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A Fast-Start Attraction Profile Analysis. The first step in piling on dates with high-quality women is to zero in on your goals, assess your current skill level, and banish your limiting beliefs: You’ll start with an engineered survey, where you’ll answer a few questions that are going to tell me all about who you are and what you need to get to the next level. Warning: I developed this questionnaire based on my experience with helping thousands of men past their sticking points–this gets you going FAST.

A Welcome Kit that prepares you for you first night out as a Stylelife Student, including an orientation to the Academy, motivators to get you out in the field scooping up phone numbers, and a special surprise for the bedroom.

Your Customized Pickup Workout Plan. Based on my evaluation, I’ll generate a custom-designed “Master-The-Game Plan” for you to meet your goals with women, with work, with life. You can put this into action at your own comfortable pace. It will fix the areas where you have sticking points, strengthen your strengths, and add pieces that you never even knew existed. Whenever you want it, you’ll get step-by-step written instructions that spell out each lesson, mission, and speed-learning tutorial clearly, adjusted to fit your lifestyle – Just Print and Go!

Over 100 E-books. including Achieve Super-Confidence, How To Always Have A Better Response, and Secrets of Time Distortion. This is the personal underground vault I’ve been hoarding on my hard drive, the pickup cheat sheets that will teach you to turn strangers into soulmates.

Over 20 Courses including over 250 Missions as a tailored program. Eliminate fear of rejection once and for all in the Abolish Approach Anxiety course. Make the first move with confidence every time after graduating from the Build a Kinesthetic Relationship module. Kick your happiness and worthiness into high gear in the Master Your Inner Self program.
Other courses include Setup the Date and Prevent Flakes; Create Social Proof and Control Frame; Generate, Memorize and Deliver Stories; Relate to Groups and Plan for Contingencies; Create Challenges, Banter, and Pebbles; Master Looks, Fashion and Grooming; Perfect Body Language; Qualify and Disqualify; Develop Your Identity; Conquer Social Anxiety; Master Vocal Skills; Lead Playful Games to Increase Value; Perform Cold and Warm Reading; Bond, Anchor and Deepen Commonalities

Over 60 Field Demonstrations Videos/Audios. This is where we really start to go deep and rip into my most critical techniques. The fluff and filler of instructional DVDs is a thing of the past. You’ll get audio and video demonstrations of this stuff IN ACTION and in the field. Now you can watch the Approach Angles video tutorial to learn how to avoid making her feel uncomfortable, hear actual examples of Phone Game attracting women, and listen and watch examples of Beat the Clock, Us versus Them, Freestyle, the Vulnerability Conveyer Belt, Convo-Flow, Bond Anchor, and more. You’ll be shown tactics and subtleties you may never have figured out for yourself that make all the difference between a chump and a champ.

Over 10 Home Exercises Videos/Audios. To make you a 10, here are some workout tapes for your voice, physique, body language, and style. I want to give you a fully self-sufficient program, so that you don’t need to hire outside trainers and experts and coaches.

◤ Seduction4Life Tips ◢

1) None of the Archives Has Passwords - for extracting you can use successfully WinRAR or even better 7zip

  • for Linux Or Mac You Have to Use An Alternative Compatible with 7zip or WinRar - In The Case of CRC error on extraction - you have to redownload the file first
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