!

* Discover How To Use My Renegade Rapid Change Technology To Eliminate The Mental Roadblocks That Hold You Down And Hold You Back!

Change Your Dreams Into Goals And Create The Real Results You Want, In Your Life!

* Walk Taller, Feel More Relaxed, And Be More Confident Than Ever Before!

* And For The First Time In Your Life Finally Have A Practical Repeatable Process Of Getting What You Want In Your Life!

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to free yourself from the stifling limitations of your past, make the instant shift into the personality you’ve always dreamt you’d be and get the change while under the guidance of one of North America’s most experienced Hypnotists, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

Many years ago I was invited to the Bahamas to teach a one day training to a group of bold explorers of the Mind. That day I revealed a completely accessible version of my Rapid Change Technology which combines Hypnosis, Influence, and the application of Mind/Self Control technologies with the goal of Becoming Fully Human.

I led them through the mechanisms of coming Awake though hypnotic conditioning – conditioning that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own psyche.

Fully awake! Fully aware!
In complete control of your own beliefs, behaviors, and emotions.
This is what I mean by 
Becoming Fully Human.

I named the training Hypnotic Awakenings, because it’s about using hypnotic conditioning to just freaking finally WAKE UP!

Here’s a simple truth… Most of the people you meet in life are sound asleep!

They think that they’re awake, yet their lives are governed by habit and ritual rather than choice.

Most of what happens in their lives seems to be outside their own control. They are the “sheeple” who throng the malls, fill the cubicles and factories and… they are all around us.

They are all trying to Do The Right Thing, the one thing that will allow them to escape their current condition and attain “success”. Yet success is always somehow just beyond their reach, which makes them feel as though they just can’t Do The Thing Right.

The problem is – they’ve been taught that both success and the resources needed to attain success are outside themselves! It may have been true as an infant, but it is a lie today!

And that accumulation of experience based on an outmoded premise had been holding them down, holding them back. Making them sheeple.

Fact is you can free yourself from the dead weight of previous conditioning.

If you’re Human, you have a pulse, and you are willing to admit
what you were doing before isn’t working for you now…
you can open up to new learnings and new possibilities!

You can in fact decide just who you’re going to become. And while you do this, you can design and get futures for yourself that will really, Really work for you!

If you’ve got the guts to follow the instructions and do things my way, Hypnotic Awakenings will free you from the hold of your past imprinting, and give you the tools to build the personality YOU choose, and put you firmly on a self-reinforcing path of constant improvement and most important… PLEASURE!

Like I told the attendees that day in the Bahamas…

Give me your attention for a day and I’ll teach you how to get any positive change you want!

Plus I give you all the tools you need to do it own your own anytime you want. Because as you evolve you will discover new goals, new desires, and new outcomes.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say…

Reason one: Each and every technique used in Trucor trainings has first been tested on thousands of clients in paid sessions — not just dreamt up for some seminar!

I’ve performed over 15,000 hours of professional hypnosis sessions, and people just like you have invested over $2.25 million in getting the change they desire with me.

So by the time you get exposed to any of our techniques, I stand ready to guarantee that it will work with you (or any other human!).

Reason two: These breakthrough techniques for rapid positive change are both hailed and copied worldwide.

My unique and powerful blend of demonstrational hypnosis, structured hypnotic inductions, and Deep Conditioning Techniques (plus a healthy dose of humor!) can sweep away your limitations like chaff before the wind, opening you to unlimited possibility and pleasure.

Reason three: Frankly, I’m one of the best-known and highly regarded hypnotists working today.

My revolutionary approaches to deep trance conditioning and Conditioning With Pleasure became the core curriculum for the Society of Applied Hypnosis, and are being taught in professional training classes worldwide (you’d pay more there!).

To sum it all up… This stuff really works, and it will work for you! Which is why I fully guaranteethis program.

Here is an overview of the Benefits of Hypnotic Awakenings…
  • It all begins with the key lessons and tools you need to become in control of your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors.
  • You will experience powerful self-inductions and discover how to create your own self-hypnosis trigger to easily return to a profound trance state anytime you want to do self-work.
  • You will learn to quickly release all stress from your mind and body. How to summon positive resources at will, and how to build your Compelling Future to be dead certain you’ll reach your desired goals.
  • Next up… I’ll show you how to irrevocably shatter the past’s hold over you, keeping only the valuable lessons learned. (An invaluable tool you can use any time you need it to eliminate negativity caused by past events.)
  • Then you’ll discover how to access the entire buffet of human emotion as a choice. Once you’ve experienced this you’ll have new resources you can use and even more important… you’ll be able to take control of your emotional state and change it at the speed of thought!
  • You’ll use Deep Trance Identification with your Future Selves to aid in designing your New Self. And apply the Rock Of Reality so you’ll instantly know if the desired future is what you really want or if you are just bullshitting yourself.
  • Finally you discover how to integrate your new thoughts, feelings and behaviors into your lifestyle and lock it in as Permanent Change.

Listen, anyone can have a powerful experience inside a seminar room or while going through the recordings. So as a trainer I feel obligated to make sure you have two important things…

First: The ability to make any highly desirable change become permanent for you.

And Second: How to make the process of positive incremental change itself become your default state.

But that’s not all. I’m also dangling bonuses…

In addition to the trance sessions included with the training, you will also receive three of my most popular ‘Marknosis’ structured hypnotic inductions.

Bonus #1: Things Are Looking Up ($20 Value)

This is the incredibly relaxing, soothing and compelling induction that we use to condition subjects to absolutely, resolutely and permanently LOVE the process of changing themselves into the Self of their dreams.

Using the power of trance to unleash your subconscious mind, you’ll build in a future that is far more bright and compelling than you’ve previously imagined. Use the power of thoughts to generate results that are immediate and verifiable.

This trance session is the cutting-edge in preparing normal humans to become extraordinary individuals.

Bonus #2: Awaken Within The Dream ($20 Value)

Awakening Within the Dream leads you through the process of growing a life where Awake and Aware is your default state.

This induction is structured to help you make the changes turn into permanent attributes – so the changes become just a part of who you are. No more being a ‘sheeple’ for you.

If you’ve ever tasted what it’s like to stand for that brief moment on The Next Level Up, only to slide back into complacency, you need this one. It’s a way to approach your own conditioning process so that all of your hard-won gains become your reflexive responses in your Life!

Bonus #3: Healthy Mind Healthy Body ($20 Value)

Fact is that until you’ve solved the basic equation of day-to-day existence (adequate income, comfortable housing, & good health), you’re not going to have the time, energy or opportunity to discover just what it means to Become Fully Human.

Of the three, by far the most important is your personal health. So, I prepared this induction to provide a compelling and positive boost to your desire for active, radiant health. Your diet will change, your attitude towards working out improves and you find that healthy desires and actions become your natural way of thinking.

Special Bonus:The Marknosis Journaling Method(Worth it’s weight in gold!)

Thanks to popular myths like the “Law Of Attraction” most people think big changes happen overnight. This is what I refer to as magical thinking.

Just like a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step, the real secret to getting powerful positives changes is regular incremental progress toward your goal.

Early on I developed this Journaling Method to make damn sure my clients made daily progress toward their desired outcomes. It worked so well I made it mandatory for anyone who wanted to sit in my chair.

I have decided to add this to Hypnotic Awakenings because If you DO the Journaling, you are pretty much guaranteed to get what you know you want.

In this bonus guide I lay out step-by-step exactly what you should be doing EVERY DAY to keep you focused and on-track toward your goals.

Best part… It only takes a few minutes a day.

Now You’ve Got to Decide!

If in the past you found that you hesitated before (or even instead of!) putting every last ounce of energy into getting your desires satisfied, then you have a big decision to make.

In order to free you to build the life of your dreams, I’m going to show you how you can’t go back to being “normal’ ever again! And I understand It can be a little spooky, knowing that your entire life can change in ways impossible to predict now – Fact is you’ve just got to experience it!

I’ve yet to meet anyone who wanted to go back to being a sheeple.

Listen I know that you’ll benefit greatly from what I’m teaching in this program. But don’t take my word for it.

Listen To What Our Customers Say…

His Techniques Are Incredibly Powerful,Yet Simple To Learn And Apply!

I’ve just returned from Mark’s seminar. It was truly amazing. I smiled the whole day (those of you who were there understand why).

Those of you who know me know that I have a lot of training and experience. I’ve trained with some of the top trainers in the country. And I am very selective about who I recommend to others. So, when I tell you that Mark is awesome, I mean compared to the best of the best, he’s fantastic.

If you are serious about being a masterful hypnotist and helping people to change their lives, then Mark must be on your list of trainers. His techniques are incredibly powerful, yet simple to learn and apply.

Not only that, Mark also provides exercises that enable you to experience your own profound personal transformation. I only know of one other training team that does that.

This is not your sweet and gentle training. This is an in-your-face, kick-butt experience, not for the faint-hearted. But don’t let that stop you because Mark is outrageous, and glorious. He knows stuff that you need to now, and he’s goooood.

It’s a wild ride. You don’t want to miss it. So next time Mark comes to NY, make sure you’re there.

Cindy Brio, New York NY

For Me, It Is All About Results.I’ve Gotten Results.It’s Really That Simple.

Mark Cunningham – Personal Ecology Download

Back when I was teaching seminars just for men, I discovered that one of the greatest barriers to a man’s personal growth was their current sense of masculinity — what it meant to be a man, what it felt like, and what needed to change in order to free themselves to be the man they wanted to be.  If this rings true for you as well, then read on.
This two-disk set is what I’ve been using to prepare groups of men for radically upgrading their lives.  Designed to be used in sequence, they approach the transformation with a weave of indirect, direct and interspersed suggestions that has proven to be highly effective in getting men to loosen up, let go and start getting the change they want.  You get terrific practice at going into Trance as an act of Will, your ability to visualize (and feel!) positive actions and positive outcomes skyrockets, and as to the meat of the manner — your assesment of your Self as a man changes to include going through life relaxed, confident open to new experiences and focused on what makes you feel masculine and strong.  Highly recommended!  (Two CDs, 49 and 40 minutes)


Mark Cunningham is one of the genuine rebels when it come to the pursuit of maximizing human potential.

As one of the most experienced hypnotists in the world, he authors cutting-edge classes, trains physicians and therapists in the use of hypnosis as therapy, and gives Human Potential / Sexuality seminars and live events throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Because of this Mark has become one of the world’s most sought after experts in hypnosis, as well as relationship coaching and sexuality training.

Mark’s unique approach is the result of nearly 40,000 professional clinical hypnosis sessions, and results in rapid, permanent changes to identity, beliefs and behaviors.

This “Renegade” approach to change-work results in a nearly 100% success rate for Mark’s clients. Rather than refer to it as ‘therapy’ Mark prefers to call it training for your mind. His belief is people aren’t broken, they are just doing certain behaviors or have certain thoughts that are less than optimal.

Mark also discovered that the root of most emotional and behavioral problems for women was to be found in an inhibited or blocked sexuality. When the sexuality is freed, the problems go away — as Mark likes to say, “You can be neurotic or orgasmic, but not both!”

So from this The Renegade Hypnotist Project was born. The Renegade methodology is designed to remove stress, eliminate negativity from memories, enhance imagination, open people up to sensuality, instill the ability for women to experience full-body orgasms at will, and to allow the healthy expression of primal sexuality in every area of life.

When he’s not traveling the world, he lives in the American Midwest with his wife and dogs, and his stack of largely useless advanced academic/professional degrees.

Mark Cunningham – Renegade Hypnotist’s Guide to Conditioning for Permanent Change Download

Mark Cunningham – The New Curriculum Download

The New Curriculum
Yes, this is the seminar that caused all the fuss. When I set out to create
a new “Intro” curriculum, I wanted to insure that the attendees would walk
out as competent and confident hypnotists – I wanted to draw a sharp
contrast between what generally passes as a certification event and the type
of hypnosis that will actually WORK in the Real World.  Although we swore we would NEVER release these tapes as a product, in order to celebrate our new store in style we’re releasing a very limited supply of these DVDs — when they’re gone, this product goes off the site once again!  Order yours TODAY!

The course I have presented worldwide as The New Curriculum is designed to be a complete modernization of hypnosis training.

The New Curriculum is an explanation of modern theory and practice, incorporating both the latest research and incorporating tools and methods from a wide variety of sources.  Included in the latter are techniques I have personally proven in over 15,000 hours of professional clinical practice!  There are multiple emphasis within the coursework:  emphasis on clients experiencing profound hypnotic effect, emphasis on hypnotist working without patter or props – “out-of-chair experiences” –, extensive use of hypnotic constructs and trance phenomena, and emphasis on teaching and motivating clients to Do for themselves.  The processes taught to TNC students embeds exercises and tasks that self-train clients not only to address and solve their reporting problems, but also to be fully capable of solving any subsequent problems themselves!

Historical matters are called out only as reading assignments.  Why waste precious training time droning on about things that you can look up outside of class?  Instead, the seminar is taught in a challenging sequence of lecture, demonstration and frequent exercises.  Each student must be both hypnotist and subject in each exercise – certificates will be awarded only to those who, in the opinion of the teaching team, have performed adequately in BOTH roles.  As an added plus, the content of exercises is user-determined, allowing each student to work through their own challenges within the seminar – a dramatic example of hypnotic effect that is used as convincer for the hypnotist themselves.  After all, how better to convince a professional of the efficacy of our techniques than to have the student experience the power of permanent, positive change themselves?

The output of our training is a competent, confident change artist, far more knowledgeable and competent than the average practitioner.  Each newly-certified student is immediately qualified to enter into a professional/clinical internship.

The course covers these in a discussion of the following:

System of Belief
What is the practice of Hypnosis?
Terms Defined
Dispelling Misconceptions
Dangers to the Client or Hypnotist
Three Models of the Mind
Trance “States” and their characteristics
Rules of the Mind
A Working Model of Memory
The Structure of Beliefs
Eliminating Self-Sabotage
Well-Formed Outcomes
Uncovering Techniques
A Malleable Concept of Time

Form that solid base we teach (and test!) a core set of basic techniques suitable for any and all hypnosis clients:

Basic Techniques:

Relaxation on Command
Setting Positive Resource Anchors
Microcosmic Orbit
Utilizing “Energy” as a Transport Mechanism for Change
Anchoring “Change” to Autonomic Nervous System
Structuring Suggestions
Giving Suggestions/Compounding
Suggestibility Testing
Elements of Inductions – Hypnotic Operators
Inductions and Emergence
Creating Inductions
Use of Hallucinations as Constructs
Empowering Your Clients
Waking Hypnosis
Trance Within Trance
Recalling Lost/Misapplied Resources
Propulsion Systems
Infinite Rehearsal
Identify Your True Belief System
Structure of an Effective Session

In line with our belief that it’s better to clear out the garbage BEFORE renovating the structure, we teach a powerful set of techniques that actually relieve most client’s problems even before the direct action begins.

Negativity-Clearing Blind Techniques:

Resource Organizer
Memory Librarian
Crystal Bottle
Cottage of Memories

In my 18,000+ hours of clinical sessions, I have developed an incredibly powerful set of techniques that have been repeatedly proven to work with typical clinical clients the world over.  The intelligent application of these techniques will result in your clients going from “hoping” for positive change to confidently expecting the changes they themselves desire.

Directed Outcome Techniques:

Making Rocks Grow
Polarity Exercise
Good Decision/Bad Decision
Finding A Single Outcome
Resource Fusion
Conditioning With Pleasure
Training Your Client to Recognize and Own Success
Becoming a Master Hypnotist

We feel that it’s not enough to simply address a client’s reporting problem – we go on to teach client’s the attitudes and techniques required to experience and internalize the process of change itself, so that with luck they will never be forced to rely on professional help ever again.  This body of technique specifically addresses the process of Generative Change:

Generative Change Techniques:

Three Instant Alternatives
Alphabet of Desire
“Hallucid” Dreaming
Future Memory

And in the U.S. only, we also teach a simple, proven business model that will allow a competent practitioner to achieve a comfortable, six-figure income while staying well within accepted standards and practices.  We’re interested in training hypnotists who are more than just members of the “helping professions” – we’re DONE with the model of the starving hypnotist!  This section is for those who are interested in Doing Well while Doing Good!

Business Model:

The Only Business Model That Works
Three Income Streams for Professionals
Structuring Your Practice
Professional Marketing
Successful Advertising
Management Metrics
Internships and Mentoring

The New Curriculum is structured as a 5-day, 60 hour course of intensive training.  14 DVDs.

Mark Cunningham – The Power of Erotic Hypnosis Download

Is it immoral to make women feel this good?

Discover How To Make Yourself The
Ultimate Source Of Pleasure For A Woman!

Renegade Hypnotist reveals his secrets on how to give any woman endless waves of intoxicating full-body pleasure, using just a few simple hypnotic words.

Renegade Hypnotist
Mark Cunningham

Dear Friend,

Have you ever secretly wondered if you are “good enough” in bed?

Fact is, almost every guy has at some point in his life worried about being able to satisfy a woman.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, because with what you are about to discover you’ll never worry about that again. And any woman you choose, will think she’s the luckiest woman on earth!

And you won’t worry about other guys anymore either, because when you are the ultimate source of a woman’s pleasure, she forgets they exist.

My name is Mark Cunningham. I’m a hypnotist.

A very unconventional hypnotist.Most of my hypnosis clients were housewives who wanted to drop 20 pounds so they would look good in a bathing suit again.

But trying to get women to stop eating candy, cake, and chocolate long enough to hit their weight target — is like trying to get a politician to stop taking campaign donations.

Why do women eat chocolate? It makes them feel good.

So I developed a technique called Conditioning With Pleasure. To make them feel better by NOT eating the chocolate.

And when I would hypnotize women and say “imagine a time you felt pleasure”, oddly enough she wouldn’t be thinking about chocolate, she would instantly start thinking about SEX.

How do I know? I asked. And because I have deep rapport with my clients… they told me. (Frankly you’d be shocked at just how kinky your average housewife can be)

And in case you were wondering… I was getting spectacular results with these clients! Referrals came flooding in and women were lining up to see me months in advance.

realized I had stumbled across something truly amazing!

If I was able to get these kind of responses in the therapy room with women I barely knew… what would this be like with a woman you are dating?

I found out… once they get a taste of this kind of pleasure… they don’t take no for an answer!

Your biggest problem is how to end it, because they become addicted to how you make them feel! (But don’t worry, I’ve developed a technique to deal with that too.)

I’m now showing this to guys (and couples). They are learning how to do it, they are having amazing success and you can too.

Erotic Hypnosis gives you Direct Access to
the ‘Pleasure Circuits’ in her mind.

So you might be thinking… “Why the hell would I want to learn hypnosis???”

It’s a fair question.

Here’s 3 reasons:

1. Pleasure begins and ends in the mind

If you want to give a woman incredible pleasure, you need to go to the source. Scientists mapping the brain have discovered the existence and location of the ‘pleasure circuit’.

“Shopping, or­gasm, learning, highly caloric foods, gambling, prayer, dancing ’til you drop, and playing on the Internet: They all evoke neural signals that converge on a small group of interconnected brain areas called the medial forebrain pleasure circuit. It is in these tiny clumps of neurons that human pleasure is felt.

For us hu­mans, even mere ideas can activate the pleasure circuit.”

Dr. David J. Linden
Professor of neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Chief editor of the Journal of Nueropsychology

And it gets better. Nuerologists have recently discovered something truly amazing. Something that explains how using Erotic Hypnosis you can give a woman Orgasm on Command:

“We have documented in our laboratory that women can have orgasms from imagery alone without touching their body.”

Dr. Barry Komisaruk
Rutgers University
Author of “The Science of Orgasm”

The research on this continues to grow, but one thing should be clear… every nerve in a woman’s body connects to her mind. So if you want to light up her body with pleasure… start with her mind.

2. Hypnosis is designed for the mind.

Hypnosis is a simple set of tools specifically for accessing the mind. And in particular the subconscious mind, which is where emotions, feelings and sensations are. Ecstasy, desire, and pleasure all happen in the subconscious.

Hypnosis is a means of communicating with the “unconscious” or “subconscious” mind.

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Because of this, Hypnosis gives you the easiest and most direct access to the pleasure centers in the brain.

Hypnosis works with vivid imagery and sensation, which is why you can give a woman virtually unlimited pleasure and enhance her orgasms in ways she’s never even imagined.

3. Women are fascinated by hypnosis

Ask any hypnotist and they’ll tell you between 80% – 95% of their clients are women.

Ok sure, that’s therapy. So what about women in general?

Think about this… Why do women find Dracula the vampire so sexy? Because Dracula has hypnotic powers!

As of today, There are 1,364 Romance Novels on about vampires. This plays into one of the most common fantasy themes you’ll find in women’s romance novels. That of “I couldn’t help myself” which women find very erotic.

Which is why when you learn to use hypnosis to give them powerful feelings of pleasure and ecstasy… They find it EXTREMELY HOT

And frankly if I had a dollar for every time I’ve told a woman I was a hypnotist and she said “can you do me?”… I’d be a rich man.

Women are fascinated by hypnosis

Specifically designed for beginners with the same
step-by-step training method I’ve used at my seminars for years.

At my seminars everyone in the room has successfully hypnotized at least two humans before we break for lunch. Now you too can take advantage of these exact same time-tested training methods.

I assume you know nothing about hypnosis, trance or the mind so I start at the very beginning. Then lead you through progressively more advanced hypnotic technique and how to use this to give women insane amounts of pleasure.

Every step of the way I demonstrate, break it down, and then tell you the simple steps to do it yourself. Plus you get to hear from the women I’m working with what it’s like for them to experience the techniques I’m teaching you.

“The Power of Erotic Hypnosis”

Here’s what you’ll get…

Module 1: Pleasure Begins In The Mind

This sets the foundation for everything you’ll do in this course, you’ll discover:

  • The truth about trance. (and why you won’t do anything you’ll regret while in hypnosis)
  • How LOVE is a powerful trance state and ORGASM is a mental phenomena.
  • You can even be in trance while having sex!
  • How you can create powerful emotional states like ecstasy, bliss, desire, and pleasure with your lover.
  • How to use trance to give women new and different kinds of orgasms!

Module 2: How To Hypnotize Women

This module shows you how quick & easy it is to hypnotize a woman. You’ll discover:

  • The many gateways into trance. (And the easiest one that works with everybody)
  • Why women love to go into trance. (And how to get them excited to try it)
  • The Foolproof Hypnotic Trance technique demonstrated with Jessica
  • Step-by-step breakdown of the Foolproof Hypnotic Trance technique
  • Simple, effective tips to hypnotize like a Pro!

Module 3: Give Her Waves of Pleasure

Giving women waves of pleasure is an essential part of being a Renegade Hypnotist. You’ll discover:

  • How to give powerful, positive suggestions for her to feel pleasure!
  • How a simple touch can double her pleasure.
  • How to use pleasure as a reward to increase her sexual responsiveness.
  • How to read her non-verbal signals. (You’ll know what she’s feeling and how she’s responding… to you)
  • The only two type of suggestions you need and a simple test to know which ones to use.

Module 4: Fast Effective Trance

The lazy hypnotists method for when you are hypnotizing the same woman over and over. You’ll discover:

  • How to take her back into trance… FAST! (under 10 seconds)
  • The simple trick that guarantees you’ll always know what to say when doing hypnosis.
  • How to easily emerge her from trance so she feels FANTASTIC!
  • Why each time she goes into trance, it feels so good, when you offer it again she’ll be on it like a fly on butter!
  • How to make her feel feminine, sexy, & beautiful in less than 20 seconds.

Module 5: How To Be Primal Masculine & Erotic

How to embrace your natural primal and sexual desires and make them a normal part of who you are in this modern world. You’ll discover:

  • How to stop committing “Thought Crimes” that hold you back and make you feel crappy. (This one secret is worth the price of the program!)
  • The shortcut to becoming relaxed, happy & confident.
  • The infamous ‘Essence of BIG Dickness’ experiment!
  • What it means for a man to be EROTIC (and what women find erotic in a man)
  • How to be comfortable with power & influence!

Module 6: Playing With Sensation

This is where the fun really starts. This is the skill that once mastered leads to things like nipple-gasms, kiss-gasms and Orgasm on Command.
You’ll discover:

  • How sensation begins and ends in the mind (And how to use this to your advantage)
  • How to CREATE sensation. CHANGE sensation, MOVE sensation, and AMPLIFY sensations!
  • How to get different parts of her to feel “turned on” (including parts she never imagined)
  • How the lightest touch anywhere becomes insanely intense pleasure.

Module 7: Making Fantasy Real

It’s easier to accept new behaviors inside of trance and try them on. She gets to find out she enjoys them before doing it for real.
You’ll discover:

  • Inside their minds, most women are kinky as all hell, but it’s bottled up. (And how you can let it out)
  • How to use Erotic Hypnosis to open up and embrace new sexual experiences
  • How to create wild (yet safe) fantasies for a woman in trance.
  • What to do if you don’t get the ideal response from her
  • How to utilize a buffet of hypnotic phenomena to make her fantasies seem real. (She’ll be amazed and excited)

Mark Cunningham is one of the most talented experts in the world at hypnosis, no doubt. But the most amazing thing about him is that he makes everything so accessible, so easy and so utterly down to to earth that you’ll immediately recognize the simple fact that you really can do everything he’s teaching you. It’s all a matter of harnessing the potential our minds already have, and Mark shows you how to do exactly that.

Scot Mckay, Dating Coach and author of ‘Stop Chasing, Start Choosing’

Mark Cunningham’s Erotic Hypnosis techniques are beloved by my fans and followers. I’m constantly telling guys to learn how to hypnotize their women. It’s HOT, we love it and I’d go under anytime anyone wants to make me feel that kind of pleasure.

Sloane Fox, Personal Life Media

These 7 modules give you all the tools you need to make yourself the ultimate source of pleasure for a woman.

But there’s more… because I want to make sure you have everything you need to be wildly successful.

So based on feedback from asking guys what else they would like to have, I’ve added these extra bonuses…

Bonus 1: How To Find Women Who Want To Be Hypnotized

Created to answer the common question “How do I find women who want to be hypnotized?”.

This method was created over 10 years ago by one of my students. Not only did he quickly find dozens of women to practice with, he ended up dating a few of them.

Best part… when you use this method… Women will FIND YOU and ask to be hypnotized. All you have to do is tell them when.

Value = $15

Bonus 2: Foolproof Hypnotic Trance

This guide leads you through the foolproof hypnosis method professional hypnotists have been using for almost 100 years.

This is an actual transcript of me doing the induction with Jessica in Module 2. This is a word-for-word transcript, and also includes a detailed description of each step.

This is something my students for years have been begging me for. Never before have we included this in one of my programs.

Value = $25

Bonus 3: How To Hypnotize Humans

This hour long video provides you a visual guide to the fundamental trance techniques used in this program, and this time I’m demonstrating with the lovely Emma.

As I go through the process of taking emma into trance, I break down what your watching into the important steps and fine points.

This video is a great review of the fundamentals, plus you get to see it in case you are more of a visual learner.

Also in this video I explain how to select good subjects and how to eliminate objections. And you get to hear Emma explain what it’s like for her and why she enjoys being hypnotized.Value = $79

Bonus 4: Quick Start Guide

There’s a lot of material and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, because I want you to hit the ground running so you can start giving women pleasure.

So I had my staff create this Quick Start Guide to show you exactly how to dive into the training materials.

It’s a quick but essential read, and I strongly recommend you start here.

Value =$10

Bonus 5: Doors In Trance

This is a Renegade Hypnotist original trance experience, and was designed specifically for this training to help you:

* Discover what’s it like to experience trance
* Bring out your natural eroticism and primal sexuality
* Feel confident hypnotizing other people

Experiencing hypnosis makes you a better hypnotist!

Value $15

Bonus 6: Conditioning With Pleasure

This is the core technique of Renegade Hypnosis. It’s how in a just a few minutes you can give a woman more pleasure than she’s had in a year.

This guide maps the Conditioning With Pleasure method out step-by-step for you. This is another thing my students have asked me to provide for years, now for the first time ever available in one of my programs.

Value = $20

Bonus 7: Starter Strategy

This video is for when you’ve completed the training materials and are wondering “What now?”. It’s the same advice I give at the end of my Erotic Hypnosis seminar to the men who attended.

Designed to help you go from having learned some hypnosis to being a Renegade Hypnotist. It gives you a proven strategy for taking what you’ve learned and put it to use with women you meet.

Plus I tell you how to use what you’ve learned to screen out women who aren’t worth your time. It’s important to choose wisely which women to give your gift to.

Value = $39

I’ve watched as Mark put 3 of my best friends under hypnosis in my own living room. Every one of them enjoyed the waves of pleasure Mark induced. They all want first dibs the next time he visits. If you’re drawn to Erotic Hypnosis, go for it! You’ll be that rare man women can’t get enough of!

Susan Bratton, creator of Revive Her Drive, Relationship Magic and 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic

“Guys shouldn’t think of this as learning hypnosis, because in reality it’s advanced sexuality. Mark will show you how to give a woman more pleasure than any guy she’s ever been with. She’ll forget about all of them after being with you. Now… what’s that worth?”

Carlos Xuma, author of The Dating Black Book and Alpha Masculinity

So, to recap what’s in the program…

You get the 7 audio modules which are the core of the program. I’ll take you from the beginning where I show you how trance works and how to use it to access her Pleasure Circuits.

You’ll get to follow along as I demonstrate on 3 different women, each time showing you the next step in the progression from basic hypnosis to playing with sensations and fantasies.

All the tools you need to make yourself the ultimate source of pleasure for a woman.

And you’ll get the bonuses, including the full hour on How to Hypnotize Humans where I demonstrate the same techniques with yet another woman.

There are guides included on the Foolproof Trance technique you’ll be learning, the quick start guide, and the now infamous Conditioning With Pleasure technique that started it all.

Also the Starter video for new Renegade Hypnotists to get you started on the lifestyle path, and the induction “Doors In Trance” so you’ll get to experience trance too.

Finally, to help you find women to practice your new hypnosis skills, the guide How To Find Women Who Want To Be Hypnotized.

Couples paid $997 to attend the seminar where this was recorded, but you won’t have to pay that much.

And previously, my shipped DVD home study courses cost $360, but you don’t have to pay that either.

Thanks to the Internet and because I’m able to provide this program using online digital delivery, I’m able to offer it to you for only $147!

And I fully stand behind my programs. Frankly if it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money. That’s why I offer this rock solid guarantee.

One Time Payment – Instant Access

This program is ONLINE ONLY and uses our
Secure Digital Content Delivery System


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