Simon Heong – Friend to Girlfriend Gold Package

Simon Heong – Friend to Girlfriend Gold Package Download

“Sneaky Underground ‘Secrets’ Of How YOU Can Turn A Friend To Be Your Girlfriend… Guaranteed To Work However ‘Tricky’ The Situation…”

Inside you’ll discover…
Where to start: The blueprint and step-by-step action plan for turning a friend into a girlfriend and her to choose YOU over any other guy that tries to compete for her attention.
The 5 biggest mistake guys make to KILL their chances of being seen as “relationship material” with a woman in the VERY BEGINNING and end up helpless as her ‘friend’
Exactly what to do when she has ALREADY told you she ONLY wants to stay as friends. You’ll uncover a surefire action plan to completely “undo” and erase any mistakes you’ve made before and get back on the RIGHT-TRACK into turning her into a lover)
Over 9 LOUD AND CLEAR GREEN LIGHT Signals of Interest women send out that they want you more than just a friend and to make the first move more as a friend
A powerful 4-step simple technique on how to turn ANYONE to be your girlfriend (whether she’s a distant friend, your work colleague, your sister’s friend or your next-door neighbor… it does not matter!)

The Gold Edition includes the original Friend To Girlfriend Program PLUS a collection of 6 Underground Digital eBooks (in Adobe PDF format) and 4 CD audios (over 6+ hours of personal coaching in MP3 format) of MASTER-LEVEL persuasion and seduction techniques from our community’s elite All-Star Celebrity team, considered to be the WORLD’S BEST!

This is where you’ll get to secretly eavesdrop, listen in on, and get advice from guys who are masters with women— and literally listen to me pick their brains to learn their secrets for only $30 more.

It includes:

How To Sexually Communicate & Move From The First Meeting Right Into The Bedroom: Joseph Matthew: #1 Best-selling author of the Art Of Approaching – He reveals his favorite techniques on sexual communication; how he sneakily connects, bonds & flirts with them ‘on the fly’ at such rapid speed, to the point where once ATTRACTION is sparked, they’ll literally do ANYTHING he wants them to do!

Professional Edited Transcription Of The 1 Hr 40 Minutes “closed door” Interview

How To Persuade, Influence And Get Women To Do Anything You Want: Dean Cortez, America’s Top Hostage Negotiator – Pioneer of the M.A.C.K revolution which received rave reviews from FHM Magazine, the New York Post, Spike Radio Network, here he reveals his latest persuasion techniques on women (ways to re-phrase requests, lead her down the “path to yes”, overcoming rejections into sensual turn-ons, how to build rapport with women in minutes, how to create engaging, stimulating conversations and much more!)

How To Eliminate Self-Doubt And Fear By Transforming Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive Man Women Are Desperately Looking For: Rion Williams, Author Of Relational Dynamics – “Star” speaker of Cliff’s List’s Seduction Masters Super Summit, Rion reveals his deepest thoughts on mastering inner game, stealing frames, alpha male concepts, relational authority, logical inhibitions, how to get one night stands and basically the entire works of how he gets women to DO ALL THE WORK and get HIM to bed!

Professional Edited Transcription Of The 3 Hr 30 Minutes “super-intense” coaching call

Advanced Steps To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend: Carlos Xuma (Celebrity Dating Coach) – He reveals his “contrarian” steps on how he usually turns a “friend” over (how to tactfully swerve and jump out of the friend zone, signals she gives out of when she wants you ‘more’ as a lover, 9 real-life examples how “casual” friends are turned into “lovers”, how to go under the radar and attract women within the same network of friends, and much more!)

How To Get A Girlfriend With Relationship Expert Stephen “Playboy” Nash: Stephen, who was featured in Neil Strauss’s #1 New York Times bestseller: “The Game,” is the author of the book How To Get A Girlfriend. Here he shows you the fastest way to get a girlfriend, his “baiting” technique along with his personal “field reports” during his glory “Pick Up Artist” days!

Secrets To Success With Women: David Wygant — America’s #1 Most Quoted Dating Coach: If you’ve ever heard David speak, you’ll know that in addition to being a America’s #1 Dating Coach, he is also one of the most charismatic and engaging speakers you’ll learn from. Here he’ll reveal his personal philosophy, tactics and different strategies on how to meet and date women.

Using The “Law Of Attraction” To Get Whatever You Want In Life: This 80+ page book outlines the fundamental laws of attraction in the universe that guides your lives – relationship, career, health and how it is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT underlying power behind all things.

Casanova’s Private Seducer’s Handbook: A collection of over 100+ PROVEN intimate, passionate, romantic tactics & ideas that he uses on women to “close the deal”.

Special Report: The Complete A – Z Rules For Ensuring Healthy, Happy And Lasting Relationships

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