Stylelife – The Black Discs – Wingman Magazine Month 1 to Month 12 Complete

Stylelife – The Black Discs – Wingman Magazine| Month 1 to Month 12 Complete

Stylelife - The Black Discs - Wingman Magazine

style’s Black Discs are all about getting into this alternate reality state with her… fast!

In this euphoric state:

“facts” about you and her that could make her think of you as “incompatible” don’t matter any more
her classic dating patterns don’t matter any more
even the logistics of who she’s there with and how the two of you will get home together, won’t matter any more!

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Disc #1: How to be attractive from the first second that you approach and open.

Disc #2: Now you’ll be ready to know which “ninja star” to throw at which time, so on style’s 2nd Black Disc he’ll teach you reading the girl and calibrating in the moment.

Disc #3: stylelife Academy has been open for three years, and of course style’s pal Mystery hasn’t been resting. He actually inspired Neil’s search for more evolutionary triggers. In this DVD, Mystery explains the fundamentals about WHY women respond to Neil’s new “emotional triggers” so well. This is a must-watch in month 3.

Disc #4: Once you’ve created that strong flow of good emotions in her, style and his friend Hypnotica go into inner game and a strong sexual frame.

Disc #5: This DVD is where it really gets juicy: Neil teaches approach with his new method and master pick-up artist Bravo demonstrates Neil’s new “mind-benders” with actual in-field footage!

Disc #6: DHV is one of the fundamentals of Neil’s game but if done wrongly, it can appear rehearsed and try-hard. Neil’s new “black ops tactics” added in, make your own DHVs appear smooth and completely natural, rather than you trying to impress.

Disc #7: Compliance, or calls to action, are how you move your seduction forward. Neil will go step-by-step through each emotional connection building method he’s added to his repertoire since stylelife Academy was founded in 2007.

Disc #8: What to talk about? Women are fascinated with the esoteric and supernatural — the world of destiny, extra-sensual perceptions, and deep emotions. (Compare that to our world of facts, problem solving, and beer!) Evolve demonstrates on this DVD which exact “twists” style has added to “supernatural talk” since 2007 that put this method on steroids.

Disc #9: How to “be” funny without trying to be funny. Close style associate and famous improv comedian, Jim Woods teaches the exact methods he has given style over the last three years to always have a girl’s laughter on his side, without appearing like a clown that is trying to entertain.

Disc #10: Create a feedback loop of good emotions that eliminates limiting beliefs, and how to keep those emotions flowing throughout style’s classic LAS VEGAS system.

Disc #11: Remember the goal is to be “the man”, not act as ifyou were the man? In month 11, you’ll be ready to reach that goal. Master pick-up artist Bravo shows you exactly how to incorporate the evolutionary hot-buttons you have learned in the previous 10 months and push them, without ever appearing like you’re just wearing an “alpha man’s costume”.

Disc #12: Finally, you have the knowledge to create your very own “mind control” micro-routines based on your own experience in the field. At the end of this 12-month training program, The Sneak will reveal to you the exact same method that style was using when he brought his new “black ops” triggers on paper. Stylelife – The Black Discs – Wingman Magazine

Stylelife – The Black Discs – Wingman Magazine For better Life in Dating

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