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Seduction Tutorials/Instructional
-Beliefs and Attitudes
-Why Women Test You
-The Incredibly Gorgeous Woman
-Being the Authority
-Overcoming a Woman’s Resistance
-Setting Goals and Time-Frames
-Using a Woman’s Tricks Against Her
-Chick Logic
-Using Her Tests to Your Advantage
-Let’s Just Be Friends
-When Women Say “Yes” to Sex
-Different Styles of Pickup
-The Magic of Instant Kino

Course Audio Files

Introduction, Part 1
Introduction, Part 2
Total Running Time: 50:53

Automatic Seduction, Part 1
Automatic Seduction, Part 2
Total Running Time: 37:54

Beliefs & Seduction, Part 1
Beliefs & Seduction, Part 2
Beliefs & Seduction, Part 3
Total Running Time: 64:39

Sexual Rapport & Intention, Part 1
Sexual Rapport & Intention, Part 2
Sexual Rapport & Intention, Part 3
Sexual Rapport & Intention, Part 4
Total Running Time: 57:20

Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 1
Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 2
Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 3
Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 4
Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 5
Sexual States – The Threshold of Action, Part 6
Total Running Time: 60:06

Her Seductive Criteria & Values, Part 1
Her Seductive Criteria & Values, Part 2
Her Seductive Criteria & Values, Part 3
Her Seductive Criteria & Values, Part 4
Total Running Time: 57:29

Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 1
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 2
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 3
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 4
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 5
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 6
Presuppositions 1, Slipping Inside Her Mind, Part 7
Total Running Time: 73:56

Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 1
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 2
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 3
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 4
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 5
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 6
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 7
Presuppositions 2, Seductive Suggestion, Part 8
Total Running Time: 70:04

Chick Logic, Learning How Women Think
Total Running Time: 75:17

Strategies 1, Seductive Patterns Analyzed, Part 1
Strategies 1, Seductive Patterns Analyzed, Part 2
Strategies 1, Seductive Patterns Analyzed, Part 3
Strategies 1, Seductive Patterns Analyzed, Part 4
Total Running Time: 52:27

Strategies 2, The Ultimate Method!, Part 1
Strategies 2, The Ultimate Method!, Part 2
Strategies 2, The Ultimate Method!, Part 3
Total Running Time: 71:18

Integrations, A New Beginning, Part 1
Integrations, A New Beginning, Part 2
Integrations, A New Beginning, Part 3
Total Running Time: 67:30

A Crash Course On Presuppositions
A Reference For Maximum Seduction CD Set
Fast Sex! How To Get Laid in a Day Or Less
Taking Notes
The K.O. Script

A Bit About My History, And Why I Created
Maximum Seduction™ _by Rob J.

Dear Friend and Reader,

For many years, it has been my ambition and my goal to put together a complete, comprehensive and easy to understand seduction course that any man could learn, and more importantly, a powerful course that would teach men how to get laid in the quickest and easiest ways possible! As in FAST Seduction – getting women into bed in a very short time, rather than it taking weeks or even months. THIS is what distinguishes Maximum Seduction™ from some of the other seduction material you’ll find floating around here and there, most of which is very cryptic and often hard to understand and sometimes almost impossible to put into use in the real world! And the true test of ANY system or information is how well it produces desired results in the real world.

Maximum Seduction™ is about getting laid and ONLY about getting laid. In Maximum Seduction™ you will find very little concerning the creation of “long lasting relationships” or how to find a perfect partner for marriage. After learning this material, what YOU decide to do with the women you’re having sex with after you’ve gotten laid IS COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! You may want to start a long and lasting relationship, simply become “sexual friends,” or just quickly move on to the next woman and your next lay. Again, it’s strictly up to you. Lasting relationships can be wonderful when and if you find the right woman.

Maximum Seduction™ is the result of YEARS of hard work, research, practice, refinement and real-life, in-the-field seduction. For nearly the last twelve years, I have studied and practiced MANY different systems of seduction and techniques for getting laid. I have read book after book, listened to tape after tape and watched video after video. SOME of the information I have come across has been extremely good, while much of it wouldn’t even be worth wiping your a** with. In all of my research and practice, I have kept what works and refined it down to a very fine art and science… and I have simply discarded what doesn’t work, or was just too unpredictable or unreliable to be of any real value in the real world of women and getting laid in a consistent fashion. And that is what Maximum Seduction™ is all about… getting laid easily, quickly and above all, consistently.

Let’s face it, as men we want to get laid, either with one or a few women, or with many different women… and we want to get laid on a consistent, predictable basis, not just when we happen to “get lucky.” It might be nice if we lived in a world where the women we desired simply approached us and offered us all of their sexual favors on a silver platter, but any man who is wrestling with just holding his ground in the real world of sex and “dating” can quickly tell you that it usually just doesn’t happen this way. However, in Maximum Seduction™ you will learn that women DO indeed want sex and enjoy sex just as most men do. The key to getting them to ACT on their wants and desires is what Maximum Seduction™ is all about. Women WANT good sex, and YOU are going to be the one to give them that necessary impetus and incentive to naturally and easily act upon their desires! Now, won’t that be great!

Is Maximum Seduction™ for you? If you’re a man who wants to get laid with more frequency and with more consistency, and with the women you truly desire, Maximum Seduction™ is designed to teach you how to do just that! If your aim is to get one or several special women into bed, or if you’re aiming at a select group of women (strippers, models, exotic professionals, etc.), Maximum Seduction™ will increase your chances of succeeding DRAMATICALLY!

Why Did I Create Maximum Seduction™?

During my late teens and into my early twenties, my love life and my sexual status with the ladies was a sexual wasteland! In high school, I never really got dates and my popularity with the girls was virtually zero. On rare occasion, and I do mean rare… I would ever so fortunately get a chance to “fool around” a bit with a girl and she would succeed in getting me quite horny only to end up never being able to go all the way with her. Talk about frustrating!!

It seemed as though everywhere I looked, there were gorgeous women to be had, problem was… ALL THE OTHER GUYS WERE GETTING THEM AND I WASN’T! This state of affairs progressed on even after I was well out of high school. However, during my college years, thank goodness I was at least smart enough to start getting the slightest clue that what I needed to do was stop listening to what women were saying they wanted, and instead, begin watching what women were really going for! This almost immediately lead me to the conclusion that indeed, the MAJORITY of women were in fact going for the jerks! The very kind of men they always told me they did not like!

Now, although I wanted my share of women and sex, I am not a jerk at heart. Never have been and probably never will be, but in the interest of experimentation, I had a insatiable curiosity as
to what would happen if I were to begin to emulate some of the behaviors of the jerk. It was
pretty simple and straightforward. In doing so (behaving a bit more like a jerk) I was finding that
I was at least getting much better responses from women. They seemed to find me generally more appealing and someone they really wanted to be around. Playing the role of the jerk DID eventually get me sex with a few women, but I was growing weary of putting up this act, and as I said, I’m just not a true jerk at heart. I soon realized that the key to getting all the sex I could ever handle with the most desirable women, was NOT in becoming a jerk, but in finding out exactly what women found so appealing about jerks!

At around 21 years old, this one simple realization lead me on an amazing quest and adventure.

It was at this time that I began to seriously study every book I could get my hands on concerning human psychology and human behavior. I even started reading women’s magazines, like Cosmopolitan, to try to get a better look into the workings of the female mind. As informative as all this literature was on some level, reading the theory on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, or the things a woman could do to “please her man in bed,” just weren’t going to cut it if I wanted to really be incredibly successful with women and get the sex that I wanted!

The true turning point for me came in mid 1990 when I read a book entitled “Unlimited Power.” Although this book was, by far, one of the best “self help” books I had ever read, what intrigued me most about it was this field of psychology I read about called NLP, or, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is all about the art and science of not only how we communicate to ourselves, but how we communicate with other people powerfully through use of our words, body communications, facial expressions, etc. Through all of my early, intense studies of NLP, I also discovered that I could put myself into any state of mind I wanted, such as: love, lust, confidence, excitement, fascination and interest or anything else I could think of. And even MORE importantly, as it relates to seduction, I could put women into these states also!!! And all simply by using my language.

Do you want to know how to get a woman to fall madly and hopelessly in love with you, even to the point where she would be willing to do almost anything with and/or for you? Well this is exactly what I learned how to do! Make no mistake, NLP is an INCREDIBLY powerful tool when you learn how to use it.

Now what effectively and powerfully makes Maximum Seduction™ so complete and so thorough, is the fact that I have combined everything I have ever learned about NLP, conversational hypnosis, persuasion and sexual seduction with all of the topnotch, hard hitting actions and behaviors that I have use to successfully seduce women “out on the streets,” so to speak, as the “pseudo-jerk” that so many girls wanted to get their hands on and have all to themselves. Imagine having the power of almost ALL the great systems at your complete and total disposal, to do with as you please, when you please, and to seduce as many women as you can possibly handle!

You could be a person who is doing well with women but who wants to do even FAR BETTER. Maybe your life is currently in a slump and you want to get out of it. What ever the case, Maximum Seduction™ is the way. Again, Maximum Seduction™ is not ONLY about just getting sex when you want sex, it is about creating a LIFESTYLE for yourself! A lifestyle in which great sex with wonderful women will be so natural, so consistent and so commonplace, that you’ll soon find yourself wondering what you were doing BEFORE you found this course. Think about your future for a moment. As you’re sleeping with your second or third woman… having some of the greatest, hottest sex… think back to THIS moment, RIGHT NOW when you were reading this… as you made the decision to TAKE FULL CONTROL of your sexual destiny with women forever. No more standing out in the cold rain while all the “other” guys are inside, in her soft, warm bed… NAILING all the hot chicks. You are now preparing to JOIN THEM and surprisingly discover just how completely and utterly simple it all really is!

Something to think on. It doesn’t matter what beautiful woman you see, pass by, or meet out in the world in day to day life. Remember this all important fact: If YOU are not screwing her… SOME OTHER GUY PROBABLY IS! You can almost COUNT on it. (An interesting fact: how surprised would you be to find out that it is actually SINGLE WOMEN who are responsible for the distinct purchase of nearly millions of condoms per year in the United States alone! Even far more than men! What does this tell you?) So with THAT being the case, the simplest thing to now realize is that this other guy may as well be and should be YOU! Sound good? I thought so!





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