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Rion Williams – Natural Game Seminar Review | Rion Williams – Natural Game Seminar Download

Natural Game Seminar by Rion Williams Download

Rion Williams - Natural Game Seminar Download

Rion Williams – Natural Game Seminar Review

Previously Unknown Secrets Beneath ‘Natural Game’ Exposed to ‘Magically’ Attract Women & Start New Relationships With Proven Alpha Male State of Reality

To: Men ready for consistent success, power & attraction with women & dating in a challenging, oppressive reality

From: Rion Williams

Future Ladies Man,

Some of this may surprise you.

If you seek solutions from experts who are teaching Inner Game or Social Game, (although Guaranteed hot-sellers) that’s great – there’s a lot to learn within those areas.  But they are just a fraction of sexual communication and what WORKS.

Men will endlessly chase social ideals (cars, money, clothes, careers, bling) and improve their own personality traits to ATTRACT WOMEN.  But these are still social and personal pursuits (while we all seem to do them).

You may even think that the answer is in MORE pick-up lines or techniques (because the repressed energy has to go SOMEWHERE).  I implore you to stop wasting all of your time in the least important areas.

With those social pursuits or tactics alone, you’d be missing the VAST majority of what really matters when it comes to getting natural attraction and the most real-world and PREDICTABLE results with women.

Put this way:

Inner Game & Social Game are your Weakest Skillsets..when it comes to Attraction & physically succeeding with women, dating & relationships. Why?

 Because ~94% of communication is NON-Verbal

Sure it’s important to offer personal and social value but that’s why things are hit and miss when you communicate verbally on the interpersonal and social dynamics that you know with women.  Guess what?

Verbal & Social Game is only 6-10%

of your communication, success and results with women.  Why would you just settle for 6% of the results you could be getting – it means you have to work 10 times hard!

It’s just that’s what is most clearly seen by MEN in our logical minds.  If that’s you, you’re just not communicating value yourself on the areas that matter the MOST to women.

“..she looked in my eyes and said can I have your number please…I like to thank you man because for the 1st time a girl ask me for a number”Louie

“I got into the seduction community about a year ago, when I took a big name boot camp…While I’ve had great success in this last year, something was still missing… Very quickly I realized that Rion knew exactly what he was talking about. Oh, and one more thing, he had the missing pieces that were holding me back from true success with women. Blincubus, Dallas TX

Most people are taught to see the (matrix) world that is in front of them, but they’re not operating in the relational reality of POWER and attraction.

They don’t know behind the scenes, how or why it got there and most importantly their relationships to it at behavioral levels.  It’s up to you to see it.

Natural’s have higher close ratios and attract/keep women for a reason.

Inner & Social are NON-sexual yet it’s what’s taught by the VAST MAJORITY of mainstream and the seduction/dating community.  And it’s what they know and will predictably continue to teach because it’s based on the visceral daily Matrix reality in front of us.

And that limited reality has been conditioned for years until you understand the greater reality of power.

If you just play the social dynamic, you will continue to fail because women HAVE the social value by default.  It’s not even the REAL game.  YOU have to know the real game so you can concurrently communicate on that level.

“I have a gf so nothing doing but I could have had my pick of about 7 women that night – I could feel it…Rion – this is the one course I was looking for but didn’t know it. I have done David D, an RSD in field workshop and this is the max.” Cheers,     MK from Sydney Australia.

When you have natural game, when you will see higher close ratios while everyone will notice a difference in your behavior.

You’ll be ‘out-closing’ experienced PUA’s simply by just TALKING to women (as I do).  And this is independent from your own personal attributes or looks.

What would it be like to nonverbally ATTRACT women WITHOUT trying everywhere you go?

“Hey Rion, how are things? I just watched this video and I like it very much. There are a few of us in this world that are trying to say something a little more “spiritual” and quite frankly, accurate. Good for you.”   Zan, (referencing my ‘Secret to Women’ video)

How about when you do communicate or use any other countless techniques out there, actually having them WORK instead of just ‘running numbers’?  It makes all the difference.

How about having your body language communicate so much value with her that you can actually TAKE THINGS SLOW to get there fast; this is the illogic of the 94% that you can also have!  And it’s a trait of all naturals.

 How about just having the power to do so? 

What kind of freedom would having these options give you and your lifestyle?  How many YEARS of your life could you RECLAIM by having this power to ATTRACT & create relationships?

How about accelerating relationships to where you want them to go so that she gets the value she’s missing?  How about having women all over the world waiting for you to show up?

Welcome to the next evolution with ‘Natural Game’. 

This is the best of psychology, sociology, behavioral science, interpersonal communication and MUCH more that is all RELEVANT in one place based on truth, cognition, science and most importantly – experience.

Things are more challenging everyday than they will ever be until YOU gain a stronger understanding of reality; the natural reality beneath it all in your STATE OF MIND and physiology.

If you think spending ‘years of in-field experience’ getting rejected by testy women and damaging your ego is the only way to achieve that alpha state that gets results, then this is your ‘lucky day’ ned nederlander.  That was a limited reality.

For it’s your thoughts & beliefs or ‘State’ that determines your actions, communication, results, habit and reality.  NOT the other way around (or you’d be powerless).

The men at the top have a different State of mind in relation to power and women.  Most just think that ‘action’ is what gets results.  Wrong – especially if you’re just communicating with a woman’s 6% of social and personal character.

It’s the actions that come from the right STATE that gets results.

Everyone is just at different levels of Relational State.

I AM like Neo in the Matrix because all power and energy is relational.  I have a consciously chosen type of relationship with ALL power.  You have that power too because everything is relational.  You just have to reframe your relationships.

I can be your metaphorical Morpheus – if you let me.

“Rion is a dangerous man to listen to. Why? His information is so compellingly lucid on the female social structure that you’ll find yourself re-evaluating your beliefs. If you want to understand the ‘matrix’ of how we view each other, then Rion is your ‘Morpheus,’ ready to show you how to break free of your self-limiting beliefs…”                                                             — Carlos Xuma

I love women more than ever, experience them, add value to their lives and I’m also more powerful, aware, balanced and grateful than ever because of what I can teach you here today.

It’s not merely my ‘personality’ alone nor is it yours.  All of us represent much more than our own Inner Game.  A year ago on stage at Cliff’s List Convention in Montreal I said there is more than ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ game; there is Natural Game.

Millions of men will die without ever reaching the level of Natural Alpha State or reality -SETTLING FOR LESS;

-forever in repressed anguish and despair from the unknown that’s affecting their potential and ‘what could have been’ for all the years they had the fantasy instead of the reality.  Why?

Because they didn’t understand the relational dynamics nor have any clue how to apply themselves.  I’m sure you’re someone who doesn’t want to settle for less.

You’re probably even tired of ‘consumer-level’ solutions on how to meet or pick up women which are inconsistent at best.  You’ve probably realized there HAD TO BE MORE – something that was MISSING.  Yep.

The key was in breaking free of oppressive relationships at behaviorally conditioned levels so that I had power and influence.  This MASSIVELY altered my State reality & physiology vs. taking weak actions in someone else’s game.

ALL of us have that choice and people of power have different types of relationships.

Just like when Neo gets his power at the end of ‘The Matrix’; he had a reframing of his understanding of reality.

We have to work with things at the CORE causal-behavior influencing level, see truth for what it is, reframe and then recondition your relational reality.

Not everyone is ready for this level of reality nor will they be open to the Relational & Natural awareness and Power Tools I give you.  Good.  This program won’t be the next ‘bestseller’ because frankly it’s only for a FRACTIONAL % of men.

However, if you can agree to go beyond the scope of Inner & Social game with me into a different understanding of reality

Then congratulations…

You are now ready to take advantage of
The ‘Natural Game Seminar’ & reach Natural Alpha State of Mind & Behavioral Reality

Natural Game is flow; it’s smooth and confident.  You can always be radiating confidence and lack of insecurities (because finally you have power and choice in relation to all other power).

It’s the way it’s supposed to be done and it’s what women want.  It’s you with power and without taking on manipulative attributes.

Finally we have a way to attain it that has never been taught before my ‘Alpha Relational Dynamics’ (released 10 months ago).

You’ve probably heard of me by now, even if you aren’t one of my subscribers.  I rose very fast in the dating/seduction community because of applying what I teach: forming relationships at Alpha levels with Alpha people.

“A lot of guys just talk.  (I’m impressed)..You actually DID it.”

You too can operate as Alpha with women where it matters.

Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Powerful, Alpha Male State of Mind & Reality Based on Powerful, Proven Behavioral Conditioning TOOLS to Actually Achieve What Would Take a Decade of In-Field ‘Experience’ With Women..

Instead of having your ACTIONS (such as being dedicated to the next dating tip) affect your State, you can get there faster by having your State affect your actions.  Focus on the core elements.

There’s just NEVER been a way to accelerate the Alpha State that matters UNTIL NOW.

And it’s NOT based on self-affirmations, ‘positive thinking’ or hypnosis.  Those are WEAK compared to the power you have to have at behavioral levels.

   Presenting the Most Profound & Advanced Dating Seminar in History Recorded Live this July – Now on a 10-DVD Home Study Course

 Rion Williams’ 2007

Natural Game Seminar

DVD Program & the Monthly Relational Mastery Coaching Program

Based on the Relevant Behavioral Science of ‘Alpha Relational Dynamics’

Let’s look at just some of the things you’ll get out of this program

* Being able to comfortably approach & communicate with the HIGHEST value women that used to scare you and throw your energy off (this alone is worth getting this training b/c within it’s inherent simplicity is it’s challenge FOR OTHER DATING PROGRAMS and modern man)* Bypassing the pre-game of dating where a woman shuts down almost all men (including most PUA’s) but you ‘pass’ because of your relational/physiological equality and power in relation to her – they can’t get anywhere because it couldn’t begin when nonverbally negotiating for power with her

* Abolishment of Fear

* Breaking free from co-dependencies of all kinds and having the power to do so

* Complete Freedom from Social Anxiety (I had my own issues to overcome in PUBLIC ‘stage’ settings as an ‘aware’ producer despite being comfortable after knowing women in the past)…I even took Toastmaster’s and it wasn’t cured until I applied what I teach here.  You can overcome any fear, ESPECIALLY to do with women through this training.

The last two years I have studied just about everything that exists on the seduction market. From David D to Major Mark. After a while it seems they have all copied from the same book, teaching complicated inconsistent methods. ARD came across as something different, and it really is a new approach to making yourself attractive to women. Going through the material has changed a lot for me, especially when it comes to women. I am not even trying anymore and they still cant leave me alone. Sounds good, right? Well the downside is that this applies to women of all ages, from my mothers 60 year old friends to 15 y.olds at mc donalds. I definately have to be selective, I hope others are as well.                                     -Mr. D

* Never having to ‘worry’ about ‘what to say’ to a woman or how to need for pick-up lines or tactics anymore

* Mastering your Inner Game – Since everything is relational energy, we have much greater power tools to FIX your oppressed personal confidence and relationships to all sources of power

* Body Language that is always working and primed to attract women WITHOUT ACTING OR BEING SELF-CONSCIOUS

* HAVING the Alpha Male State of mind without it being based on self-affirmations which you’re incongruent with

* Imagine being able to predictably build attraction with gorgeous women – it will REGAIN YEARS of your life within WEEKS because the consistency ADDS UP while meanwhile PUA’s are out there ‘running numbers’ damaging their psyche and ego even more.

* Regain time that you would otherwise spend obsessing over this area (years into the future) anyways by actually having women call you and dating as you want to

* Imagine the complete LIBERATION knowing that you can connect with women anywhere in the world, build attraction, take things to where you want them to go and never have to worry about your sex or love life again – it’s a priceless reality WITHOUT massive compound repression or pain

* Imagine the power and choice you will have with women when YOU become the man they want and pursue

* Think about how this amount of success will affect the other areas of your life..isn’t this about the most important one?

* Having power in your daily relationships with others


“I have studied seduction materials for quite a while (DeAngelo, Juggler, badboy, pickup101, Zan), but I always felt there where missing pieces, which the guru’s either did not talk about, or were not aware of.

I admit I hesitated quite a bit to buy the full program, especially since I had already read and studied some of Rion’s other materials, and thought that the full package may somehow be redundant to his earlier teachings. However I am very glad I made this investment.

And I am not giving away a secret if I say you must be alpha..other gurus are teaching this, too. The special thing about Rion is that he goes on where the others stop: to reveal which quality to adress within women. This is all laid out in the ARD program, especially in the “natural grounding” part, which gives clear visual examples of what to look for. This really helps to “zone” you in (and helps in avoiding going down wrong roads).

And this is not just another psychological model or a technique, it is revelation about things going on in the world around us, a real truth.. ”

Sincerely,   equinox

ARD Customer

* Exceeding in your job/career/hobby/skillset because of what I teach (Relational Mastery)

* Having ‘lines’ that others taught you actually work if you choose to use them

* Having women calling you and helping develop the relationship further without having to ‘try’ or exert more effort into it than her

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* NEVER having to worry about what to say or do with a woman and having things progress forward for BOTH of you

Here’s the thing;

Our meta-cognition and Relational Science in the training will help clear the way to build and effectively condition YOUR new core beliefs, values, thoughts, emotions and actions to achieve the results that Alpha males experience for being proficient (behaviorally) in the Natural Dynamic of nonverbal communication.

Let’s take a look at some of what you’ll learn in ‘the most advanced dating seminar in history’

Below is Just Some of What you Will Learn on DVD 1…

  • Relational Behaviorism – Why you will be ahead of all other competition when you stop looking at the world and behavior of women in front of you (trying to powerlessly ‘get some’) and instead start understanding how and why female behavior came to be the way it is.  Relational Behaviorism is based on causality and relational influence on behavior instead of the Classical Behaviorism approach of (all) dating experts who just look at what’s directly in front of them leaving them to ‘try’ techniques to work against the Social power of women instead of communicating with her true sexuality.  This is taking Psychology & Behavioral Science itself to higher levels of cognition and you’re a part of it, by knowing things other top dating experts don’t even realize.  This knowledge alone will TAKE THE FEAR AWAY.
  • Alpha Relational Dynamics Overview – Start to realize this is the cognitive science, deconstruction & representation of power & human behavior so that you can be AWARE of the types of relationships you’re in and how to start having personal power that you could not have achieved otherwise.
  • What Does Relational Dynamics Have to do With Women – Find out how you can start relieving the lifelong burden alone just by knowing that you’ve found THE solution to power, happiness, sex and fulfillment.  You’ll be able to understand female behavior instead of being kept ignorant or powerless to it.  Gain control over YOUR life so that YOU can help women create the relationships they’re looking for.
  • Cognition vs. Ignorance – The real-world examples I have here will blow (and then AWAKEN) your mind.  Powerless people are (kept) ignorant to the types of relationships they have at the ROOT.  You’re going to start realizing why this program is so expensive and be damn glad you invested in it because we’re covering the most important areas specifically
  • Behavioral Keys Intro – These are the secret to taking the Neurological Expressway to physiological change, empowerment and growth that would otherwise take a tremendous amount of ‘Action’ (based on ignorance) to even come close to
  • Developmental Psychology & Behaviorism – Another important part of your awareness in seeing the world and truth as it really is instead of the immediate behavior in front of you within women
  • Inner Game is Not Enough – When you can understand my unique take on this redefinition (which you’ll probably agree is more accurate), we’ll be able to take your personal limitations out of the equation at work at understanding your relational reality so that we can start to get you in proper relation to power.  All of this will ironically resolve ALL of your self-limiting beliefs and issues that were holding you back.  No more beating yourself up and tormenting yourself after you see the big picture and relational reality.
  • And Much more.  It really get’s going with this DVD on Day 1.  The first time through the discs you might just want to withhold taking notes until the second time through.  Fortunately you’ll WANT to watch these DVD’s over and over again because it will start changing your reality alone.  We are leveraging much more power than my own personal game or opinion.  I was even taking notes while editing or watching the videos.


DVD Volume #2

  • Power of Influence: Nature – We look at how biological traits influences our thoughts, decisions, behavior and development.  Without having clarity on this, you will easily get awashed in the dilution of the unnatural world in front of you
  • Power of Influence: Nurture – This area is KEY to understanding the reality and psychology of women and power in your world today
  • Cultural Differentiation – One of the most important things you could EVER learn.  Why?  Because without it, you will continue to be stuck to the limited confines of only the unnatural LIMITED Social Reality in front of you and communicating on that 6% of relationships and under the agenda of others.  This alone is PROOF that you’re going to be ‘more than ok’.  Heck, this KNOWLEDGE alone could be your lifestyle redeemer.  This was the one thing that really influenced me and was crucial in pulling together all of this.
  • Causality & Examples – By looking at causality you will start to see beyond the VISIBLE behavioral reality in front of your eyes to the POWER of energy, relationships and cause and effect in INFLUENCING future outcomes including social and female behavior and where it came from.  It will sink in.
  • Back to the Future – The best movie from the 80’s has a LOT of clear examples for you to start thinking BEYOND what you could have ever imagined.  Everything historical is cause & effect.  You can create the FUTURE you want by taking certain actions now.
  • Rion Vs. Evolutionary Psychology – You’ll realize how limiting it is to blame fear as being in our nature as men.  This proves that you can be Alpha in today’s reality based on the types of relationships you choose without living under the oppression of a group’s ‘survival’ judgment and co-dependency.
  • Social Evolution – Understand what is the weakest most powerless thing you can do and how to break out of that Beta mentality so that you ALWAYS have power in relation to any level of social status, celebrity, clique, or subcultural dynamic
  • Direct Social Influence On Behavior – Right here may be one of the absolute most mind-awakening WAKE-UP CALLS in your life.  Those who continue to be unawares will continue to STRUGGLE against invisible forces which influence THEIR behavior and oppress them.  You can BREAK radically free to equal all Social power itself.  You’ll love the impersonation I do here which clarifies the point
  • The Social Matrix – An introduction to something we’re going to cover in much more relevant detail later.  If you aren’t aware of what’s REALLY going on with ‘the game’, by default you’re ignorant and you’ll CONTINUE to be repressed and limited as a man by default – Guaranteed.  This knowledge alone will put you ahead of top pick-up artists in awareness.
  • The Mindset of a Hot Woman – Realize the limitations of just accepting that ‘social value women are ‘the prize’ and (all) men are just rotating fools to get with her’ way of thinking.  Edifying them even more is not a solution.
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – A reference which had to be thrown in this training program although I don’t fully agree with the constraints.  How I view this will further enlighten you.
  • Alpha Relational – The #1 secret to the best in ANY field as everything is Relational.  Learn how you can start applying it to INSTANTLY see more results in any field of mastery.  I am so excited about this myself; Relational Mastery will further help train you to operate at Alpha levels in relationship to key areas and pursuits.  This = the most money, the most success, the most fulfillment and the most options with women.
  • The Relational Formula – Over a decade ago Stephen Covey stumbled onto something EXTREMELY important in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; the Relational Formula.  I studied, applied and lived this for over a decade AND as a producer or person of power it is ESSENTIAL.  The Relational Formula can be applied to everything; nothing is exempt.  I cover this extremely important area with great examples for you.
  • And Much more..


DVD Volume #3

  • Independence – An absolutely crucial and enlightening awareness.  Discover how changing your words and understanding this can start redefining your reality into one of power immediately.
  • Relational Independence – One of the most powerful things I could ever teach you and the rarest for men to achieve.  You will be overwhelmed by the power that you actually have by simple examples and actions which I give you.  This is the DEFINING characteristic of ALL heroes and alpha men of power.  This level of power is reserved for .001% of men but you can start exercising it to have RADICAL freedom in your relationships with society and women to immediately trigger their swooning.
  • Interdependence – The secret behind everything that ‘works’.  Discover for yourself and start redefining and reframing your relationships for win/win with ALL sources of power.  This is an eternal and priceless dedication.  I even have a tattoo on my shoulder that says Interdependence.  There is SO MUCH to discover that directly relates to your future success in ANY area (not just with business or women).  This is the secret to all successful and powerful groups, products, systems, societies and people.  Get ready to take CONSCIOUS control over your life.
  • Overcoming Dependencies – Alpha men are not limited or repressed by anything that would ‘hold them down’ other than their own children.  Realize how you can BREAK FREE of any co-dependencies, X’s who you’re still attached to, disempowering relationships or any type of drug dependency through relational science.
  • Overcoming Fears – People essentially have fear because of cause and effect relational influence through time & conditioning.  This can be undone at any level through applying Relational Dynamics.  You can overcome fears as I have by leveraging power much greater than your own limitations.  I’ve overcome my fear of skydiving and public speaking through applying what I teach.  Women love Alpha men who are fearless.  The freedom and self-empowerment you will feel is second to none when you overcome your relational and induced fears with this training.
  • The Power Principle – Learn to harness this key resource and science behind success for yourself as I apply it to your lifestyle, relationships and success with women directly in the training & Relational Mastery
  • The 3 Main Types of Power – Amazing insight that will help you realize how people communicate, influence and manipulate behavior.  You’ll have the power to take control and CHOOSE the type of power, influence and relationships YOU want to have in life while stopping all of the behavioral oppression.
  • Types of Behavioral Meta-Relationships – By being aware of the different types of relationships through these clear examples you’ll start to realize where power really lies.  These are crucial to understand if you want power and CONTROL in your life at any and ALL TIMES in the future.  Power is being used to influence you in all kinds of ways; you have to understand the types of relationships and their immediate and long-term affect on people’s thoughts, actions and behavior.  And while this sounds boring, it’s actually one of the most fascinating, enlightening and exciting things as you’ll see.
  • Program-Receiver – One of the key types of relationships that millions of people will NEVER be aware of and it’s at the pure ROOT of their own docile, lackluster oppression and their inability to engage, attract, spark and conquer their goals.  You won’t even believe what I show you here; your own personal power will start awakening IMMEDIATELY once you realize this and the power that you have with all other sources of power
  • Synergy – The secret to everything great that exists.  I cover multiple examples here across different areas.  As it applies to women, this is the ultimate – she’s yours and your hers (if you want to).  This is beyond just merely ‘rapport’.  When you synergize with women on the Natural and Relational levels; put it this way; I’ve had women melt instantly when they met me because of synergizing with their nature and social expectations.  Synergy is a tremendous area of study and application if you want mastery in life
  • Relational Equality – Once you ‘get this’ not only will you have no excuse from eradicating all of your self-limiting beliefs but IT WILL BE THE ONLY THING THAT COULD ACTUALLY HAVE THE LEVERAGE & POWER TO DO IT in the face of all social power or any level of psychological oppression.  This alone will change your life forever
  • Social Preclusion – With this amazing insight (with a crystal clear example) you’ll start realizing with CLARITY how influential social dynamics are as well as how RIDICULOUS they are when it comes to your power and lifestyle
  • And much more (of course)…

If you want women thinking and feeling ‘there’s just something about him’…’I can’t explain it’..’he’s comfortable in his own skin’…’he’s so confident’  and talking about YOU VS. her thinking ‘here’s another nervous guy with some pick-up line trying to ‘get something’ from me’ then this is your training.


DVD Volume #4

  • Stimulus-Response Relationships – Understanding this type of relationship is CENTRAL to then achieving personal freedom and power as I teach you.  This is at the pure ROOT of your repression and once you realize it, you may choose to never let it happen again.  You just weren’t normally aware of it.  After the great examples, it may piss you off for a while to see much people and programs have ‘USED’ you over the years but it’s your first (and immediate) step to taking your POWER back; more power than you thought you knew you had.
  • Pavlov’s Dog – A perfectly clear illustration as it applies to behavioral psychology, sexploitation, social power and the reality of men and women today.  You will be aware of what millions of men aren’t – giving you an instant advantage
  • Exchange of Value – The key to getting what you want out of other people and life.  The root of all relationships essentially boils down to this
  • Mainstream Social Value – Understand clearly the root of mainstream man’s demise when it comes to women and what to stop doing immediately and start playing the ‘real game’ between you and her
  • Character: Deconstructing Human Behavior – For the first time, take a look at the complexities of human behavior from a simple yet accurate and all-encompassing look at what defines our thoughts, actions and behavior in 3 primary areas of representation.  This will immediately start unraveling the mysteries that have held you back from success in all relationships – especially with women
  • How to Gain Natural Character – One of the most important areas of the entire Seminar; this area is crucial.  Gaining natural value as a man is essential to INSTANTLY triggering female response on the nonverbal level of communication and fulfilling her natural/sexual desires.  These steps will help you do the right things to have real effect in your lifestyle – far greater than your own inner game or personal limitations
  • Inner Character – With my clarification, you will be able to see more accurately what ‘Inner Game’ REALLY is in relation to all influence and power that exists.  This alone will take the burden off of you for being the one ‘at fault’.  Wherever you’re at with your own development you’ll find there is NO reason to be ashamed of yourself and realization of what the Interpersonal Dynamic of communication with women really is.
  • Social Character – I’ve isolated and clearly defined what will forever allude millions of men (until I hire a publicist).  This will awaken and bitchslap your previous understanding of reality as I clarify and bring into focus the behavior, traits and driving desire behind what men think and BELIEVE is sexuality
  • Relational Character – An extremely enlightening area that will help you to key in on the TRUTH of male and female behavior and what is REALLY going on.  Men just aren’t aware of this like women are but if you want to make changes you have to be aware of how behavior and energy changes in relation to other stimuli.  This knowledge is not only extremely relevant (as it represents female intuition and behavioral truth) but will allow you to see where you have screwed up or give your power up to other people or women
  • State leads to Behavior – A key focus of this course is getting you to Alpha State of Mind which before now hasn’t been effectively realized, taught or even possible other than taking actions.  This is key to BEING that powerful man whose mind and body is congruent with what he represents; you’ll start representing power and equality in relation to powerful women which STARTS relationships when you work on your State of mind and beliefs as taught here
  • Attraction Defined Charts – A key area that will really open your mind and help see how the process of mating/attraction/seduction really works between a man and a woman.  You will also be receiving the ‘Attraction Defined’ VCD that I recorded a year ago to further help clarify the training in this section with the charts.
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…I’ve already achieved my goal for this year in the “attraction” department and your book (that I purchased for myself as a birthday gift to myself in Feb.) took me to that point. The point of UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION with virtually 90-95% of women of all walks of life (married, women preferring women, young, mature, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Caucasion etc.).

Something like Denzel Washington or Sean Connery. My presence effects any environment upon my arrival without ONE word spoken. Women respond like I’m dripping sex with every step I take. I’m not F****** exaggerating one bit, it’s something to experience.

This is going to be an INTERESTING SUMMER to say the least. I have what I call not the every day confidence… it’s what I call UNDISPUTED CONFIDENCE.

The Way you put things in proper perspective helped me understand that it was ok to unleash this part of me instead of letting it play “hide and seek” based on society’s rule book of do’s and don’ts. ”

-Johnny (JAY) Walker I V


DVD Volume #5

  • Female Attraction Response Model – {F.A.R.M.} – Clearly see how women respond differently to different men.  This will help you see their psychology and decision making as far as HOW they make decisions and choices about men.  This is a great education right here that is practical and enlightening
  • Relational Model of Attraction – An amazing breakthrough I had a year ago that I explain in charts and you can see in your Bonus ‘Attraction Defined’ training.  Actually SEE how women are turned on to different men and why you have/haven’t had success in the past as well as how to PREDICTABLY TURN THEM ON and what to do to get there.  Sex itself is a key part of this training discussion
  • Female Behaviorism – Understand the how & why into accurate female psychology and behaviorism instead of being ‘left in the dark’ and a ‘hapless chump’ or ‘numbers runner’
  • Adaptive Behavior – Understand just how key this is to your complete liberation as a man when you go through this part
  • Female Alpha Models – What’s missing from seemingly all other dating programs(?!); gee, kind of important that we look at the other half of the ‘it takes 2’ equation especially since women are the ones who will ‘let you in or not’.  Instead of being ignorant and powerless around women leaving ‘everything up to them’ hoping to ‘get some’, it’s time to accurately understand their behavior, what it means and your relationship to it with crystal clear and hyper-relevant Models that you know.  You ought to start getting excited about this!
  • Sexploitation & Behaviorism – Understand the real truth behind pornography and sexploitation.  You’ll instantly realize the ‘real game’ of power and your relationship to it so that you can have the leverage to make an instant change for your own lifestyle in this SHOCKING sequence
  • Social Value & The Power Game – Part of your liberation is seeing your relationships at all levels of ‘the game’ and with all social influence.  After realizing what ‘the game’ really is and how ridiculous it is, you’ll have the power to permanently change the direction of your beliefs to actually GET the results they’re exploiting
  • And More!…
DVD Volume #6

  • Architectural Influence on Men – You’ll clearly see why so many men are powerless and do the things they do.  You’ll be able to differentiate and break free from the economic strongholds that have influenced you into further disempowerment
  • Socio-Cultural Adaptation – Another powerful breakthrough ‘Aha’ that alone can take ALL of the pressure off of dealing with socially powerful women
  • Independent Women & Behavior – The behavior of First World women is VERY REAL and if you don’t know your relationship to it you’re going to get creemed or run over by default.  Here is where we clarify the behavioral attributes and traits of powerful and developed women.
  • Inner Alpha Models – Clear examples so that we can face the fear front and center and deal with it properly.  A look at benefits and drawbacks to these women and where their behavior comes from.
  • The Secret of Women – You’ll never have as massive of a paradigm shift than this sequence right here with crystal clear visual examples that you can relate to.  It will completely set you on a new leveraged course of reality instead of mere fantasy or despair with women.  Worth the cost of the entire program right here as you realize that no one else could clarify it as simple or accurately as this (you’re welcome).  Absolutely mind-bending and WILL change your entire way of thinking about women, the world and your beliefs.  You’ll realize why EVERYTHING is the way it is and how to fix it – you’ll have more hope than right here.
  • Secret of Women Video Sequence – A priceless production in it’s own right, you’ll probably find yourself watching this dozens of times over and over because you’ll get more out of it each single time.  If you don’t completely break down, you’re not getting it yet – it’s all basically represented here.  This is the start of your behavioral reconditioning and MASSIVE reality change as the truth is exposed, leveraged and conditioned to your neurology in this multimedia sequence including top real Female Models of behavior in the world.
  • Women Are The Path – Cocky men will think they can have it all, but women themselves know they are the choosers because they have the ‘petals’ to open up.  In this program you’ll know how to ‘open their petals’ to WANTING a relationship with you
  • Natural Alpha Models – The secret of the world and THE counter-balance to everything that’s f*cked up about Mainstream society that has repressed you.  This is your primary behavioral key to not just the ultimate lifestyle with (all) women but the path to happiness itself and you’ll see why.  This is the billion dollar secret.  I hardly knew what happiness was until I discovered this.  Get ready for a stronger reality.

“With Rion’s teaching, I have been able to see past the social crap thrown by drama filled women and take charge of my own life. I have at least six girls I could call right now, all really hot, and have them come over for a booty call”   -Eric Jones, OSU

DVD Volume #7

  • Natural Awareness – Unknown to almost all First World men, yet it’s really what they desire the most if you break it down.  You will become extremely aware of the lifegiving, unlimited power for change as I train you on the Natural and Relational (energy) dynamics of communication and power
  • Natural Alpha Traits – By clearly understanding the Alpha level traits and attributes that our different Models of female behavior represent, you will clearly be able to start pulling all of the missing puzzle pieces together in life – heck I’ve done it here for you!
  • Applying the Secret – How to start making the change in your new stronger reality that will deeply affect the future women in your life.  I used to have ‘butterfly’ fear response around some women.  That is gone now in all communication and energy around ANY level of power; this is no ‘easy’ fix (it could take 20 years of body language ‘acting’ to achieve this).  I achieved TRUE fearlessness and equality by applying the exact same things as I’m teaching you.  You can be EQUAL to the most powerful people in your energy.  No other program can even mention that I’d say!?
  • It’s Really About Women – This will change your way of thinking but fortunately the leverage is on your side as you’ll see
  • Relational NLP – The #1 powerhouse technique that I train you in with ‘Relational Mastery’.  This will lead you to the stronger reality with women when you discover what this is, how simple it really is and the PRICELESS results you’ll achieve with women and in determining your future through this Power Technique
  • The Social Dynamic – Crucial to understand it for what it is.  As a former promoter, social critic, outsider and producer I’d say I know the game better than maybe anyone on earth.  Leverage my knowledge about the truth of what’s really going on in the visceral First world of your disempowerment.  Your goal should be open social interdependence.  If you didn’t know; this will probably piss you off for a while when you see the truth but it will give you power and control instead of just selling out.
  • Above the Game – Your relationship to social influence directly and indirectly INFLUENCES your behavior to the women you desire.  This training will make it clear as to how you can have relationships of power to women of social power and value
  • Producers & Their Relationships – Clear examples of men who are ‘above the game’ and how it directly influences their power, fearlessness, behavior and relationship to all other (social) power and attributes in women.  Simply by reframing your relationship with the Social Matrix as I teach you, you will have a different mindset and ultimately a behavioral reality of power like producers
  • Male Intuition – Women will love you when they realize that not only do you keep your power (so they can open up to you), but that you actually respect and love the truth of their beauty and that you are one of the RARE men who can see past their own social-adaptation TO their beauty.  The training here will not only give you power but an ENORMOUS level of insight and intuition into energy and women (such as I have).  Women will start getting nervous around you (the GOOD nervous) because you are STRONG ENOUGH to see past their Social adaptation and personal development to their truth.  This is priceless and with Relational Mastery I teach you.
  • And much more!

You have to build your stronger reality because women have it by default and they are looking for their EQUAL or higher in power/status/value.  You HAVE TO ‘rise’ to the occasion if you want to experience the 94% of results you’ve been missing out on.

DVD Volume #8

  • N.E.O. Charts: Nano-Elemental Oversight a.k.a. Cognitive Relational Management
  • Conscious Bullets of Influence – Start gaining control over your life through this training and having control like Neo in the Matrix
  • Managing Relationships for Power – You are ALWAYS in relationships at ALL TIMES.  Being cognitive of them upfront as we do in this training will help you see where others are using you and how to start having power IMMEDIATELY
  • Claiming Your Independence – This is a crucial area of ultimately applying Relational Mastery.  You won’t even realize how much freedom is possible until you go through this training because of the types of co-dependent or oppressive relationships you have.  You have much more power potential than you realize and I’ll help you get there.
  • Re-Framing Your Relational Reality – Independence & Interdependence aren’t just nice words; they represents power itself and I show you how to apply it practically to life to be equal to all other power itself.  This is power way beyond your personal limitations.  You can have EVERYTHING YOU DREAM including power and respect with other people of power by simply committing to these SIMPLE precepts as I teach you.  The leverage is massively in your favor because you’re supposed to live by these.  There’ll be no excuse for disempowerment from now on.
  • {Day-3} Courtship – Despite being the most ADVANCED or ‘profound’ dating seminar in history, it does some good to step back to entry-level material just to get a more mainstream perspective here.  You might find it refreshing to counterbalance the level at which you’re at.
  • Lifestyle Dating – The choice for power, attraction and physical relationships (or more).  Women want a man who they can be themselves with.  It’s up to you to lead.  By listening to my advice and tips on how I date you will have great ideas for choosing a lifestyle where you have more power, exchange of value and fun with women instead of doing mainstream junk which turns women off and wastes your money
  • Balance of Power – A crucial understanding as relationships between men and women come down to this.  You’ll realize how and why relationships fail or work
  • Practical Approach – Applying ‘Natural Game’ in the real world
  • NonVerbal Communication {S.O.N.A.R.R.} – An accurate look at the process of nonverbal communication in attraction between men and women; how to trigger; what signs to look for and more.  Most importantly you will be GETTING these signs from women and you’ll be able to accurately read them (in the 94%) to prevent rejection in approaching or connecting B/C she TOLD YOU
  • How to Approach Women – How I approach women and other people of power and what you can learn from this.  You’ll have the power to do the same thing of course with this training
  • Pick-Up Lines – Some great things that I actually have used many times to start great relationships (usually short-term) with women
  • Overcoming Social Anxiety – All of this can be cured by applying Relational Dynamics.  I used to have fear of public speaking for a unique reason (I’m an objective producer and ‘cared’ directly about what the audience thought and criticizing my own performance, etc.  I overcame MY fear of public speaking and you can overcome yours or ANY level of social anxiety; it’s ALL relational.  This is important because women are always picking up energy.  You’ll have the power to be relationally independent and not fall into the whims of others if it disempowers you.
  • How-to Master Anything – Unique knowledge from a producer and synergist such as myself; this is all at Alpha Relational levels and you’ll be able to apply yourself to any field to be one of the best performers
  • And of course much more; these are just a few reference points.  I ‘flow’ for the ENTIRE duration of the program.  It hardly ever slows down or goes below Alpha breakthrough value for even a minute of the 11 hours.

“…We entered a relationship that was destined to end. She was very independent and demanding, I tried to conform to her and the more I conformed to what she said she wanted the further we drew apart.

After we had broke up I realized that as a man you have to be a man… and your material helped me realize why the relationship ended, because I was no longer being myself. You can’t let anyone push you around regardless of what they tell you. I started reading a lot of PUA material and found a greater understanding of what it meant to be an alpha male and what women want but still felt like a lot of it was just an “act” that I had to portray, and it wasn’t working. ..I was becoming a MAN. Women started popping up left and right. Beautiful women would approach me and instead of me trying to act as the response I was being the stimulus.

I felt a deep roar emanating from within and it is still echoing throughout my ears. This material has been one of the most profound and informational pieces of literature I have personally ever read (I read a lot of information too along with my a degree in cellular biology).

Improve Your Dating Life Also With :  How To Solve Almost Any Sexual Problem The Easy Way - Tim Phizackerley

It’s wonderful because it can be used for a PUA to further his game and improve his odds, or it can be used for a guy like me that just wants to be able to connect with women and give them what they want in a relationship. Thank you so much Rion Williams I will continue to read your newsletters on a daily basis.”



DVD Volume #9

  • Relational De-construction – I’m now a world class graphic designer and music producer because of my ability to apply relational deconstruction without spending great money on advanced training.  This is a level of Relational Mastery.  You’ll understand that anything that can be constructed is relational and can be deconstructed; therein lies the secrets to many of life’s mysteries.  I’ve got some great examples that will just open your mind to the world beneath the visible surface
  • Turning Everything Into Gold – Another level of relational mastery that you’ll be able to experience more often.  This will save you time, headaches and drama in achieving ‘flow’ levels of success in your applied fields.  A true trait of a ‘pied piper’ Alpha male
  • The Power Ratio – An amazing breakthrough that will allow you to realize how power is relevant and wielded to the success or failure of people, sex and relationships.  You’ll be able to stretch way beyond and start leveraging natural and relational power while abolishing your own limited personal ‘sticking points’
  • Diva Analogy – Another crystal clear example of the social structure and how ridiculous ‘the game’ actually is.  This will really change your mind on many subjects.
  • Body Language for Attracting Women – This is how it’s done right here
  • Classified Movie that Clarifies Alpha R.D. & EVERYTHING – You’ll realize and be trained on how VISCERAL and TRUE this little known foreign movie is and how it CLEARLY represents Alpha R.D. and the truth between men, women and attraction in today’s day & age.  This movie alone will greatly influence your life – tear you down and build you up with the leverage to BE A MAN.
  • Relational Mastery – A reference to the monthly coaching program and ongoing training you’ll be receiving (with the option to opt out at any time but I don’t know why you’d want to)
  • Behavioral Keys – Powerhouse TOOLS that you can use to massively add value, control, change and empowerment to your life to condition yourself in the direction you WANT to go (alpha resources ideally) including my Natural Grounding Resources which you’ll receive as a Core Component Upgrade (which also goes with A.R.D. itself)  USE the ‘Natural Grounding Guide’ to acquire the proven silver bullets of influence to start making MASSIVE change.  Just this knowledge alone with the N.E.O. charts will help you gain control over your entire lifestyle for power
  • The 4 Dynamics of Communication – One of the core components of Relational Dynamics and understanding behavior and power.  I forgot to mention it earlier in the program but cover it here!
  • Ways to Not ‘Get Any’ – Millions of men will continue to be limited by this specific examples of what NOT to do with women that they keep doing and that many dating teachers are still teaching even
  • Your Strongest Game – You know it!  And when you have the natural power and relational equality around women (which 6% of training just couldn’t cover), you’ll be ABLE to get results with MINIMAL use of ANY of those skills.  You’ll be able to talk with women, get their numbers and have them wanting to be with you W/O the need for ‘covert spinning sidekick psycho maneuvers’ and needing to memorize all kinds of lines – you will permanently be FREED from ALL of that.  Because any sign of reliance on that means you don’t get it.  You’ll learn the 94% of Natural Game here like nowhere else.  You won’t ever have to worry about ‘what to say’ to a woman, you’ll have the power to JUST CONNECT with them and you just have to trust this; it’s natural.
  • And much more..
DVD Volume #10

  • The #1 Secret – The Miraculous Power Technique that allowed me to attract and enjoy large numbers of quality relationships with women since then (and it’s only getting better).  You will be able to as well if you apply this – Guaranteed.  This is the main secret behind my success (besides one other ‘action’ thing I tell you in the seminar) and it’s not taught by ANY other guru.  You’ll be able to ACCELERATE your way to Alpha State of mind in relation to ALL women AT behavioral levels WITHOUT spending YEARS of ‘work’ in the field communicating on the limited 6%.  This will change your life when you apply it.  Relational Mastery will train you on this from my over 1,000 hours of experience.  Trust me that you don’t have to have NEARLY that amount of ‘time in’ for many reasons.  Top students are immediately seeing results with women that ‘they can’t explain’ because of doing this – and they’re not even ‘trying’.  You can do anything on top of this b/c women will be interested and attracted ‘magically’.  Once you get this you’ll probably even want to send me a fruitcake at Xmas or something (another check would be fine).
  • Silver Bullet Production – If you’ve seen ‘The Secret’ – I’ve taken it into the highest level of application.  As men we think LOGICALLY, but what’s missing from bringing your future into existence (and anything you dream) is EMOTIONAL ATTRIBUTION.  This technique here is worth it’s weight in gold and I told the men I wouldn’t show them mine for $10,000.  Sorry but you will absolutely not see my ‘Silver Bullet 1’ (no one ever will but me).  This secret which no one else is teaching is the #1 way to make your dreams come true and applying ‘The Secret – Law of Attraction’ because it is the most VISCERAL, relevant, leveraged and powerful to YOU and your future.  You can create your own Silver Bullet resources as I teach to accelerate the reality of yours dreams.
  • Silver Bullets of Influence – Powerful Behavioral keys that you bring into your life that will build you up and recondition you in the direction you want to go instead of letting other programs or signals oppress you to their advantage.
  • Review – It’s important to recap a lot of the main concepts and bring them up fresh in your mind again
  • Building Rapport – Without instant relational comfort around you, you will NOT be able to build a serious rapport that will lead ANYWHERE.  In developing the relationship you’ll be able to establish rapport without any tricks by just communicating normally and talking with the woman while your body is SAYING EVERYTHING right on the 94% where attraction happens.  The way I use rapport is to just overcome the minimal ‘time in’ and logic before it leads to the inevitable bedroom.  Once you take care of the 94% and you’re comfortable in your skin in relation to her from applying this training, rapport is simple to build.  Handle the 94% and you’ll be fine.
  • The Power of One – A tremendously influential key resource
  • Relational Influence on Behavior – When you hear this you’ll wonder why top scientists never fully realized what is so true and defining about the existence of EVERYTHING as it ‘is’.  This will expand your mind with my examples and even I’m only starting to develop this area of cognition based on causality which is a key secret to the ‘law of attraction’, behavior, predicting response and life itself
  • Everything is Energy – Start truly understanding how limiting it is to think that your own Inner Game is everything.  It’s when you can understand energy, relationships, nature, power and YOUR relationship and representation that you will really start to achieve unlimited potential and fulfillment.  THEN your inner game is infinitely greater.  This is a lifelong study and we base much of Relational Science on the relationships of energy and more.  An  important topic as mentioned in ‘The Secret’ that represents the Relational Dynamic
  • Natural Grounding Relationship –  & How to Start Seeing the 94% of Communication that women know but men aren’t aware of.  This area is crucial if you want to accelerate your relationships with all women because I put you in direct relationship to the raw Alpha sexuality of women.  This is a lifestyle saver right here.  The results are speechless.
  • Conclusion – To wrap things up – a solid ending {granted it was me, Excel and 1 other left in the room at this time because they had flights to catch}
  • Deleted Scenes – Power Scenes I couldn’t fit onto other discs
  • Q&A Scenes – Question & Answers are laced throughout the 10 DVD’s to get questions from guys in the audience
  • And much more – Remember that every MINUTE is jam-packed with massive, reality changing Alpha value.  This isn’t like any other seminar for many reasons.  Since you’re not used to this and it’s much greater than my own personality, there is infinite value to get out of these DVD’s especially because it represents the cutting edge in psychology, behavioral science, success, achievement, production, social science, modern dynamics and attraction that is EXTREMELY relevant, proven and based on experience.  This will probably be the best investment in your adult life; it took literal miracles for me to come across this information AND I studied the best in the world in these areas.  Prepare to be forever CHANGED with the leveraged power herein.  The time is NOW!

The Alpha Relational Dynamics 2007 ‘Natural Game Seminar’ is based on relational & behavioral fundamentals that you ultimately MUST HAVE to be a balanced, high character man of power in an oppressive society (unless you already had a stronger, outsider reality to begin with or can leverage social alpha status right now).

Finally, we have a program that is dedicated to the relationships behind reality that we don’t normally see or know how to work with.  A way for REAL balanced men of character to behave with power and share value with women.  This is what’s been missing.

Imagine Living the Lifestyle with Women That You Desire and Deserve.  A.R.D. Natural Game Holds the Keys To This Level of Lifetime Power, Attraction and Consistent Success with Women That is Usually Reserved for A Few Men of Indescribable Power.

Women are WAITING for men who know how to communicate on that level; naturally.  It’s especially important if you’re a shy guy.  I’m NOT the most outspoken guy.

It’s up to you to BE comfortable in your own skin IN RELATION to the power of women (in their mind INSTANTLY) if you desire the ultimate levels of lifestyle & freedom with women.

Before now, in our social culture this privilege has been reserved for

  1. Social Outcasts or men who somehow had success with women at ‘age 13’ (to avoid falling into the ineffective behavioral conditioning)
  2. Socially ‘valuable’ men; millionaires, producers, ballers, strip club owners, etc. who often just leverage their social value to attract women and then wonder if they really have natural ‘game’ to begin with or if women are just using them for their social status
  3. Men who spent YEARS ‘in the trenches’ (literally ‘approaching’ non-stop) to figure out ‘what worked’ and ‘what didn’t’ through actions whichTHEN influenced their State and becoming congruent with it.

Are you any of those?

I wasn’t.  My first girlfriend wasn’t until Freshman year in college and I was the popular Class President of my Senior Class.  Since then, I’ve had some advantages by being good-looking but I didn’t have Alpha State.

If you boil it ALL down, it’s male Alpha Male State of mind and it’s connection with Female nature that DEFINES attraction at ANY level.  No expert can deny that.

As far as I know I’m the only expert who teaches you how to GET that State of mind WITHOUT taking the ‘action’ approach (based from 6% of communication.

It may defy their understanding of reality that something else could even exist.  But without State, you’re merely acting and your energy would be incongruent with that reality.

Repeating another Alpha’s self-affirmations or practicing body language exercises doesn’t lead to congruency or fearlessness, nor is it aligned with your understanding of that which you are trying to connect with.  Energy is blocking it until you understand it.  Acting is not enough for WOMEN.

You just have to have that Alpha State of mind and physiology in relation to the most desired women (without the negative or limiting attributes) that is equal or greater than their energy.

Because of our different tools in the Natural & Relational Dynamic, we take different actions than what is ‘logical’ to most men.

Alpha’s are the men women respond to and sleep with.  Being closer to Alpha will ensure more consistent and clear attraction.  You can get there as I have with what I represent and teach you in this training.

It comes down to this:

Natural ‘Game’

is at least 90% of the Entire REAL Game of Attraction & Physical Relationships.

The 94% of non-verbal communication (your Natural & Relational Game) is based on energy, relational power, body language, stimulus-response, physiological reaction, natural value, nonverbal, attraction, biological instinct, charisma, presence, natural awareness, true sexuality, awareness, emotion, feelings & female intuition IN RELATION TO YOU.

Things that today’s men have no CLUE on (yet admittedly didn’t HAVE TO with our historically more NATURAL women).

“In just a few days, women have been responding to me in a totally different way – it’s like before they were waiting for something and now they see it instantly. I went out last night and left with the hottest girl in the bar.”    -Rory M. It’s been a month now since I started your course, and at first I realized the power of your teaching, but I didn’t know how it would change me. Now I see a hot girl, and I no longer get the response I used to have. It’s just the beginning, but it’s a pretty good one. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. I also seem to get more women sneaking in my life, it almost looks like coincidence, b/c I’m not doing anything, but I think it’s bigger than that, time will tell I guess. I’ll keep you posted on my improvement. Thanks again! -Manu(Previous Customer)

Again, you can’t ‘act’ Natural..Because women KNOW and they’re looking for REAL men.

Women have to trust your physiology and be comfortable INSTANTLY to even think of sleeping with you (down the road).  This is represented in your body language, nonverbal communication and energy in relation to her.

Your body represents the power your emotionally conditioned mind understands.  Your emotion has just been conditioned with inaccurate/wrong neural associations.

These things simply cannot be taught on the Interpersonal & Social Dynamics of Communication and yet it’s everything YOU’RE missing to have rockstar results

(without Social Alpha status)

You’ve just been studying in the least important yet most conscious and ‘apparent’ dynamics known to man!  Despite not being what you’re used to (pick-up lines, field reports, methods)


It’s what you know as ‘REAL’ to you (your self-limitations, looks and social status – this is all on the 6% that’s keeping you ignorant to greater power).

Yet, the natural physiological response of attraction from women is what is REAL to them.  And THEY are the choosers and will forgive your 6% ‘faults’ as long as you connect NATURALLY and trigger their relational response.


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