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The Authentic Attraction System – NOT FOR EVERYONE.

Sup kings..

Lately, I’ve been flooded with emails and PMs on various pickup boards about whether I’m finally going to release The Authentic King Seduction Manual AKA “The Authentic Attraction System.” The one word answer to this is – yes.

But It’s Not For Everyone..

Those of you who know me in real life or who have been following me online  know that I have a very specific and powerful system that I use to connect with and magnetically attract beautiful women in nightclubs, bars, and parties..

But it is also VERY explosive..This means it would be very dangerous in the wrong hands..The Authentic King Manual is the result of my life’s work and experiences – my labour of love. I don’t want my System to be flooded across the internet and be spread to various file sharing networks and what not..

I think what we have established here on AuthenticKing.com is an exclusive community of like-minded guys who demand only the best from their lives. A secret underground community of regular chill dudes who get together to OWN THEIR LIFE, almost like a modern day Fight Club. The information you receive here comes from the greatest minds in the fields of Pickup Arts, Wealth Generation, Health, Bodybuilding & Fitness, Life Success, and all sorts of other key categories that mean the most to you. If you have seen some of the incredible value and truths that radically transformed your life shared here, you can only imagine the impact The Authentic King Seduction Manual will have on your ability to magnetically attract and KEEP ATTRACTED lots and lots of hot cute horny Women..

This is why I don’t want my potent system to fall into the wrong hands.

This is why I’m going to be releasing only a few copies to my list of trusted men who appreciate what I have to share with them and read and comment on my blog..

If you are interested, just enter your email address below and click on submit and I’ll mail you with details about when and how you can get your hands on the Authentic Attraction System.

The Authentic King Manual is a MASSIVE, it’s nearly 300 pages of pure Glory that took me 6+ years to write, a highly potent eBook consisting of cutting-edge tricks, tips, techniques & principles for learning how to bed the hottest women on the planet with proven ease and how to achieve total self-transformation to become a guy who beds “Total 10” hot women, consistenly.

In other words, it’s a manual on how to become an Authentic King.

But bedding beautiful women wasn’t always so easy for me… There Was a Time When I Used To Be So Terrified of Speaking To Women That My Vision Blurred, My Face Turned Beet Red And I’d Stammer Like An Idiot…
But that changed forever when I discovered the secret I share with you on page 120. If you have this same problem, it’ll work like magic for you too.
Now here’s more of what you’ll find inside this coveted guide:

What you must do… immediately… as soon as you see any woman in a bar (unless you really want to go home drunk and alone to masturbate)! Page 95

Running out of things to say when talking to girls? Learn how to eradicate this behavior forever so it NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU AGAIN. Page 105

5 Player secrets that instantly raise your “value” to women (and they have nothing to do with looks, cars or money)! Page 132

How to use the ancient technique of a “Pimp’s Vibe” to draw sexy, young women to you… while you drink beer and totally ignore them! Page 194

The amazing secret to getting over ‘shyness’ around women… permanently… in one weekend! Page 227
3 proven techniques you can start using this weekend that will have women begging to have ‘anything goes’ sex with you (even if they’re married or have boyfriends)! Page 161

The Stealthy Seduction System that takes you from saying “hello” to a new woman…to sharing orgasms in bed with her… in just one evening! Page 189

9 silent techniques that ‘magnetically’ get a girl to like you (WARNING: you must agree to use these for legal/moral purposes only). Page 191 – 203

The amazing psychological technique… proven through scientific research… on how to make any woman ‘dripping wet’ for you… with just your mind! Page 120

2 powerful ‘first date’ secrets that almost spontaneously lead to sex (even if you screw everything else up)! Page 159

The hidden ‘mental hot-button’ that an instantly turn a flaming bitch into a horny slut (and how to push it anytime you want)! Page 171

Simple secrets to changing your “appearance”… as soon as tonight… that will immediately double or even triple your attractiveness to women! Page 135

My very private “5% Man” technique that mentally intoxicates women (and can have women who’ve totally ignored you in the past, now shamelessly flirt for your attention)! Page 86

Why GOING DIRECT can get girls dripping wet (and how to avoid looking like a creepy man so that she feels comfortable around you and wont want to run away.) Page 95
2 magic behaviors you can use … when the moment is right… that almost hypnotically guide a woman into your bedroom! Page 109

And Much, Much, More…


Authentic King Manual

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