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“Every man [woman] is a builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships,…
We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones.”—Walden, Henry David Thoreau   

Erection Enhancement

First, let me just set the record straight, yes, it is possible to cause the penis to grow even after a man has reached maturity. 

People with acromegally, will grow a larger jaw bone, larger nose, larger fingers.  People with another rare disorder will grow a larger skull.  The body is constantly renewing.  There’s a new layer of skin about every 6 weeks.   As the body remodels, it can change sizes depending upon what stresses, hormones, and nutrition is available.  A simple example is muscle growth.  Now, even the brain is thought to be fluid and IQ thought not to be set at birth.

With a decrease in testosterone levels, atrophy of muscles and penis is well documented.  But, what about penis enlargement, does it really happen?  If atrophy (shrinkage) occurs, can you drive the process in the other direction and cause growth?

The two hormones that result in penis growth (for children and adults) when supplied in abundance and in shrinkage when in short supply are testosterone and growth hormone.  The confusing part is that people with acromegally (abnormally elevated growth hormone levels) can have a decrease in testicular and penis size.  But, this occurs because the cause of the elevated growth hormone will sometimes cause a drop in testosterone levels (by causing a drop in LH or an increase in Prolactin).

So, it takes an increase in both:  a) Testosterone and b) Growth Hormone to cause the penis to grow.

I learned a method of restarting penile growth in adults from a prominent European endocrinologist (where the use of growth hormone is more accepted and less regulated than here in the US).  To precipitate erection enhancement, a derivative of testosterone is applied as a cream directly to the penis and growth hormone is given as an subcutaneous injection.

Here’s the downside, and it’s a big one:  when you cause a re-start of growth of the penis, you could restart growth of the prostate as well.  I do not advocate treating penis length unless someone has a very abnormally small penis.

I’m going to give dosages and the exact formula for the testosterone derivative for adults as well as the erection workout, supplement, diet, and other techniques that should be used. Why? Because sometimes a smaller penis can be a social handicap for a man.

I do not want you to self treat by buying junk from the internet and hurting yourself.  I describe more of the why’s and how’s of penis length in my book, Anytime…for as Long as You Want:  Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation (but this is mostly a course for improving health and sexual function, not about growing a larger penis).

What about the pills being sold on the internet?

Most of these formulas have arginine or glutamine combined with other growth hormone or LH boosters.  Growth hormone (GH) taken by mouth does nothing because the digestive juices of the stomach will digest a protein hormone like GH (that’s why you have to take insulin as an injection…insulin is also a protein).  If there were a way to take GH by mouth, then every diabetic could throw away their insulin needles.   But, if you have a healthy pituitary and you take these amino acids at least two hours after your last meal (so no other amino acids are in the stomach) then you can cause increased release of GH and cause a 50% or sometimes more increase in GH levels.  The problem with this is that the strategy works best for those who need it least.  Those with really low GH from a sluggish pituitary response will respond very little if at all to this therapy.

What about all the stretching exercises?

If done improperly, these can cause impotence (nerve and blood vessel damage).   If you want something that works, then you must know what you’re doing when you do stretching exercises with your penis.

What about surgery?

Here’s excerpts from an article that describes the procedure and the sort of results to expect (for conversion, divide the cm by 2.54 to get the number of inches):


Until 20 years ago, penis size (either nonerected or erected) was not mentioned, discussed, or defined even in serious books of human anatomy. The need of some men to enlarge and elongate their penile size is equivalent to the need of some women to ask for breast augmentation. The same method of transferring autologous fat into other parts of the body can be used in male patients for augmentative phalloplasty. The circumference of the penis increases 2 to 3 cm, and before of a heavier penis, the length increases 1 to 2 cm. If more lengthening is desired, subtotal dissection of the ligament fundiforme penis below the symphysis could be done, pull the corpus cavernosus out, and fix the tunica albuginea at the periost. At the root of the phallus, the skin can be elongated by V-Y-plasty, and the scrotal skin can be released by 1 or 2 Z-plasties. Combining both autologous fat transfer and ligament release allows for penis elongation of 3 to 5 cm. The authors have performed augentative phalloplasty on 88 patients since 1996. They have transplanted 40 to 68 ml of pure fat. Of the 88 patients, 57 underwent autologous fat transfer only, and 31 received additional ligament release. Penis length increased 1.5 to 4.8 cm (average, 2.42 cm), and circumference increased 1.4 to 4.0 cm (average, 2.65 cm). The initial penis lengths were 6.5 to 10.0 cm (average, 8.72 cm), and the circumference were 8.0 to 10.1 cm (average, 9.18 cm) not erected. Patients are advised to obstain from sexual activity for 5 weeks after the surgery. Two patients who disregarded this advice had an unsatisfactory result. In one patient too, much of the grafted fat had to be removed from the preputium. No other serious complications were observed.


Augmentative phalloplasty.
Panfilov DE – Aesthetic Plast Surg – 01-MAR-2006; 30(2): 183-97

And what’s really normal anyway?

Here’s an excerpt from and recent article in the medical literature:  Penile length and circumference: an Indian study. – Promodu K – Int J Impot Res – 01-NOV-2007; 19(6): 558-63 (From NIH/NLM MEDLINE

Aim of the present investigation is to estimate the penile length and circumference of Indian males and to compare the results with the data from other countries. Results will help in counseling the patients worried about the penile size and seeking
penis enlargement surgery. Penile length in flaccid and stretched conditions and circumference were measured in a group of 301 physically normal men. Erected length and circumference were measured for 93 subjects. Mean flaccid length was found to be 8.21 cm (3.2 inches), mean stretched length 10.88 cm (4.3 inches) and circumference 9.14 cm (3.6 inches).

Mean erected length was found to be 13.01 cm (5.1 inches) and erected circumference was 11.46 cm (4.5 inches).

There are significant differences in the mean penile length and circumference of Indian sample compared to the data reported from other countries. Study need to be continued with a large sample to establish a normative data applicable to the general population.

Here’s a table from a recent journal article that reviewed the treatment of men who complained of having a small penis.  This table combines several studies of penis size:

TABLE I   —  Previous data on penile measurements
InvestigatorAge Range (yr)Flaccid Length (cm)Stretched Length (cm)Erect Length (cm)
Wessels et al.,[3] 199621–828.8512.4512.89
Smith et al.,[4] 1998NANANA15.71
Schneider et al.,[2] 200118–198.6NA14.48
Key: NA = not available.

It seems odd to me that millions are being spent by men to try and grow a larger penis and there’s very little being written by physicians to tell the truth of it all.   Hopefully this helps some.

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