Secret Seduction Triggers – 60 Years of Challenge

60 Years of Challenge – Secret Seduction Triggers Download

60 Years of Challenge - Secret Seduction Triggers Download

Something BIG is coming…By this time tomorrow the way guys meet and attract women will never be the same The secret isn’t out just yet, so I can’t reveal too much, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak before anyone else…

This morning I just put the finishing touches on a SECRET VIDEO training course called 60 Years of ChallengeSecret Seduction Triggers

This is advanced EVIL stuff ‘specially designed’ for guys who want to BANG girls they already know

Maybe she’s a friend, a co-worker, “an ex” or just that really hot girl you see everyday at the coffee shop

Do you have a picture of her in your mind?


Now picture her completely naked because I’m going to show you a simple TRICK for making her drop her tiny little panties and hop into your bed by the end of this week

You’re going behind the scenes to watch “video examples” of a successful pickup featuring real women (beautiful models)

Simply copy what I do in the videos and getting that girl you want into bed becomes as simple as pushing a button

That’s because unlike reading a book, you finally get to SEE exactly what you should be doing

  • How to escalate the VIBE between you and that one girl you want to the point where she will explode with LUST for you (watch me bring out this models naughty side on video) …
  • Unlock her PRIMAL sexual instincts making her feel like she still has one foot in the jungle and needs to have sex with you to survive
  • The secret stealth escalation pattern that gives you an upper-hand no matter what you look like (a very sneaky but fail-proof way to get the kiss)
  • How to avoid being her BUDDY and getting trapped in the “friend zone”… and HOW to quickly get out of it if you do (even if you’ve known her for years)
  • EXPOSED: How to tap into her sense of nativity she still has in her which allows you to command her to do things at will (please use this one carefully)
  • The 1 critical mistake most guys make that instantly turns a woman off and how to make sure you don’t do the same (If you don’t know this, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle)
  • Why girls like “bad boys” and how to turn it on it’s head so that being a gentlemen and nice guy is actually going to work in your favor (then watch her dump her jerk boyfriend and date you instead)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…Once you know theseSecret Seduction Triggers, it’s not a matter of getting a girl you want…It will be as simple as you taking the girl you want

Video #1: Sexual Ignition

Video #2: Roadblocks to SEX

Video #3: Secrets of Sexual Tension

Video #4: Micro-Escalation

Video #5: Seductive Listening

Video #6: Secret Seduction Triggers

Video #7:  Decoding Her Signals

Video #8: Making Your Move

Video #9: Bulletproof Confidence

Video #10: Getting Her Home Fast

Video  #11: Closing The Deal Tonight

◤ Seduction4Life Tips ◢

1) None of the Archives Has Passwords - for extracting you can use successfully WinRAR or even better 7zip

  • for Linux Or Mac You Have to Use An Alternative Compatible with 7zip or WinRar - In The Case of CRC error on extraction - you have to redownload the file first
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