Mystery – Hired Guns And Stripper Game

Mystery – Hired Guns And Stripper Game Download

Strippers & Hired Guns

With this revolutionary seminar, Love Systems instructor Fader has honed in on knowledge developed through years of trial and error experimentation to pinpoint the MOST POWERFUL strategies for seducing strippers, waitresses, bartenders, and any other woman who is on the clock and has NO INTENTION of being picked up.

The bottom line is they are WORKING and are not there to meet guys. Plus, they are pressed for time. Their flirting, 95% of the time, is to get more MONEY out of you and has nothing to do with you as a person. You are simply a wallet with feet.

The Strippers and Hired Guns seminar is about how to BREAK DOWN those “all business” barriers and appeal to these women as an individual on a fast-track emotional level.


HIGH-END strippers are often some of the most physically attractive women you will ever encounter, and when you go to a top strip club, you’re in a building FULL of them. It can take weeks (if you’re lucky) to meet TRUE 9’s and 10’s doing cold approach at clubs and literally just a MERE FEW MINUTES in the strip club.

When you win them over, they are incredibly sexual and know how to please a man in bed better than ANY woman you’ve ever been with. Try it, you’ll see… 

Picking up the hottest strippers is HARD. It requires the most finely tuned precision game there is, but we’ve broken it down to a LEARNABLE and CONSISTENT system so you can do it too!

Hired Guns

You meet tons of charming, sexy women every time you go out to eat, drink, or shop, but breaking through the “customer barrier” and getting that waitress, bartender, or sales woman to look at you as a potential mate, without creeping her out, is an art.

You have to learn to do this in short spurts of time. Because she has other customers, you have very little time to work and have to make a STRONG IMPRESSION very, very quickly. We will teach you to do that in a way that is UNIQUELY effective on waitresses and other “hired guns.”

We have honed our “short set” strategies for the next level of difficulty for dealing with busy women at work.

When you can learn to do this, you will have access to the HOTTEST women on a regular basis and you’ll know EXACTLY where to find them!

Once you apply the principles taught in this course, you will find yourself in that very small group of men who actually date the HOTTEST strippers and hired guns without having to become a bouncer or bar owner!!


Love Systems instructor Fader spent three years working diligently to develop his own Stripper and Hired Guns game, picking the brains of other master seducers of hired guns and field testing EVERYTHING.

In the process of his grueling trial and error, Fader has created groundbreaking new tactics that are devastatingly EFFECTIVE, CONSISTENT, and EASY TO LEARN AND APPLY.

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