Style Guide for Modern Men PDF Download

Style Guide for Modern Men

 Benoit Wojtenka and Geoffrey Bruyere – Style Guide for Modern Men PDF

Style Guide for Modern Men

In The Style Guide for Modern Men, You’ll Find:

100’s of Pictures and Examples so you can see exactly how everything should look.
Morphology: How to lose 20 pounds  grow 5 inches  or look athletic simply by changing your clothes.
Master the 3 Pillars of Style: Fit, Cut and Quality.
15 most common style mistakes men make and why you’re probably making at least one of them.
The ultimate guide to picking a pair of jeans that look perfect on you.
Dressing with the seasons and what that means.
The truth about color and complexion.
Shoes: the first thing women notice. What to wear and how to match them with your outfit. The Advanced Guide to Men’s Accessories.How to pick out the perfect suit.
Expert outfits: layering, contrast, asymmetry, twists.

You’ll Also Learn from Style Guide for Modern Men :

How to feel secure in your new clothes and your new look.
How to handle pushy salesman AND get discounts you never knew existed.
How to find hidden shops with amazing clothes in your town.
Learn to enjoy shopping for yourself.

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