Let’s talk about how you can become a “Master Conversationalist” and at ease in any social environment.

What does it mean to be “Socially Invincible?”

Social Invincibility is about feeling calm and confident in any personal interaction no matter how challenging. Knowing, without a doubt, that you are not only able to handle anything that is thrown your way, but that you’re able to do so in a way that makes you look and feel unstoppable. You know those people who just seem to move through life effortlessly? People who have it so easy? You can become that kind of person by developing an advanced social skill-set. I invite you to take the first step, and allow me to personally walk you through “The Social Invincibility Program.”

In this system, you will learn how to trip the high status alarm in other peoples’ brains who will then treat you accordingly. If you even apply this strategy with 1 person a day, within 7 days you will have been treated like a king, by 7 people. This is going to be new to your brain but it will like what it’s seeing! Once your subconscious realizes what’s going on, it will immediately give you “permission” to not only continue to act in these high status ways, but act even more confidently.

Your subconscious brain actually wants you to be as successful and confident as possible. However, when you previously received mediocre or outright negative responses from other people you interacted with, your brain expects more of the same and keeps you uncomfortable and lacking in confidence.

As you continue progressing, and are now using the Social Invincibility principles with 5 people in conversation per day, this means your brain is now getting 35 ‘Real Life’ reference points that are telling it “Something has fundamentally changed in the way people are treating meI am now encouraged to voice my opinions, relax and express myself to others who will respond by treating me like royalty.” This process will snowball until every interaction reinforces your social status and your self-confidence becomes solidified in any environment or situation.

The Social Invincibility Program Contains 8 Video Modules

Advanced Topics of Body Language

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to use your body to bolster your communication, command attention and to display status and physical strength.

Advanced & Mismatched Tonality

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to become aware of the tonality you use at all times. Develop the ability to use and mismatch the tonality you use to speak with precision and influence.

How to Control & Lead Conversation

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to control the ‘frame’ or ‘stage’ of a conversation which will give you the ability to be persuasive and quickly assume a leader’s presence.

The Invisible Matrix of Conversation

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to not only see the invisible structure of conversation but manipulate it in your favor.

Perspective & Positivity

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to control your mood and emotions by keeping a grounded, dynamic perspective. How also to use this skill to create rapport, friendship and charm.

ENERGY – The Core of Interaction

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to energy is the undercurrent of all human interaction. Harness and emit energy effectively to create an attractive and magnetic presence.

Humor, Laughter and Good Cheer

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how laughter can be one of the most high status signals a person can give off. Learn also how and when to use humor at the right times.

Brain Candy & Presenting Your Best

  • Module Impact:

    Learn how to use ‘Brain Candy’ to take advantage of your subconscious brain and quickly increase your own perceived self-worth and social status.

The Social Invincibility Program

  • Program Components:

    8 Core HD Video Modules,
    9 Video Tutorials,
    7 Social Challenges (PDF), 1 Question Answered by Barron Himself


    The Program includes 9 bonus videos of Barron coaching you through some of his favorite and unknown social tricks and techniques.

    The bonus videos include precise coaching for specific situations and interactions. You will be able to put the education to work immediately.

    The Power of Compliments: How to use compliments correctly and avoid common mistakes that are made when giving them.

    Empathy: How to create deep rapport quickly through the use of empathy.

    First Impression Matrix: How to use every component of communication to your advantage to help garner an impeccable first impression.

    ATTENTION!: How to always hold the attention of the person/people you are speaking with.

    Head Movement (Body Language Bonus): Become aware of and optimize all the communication you are giving off through head movement.

    “Check In” & “Ping” Responses: Develop the ability to monitor, control and benefit from the proper use of nonverbal check in responses.

    Physicality  & Touch: How to use touch to create comfort and good feelings. Also learn how to avoid coming off as creepy and weird.

    Strong Presence: Learn the components that create a strong presence and learn how to quickly put them to use in your life.

    Assumed Familiarity: How to make friends and create relationships in a shorter amount of time through the use of assumed familiarity.

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